A Beauty Secret

Here I want to finally answer the question that has been asked most often about me-The secret of my plush mane of red hair which has, over the years, turned into a hall- mark of sorts. Such are the rewards of staying with nature that I have hair long enough to sit on and thick enough to be asked if it was a hair piece! So let me share here my personal work out for my hair: In the days of blond to auburn I have consistently stuck to my Henna hair pack which has Amla and several nourishing ingredients. I know this would be a hard one to believe but its true -13 eggs , a cup of full- fat yogurt, 4 caps full of Shalocks Hair oil, one lemon, and 4 tablespoons of fresh ground coffee added to Henna, create my hair care and colour regime. Ideally I like leaving it on for at least 3 hours and sometimes even over night. I know a lot of you reading this on Beauty Wall would be asking yourselves, " but what about the orange shade of her hair?," The orange tone is initial . If you have observed my hair colour is deep reddish - brown or Auburn. That's because with repeated applications the colour deepens into a rich warm shade. Besides, quite honestly, the truth of the matter is that if you use a chemical hair dye often enough you will sadly be left with very little hair to dye! Henna is completely natural - and what's more it's a deeply nourishing treatment that gives me the sort of hair that is my most striking aspect- It's my beauty hallmark. Once a week, I use the Shalocks hair oil. It is heated and applied directly to the scalp. This is deeply soothing, conditioning and calming for the scalp. My shampoo is Shamla, which I have used for years now and suits me perfectly. So here I have finally shared a beauty secret and hope that I have inspired some of you at least to stay with nature. After all I am an example.
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  1. arifashaikh Says:
    I think frequent application of henna is not something really good. After all henna makes the hair dry and rough. I have faced serious dryness and coarseness of my hair due to henna.
  2. Prakruthi Says:
    I agree with you completely Arifa, besides, when applied to grey hair it also makes one look ghastly with the transparent shine & orange color. And the color does not even last for 2 weeks i.e, 3-4 washes! I dont have the time or patience to sit with henna on my hair for 2 hours every week. I wish there was another alternative! Any bright suggestions?
  3. hana Says:
    Thank you dear for sharing us one of your beauty secrets.. I apply henna almost once every year, and it gives me a nourishing feeling and I feel like my scalp become clean and naturally treated. I also agree with other comments that when henna is applied on a gray hair (like my mother hair) it doesn’t look so nice. Waiting for more beauty secrets …
  4. Gauri Says:
    Ideally henna has to be applied once a month or in 45 dayz. Its the best for oily and combination hairs, but for dry hair u can add 1 tbsp olive oil in the henna mixture and apply leave for 4 hars. and wash with water only after drying applive hot coconut oil. U will def. have the lush mane
  5. Nidhi Says:
    i loved ur idea gauri..absolutely great..i m gonna recommend my mother as because of repeated application of henna her hair are orange,brittle and rough!!thanx!!
  6. Prakruthi Says:
    All said and done, henna is a good natural conditioner. But as a natural hair colorant for grey hair, it is still thumbs down. Artificial colors make one lose hair. So there is really no hope for grey haired gals, is there : - (( ? It is like choosing between the devil & the deep sea - look like a devil with garish transparent orange hair or use harsh chemical dyes!!
  7. Prakruthi Says:
    Hey, thanks for the nice tip Gauri, I shall try it in two months time as I have to use up my color stock! But do you think the color will last at least 1 month? You know, applying & leaving on during rainy & winter months really gives me a bad cold esp., since I have a cold body.
  8. Gauri Says:
    If u prepare henna paste in an iron container and leave it overnight or 2 dayz, the next day it will turn black and will not give that nasty red color henna+coffee powder+olive oil(dry hairs)+amla powder if availabe(very good tonic for hairs)+tea concoction the above mixture give ur hair dark brown color and not red If u are looking for a little purple type shine on ur hair in the sun then u can also add beetroot juice in it To my exp. beetroot color is to die for
  9. Mallika Says:
    i used beetroot juice in my henna pack and i have got a beautiful burgundy shade of hair colour..People often ask me if i have coloured my henna is not all that bad
  10. Mili Says:
    Massage hair with herbal or coconut oil an hour before henna.It won't dry the hair.If you are really short of time add some oil in the pack it self
  11. Prakruthi Says:
    Gauri that definitely a wonderful tip. I'll try it soon. Thanks!
  12. Prakruthi Says:
    BTB, do you think the color will not fade for at least 4 weeks?
  13. Prakruthi Says:
    BTB, do you think the color will not fade for at least 4 weeks?
  14. Sowmya Says:
    Hey,Thanks for nice tip.though i am keeping henna once a week my hair fall is not stopping
  15. Geetha Says:
    I personally think time constraint is just an excuse...I think women must take care of themselves..I apply henna once in 2 weeks ..I have grey hair so it helps cover it and during summer time, it gives my hair a beautiful brown tinge. I mix lukewarm water,lemon juice, 1 or 2 egg whites, tea or coffee decotion and some amla powder. and leave it aside overnight and apply the next day. I dont have an iron container here in US. I also liked gauri's idea of mixing beetroot juice ..I will definitely try ....I usually leave it that the color is deeper. I was tempted to go for artificial colors and have tried it once ...but deep down...i didn't feel good about it and my hair became brittle for that one time use..
  16. suvasini Says:
    great tip for hair .. but could any one guide me for acne its painfull and shame full now i hate them on my face they r white plus blood and type of knot on my face......heipppp plz

  17. Suvasni you don’t need to feel your acne is shameful, since it happens to so many of us. But sure it is important to be aware and to treat it. I feel your acne is severe enough at the moment to require clinical treatment. The plan for Acne to be used at home is : Wash your face in the morning and night with a Medicated wash or Shazema. Use warm water to wash your face. Repeat the wash midday if a layer of oil comes on your skin. Splash water on your face several times a day.Apply Shaclear Anti Acne loition with a cotton twice or thrice a day only on pimples.Use Shaclove once a day on the whole face and wash off when dry. Have an oil free diet for a while, avoid sweets, and carbonated drinks.Drink lots of juices and liquids, and do meet your doctor to ensure that there is no stomach or urinary infection that may be escalating the situation.
  18. Mahima Says:
    whenever I put mehndi in hair,my hair turns orange,is there any way to make hair,brown in shade

  19. You cannot expect to go very far from the actual colour of Mehndi. The packets of Black Mehndi that you see in the market are simpy Mehndi with Dyes added.You can howeveadd some natural ingredients to darken the tone of the Mehndi.Amla powder blackened and roasted in an iron container, Katha ( used in paan ) Jamun, Beetrrot juice would add a tonal difference. The second method is the time factor of application. If you want to go in for a soft goldish tone apply the henna for not more than 30 minutes. This will give you the shade that comes just before it turns orange, and the soft goldish tone can look quite nice. For a deeper look you need to work harder. Keep it on for four hours or even overnight.As you repeat the applications your hair will get a nice deep tone.
  20. Geetha Says:
    Suvasini...Please see a good dermatologist. Nothing is more important than our skin. Some scientific methods might help you. Professionals advise is a must when the problem is getting worse.
  21. Geetha Says:
    Mahima...Adding something dark tinged like tea or coffee concoction might be a good idea to get a dark brown color. Keeping henna on hair for a longer period of time or preferably overnight might be a solution if you dont catch cold. Also it depends on how much time you are soak your henna(10 hrs atleast). Also after washing the henna off your hair..use lukewarm water and dont use any shampoo for 2 days...
  22. Olya Says:
    Hello. I m frm Russia. What can I say abt henna… I use henna 3 years already. I buy Indian herbal color boze it gives bright beautiful dark color for my hair. I apply henna each 16 days on roots. In my place I can find only red henna. But I heard there r red, yellow, brown henna in Turkey. I use henna for beauty only (still it s good for health of hair). But if I want strong hair, I prefer to use special medical professional shampoo (not mass-market). Three years ago I tried to use still onion, egg, yogurt, but I didn’t like it.
  23. Pritha Says:
    does henna has any side effects on the skin???......i am asking so coz i used henna and developed itchy rashed on my back, which have now turned into a scar on my back. i dont know wat to do?

  24. Pritha, henna sold in the market might have certain chemicals that can cause side effects on skin or hair. You can try plain henna and if it does not suit you then stop using it.You can try Shahair which is herbal and good for colour and conditioning. For your scar use chandan ,rice and orange peel powder mixed with rose water rub this mixture on the skin when it dries wash it off.Use this pack thrice a week for removing scars.
  25. Chini Says:
    hi frens..pritha i think u r allergic to henna so better consult a doctor for ur scars..and if want to avoid henna you can use a hair pack made of amla powder,reetha powder,shikakai powder,2 eggs,2 evoin400 capsules,aloevera,yoghurt and tea water..i use dis pack every 15 days and believe me dis works wonders for me..if u want u can also add a paste of tulsi n hibiscus flower to it..and yes wash it off only wid water n oil ur hair wen dry and shampoo d next day
  26. Pallavi Says:
    hi all. since this discussion is about mehendi, i just had to write in. i have been using henna for the past 7 years and now that "coloring" is in, so every salon that i visit, tells me to get rid of henna as soon as possible. they say it has made my hair dry and brittle. somehow, i too feel so and now since the past 2 months i have completely stopped henna and would go for some hair coloring. and then off to rebonding since i have heard that rebonding leads to hair straightening and this will detangle my frizzy dry hair.

  27. Pallavi, henna might not suite every type of hair and might make hair dry in some cases so oil therapy after henna is recommended.Apply luke warm oil Shalocks with cotton wool all over the scalp thrice a week give hot towel steaming after applying the oil for 15 mins. Rebonding lotions have lot of chemicals in it which can make your hair more dry and more fizzy so Pallavi do think twice before going for rebonding.
  28. Princess Says:
    Completely agreed.. no color for me. its natural Henna all the way.. I add some beetroot juice too and red wine ( the cheap one.. my husbnad won;t let me use his fine vintage ;) and always always leave it overnite.. really takes care of the roots...
  29. Geetanjali Says:
    can anyone tell me if shahnaz hussain products are available in chicago?
  30. Priyanka Says:
    hi geetanjali,,,,,,,, how r u? in US u can order for shahnaz hussain's product on www.tohfa .com......PRIYANKA
  31. Beauty Says:
    thanks 4 sharing ur beauty secret abt hair.i also agreed coz henna is d most powerful ingredient 2 care d hair.i usually use it 1ce in a month.believe it it really rocks!
  32. Jaya Says:
    hi, i am 40 yrs old and have dark,long,thick hair,which has started to grey. It look awkward to have red/orange hair at this age. Any suggestions to color my hair dark, using henna.
  33. Maha Says:
    Hello ma'am, i have dry skin. I had chicken pox and got deep open pores. Kindly suggest me something for it.Thank ou.

  34. To address your first issue, dry skin basically needs a good daily routine simply because the body produces less natural oils, which means you, need to work on two fronts: preserving your natural oils and replenishing externally. Start your day by using a little olive oil as a pre-wash barrier on your skin... Wash off with a mild soap free wash. Use a good moisturizer. Allow at least ten minutes for it to soak in before using any make up. A sun block is essential for dry skin. Now you are ready to face the day. At night use a good deep cleanser, a night cream and an under eye cream. Try to get a facial once a week. Drink plenty of water, and don’t ever go completely off oil if you do go on a diet. If you sleep in an Air Conditioner keep a desert cooler on in the room as well and this will make a huge difference to the environment as far as your skin goes. For small pox scars depending on how deep they are there are specialized products and this needs clinical analyses, but what will help is exfoliating scrubs ( Daimond Scrub ) and skin lighteners ( Shawhite and Shafair ) and a dermabraasive pack ( Vegetable Peel ) . Things from nature that will help you is a paste of Cream ( Malai) with a few ground almonds and oat meal to be rubbed on the skin especially on the scars, this will help to lighten you’re the spots and lessen the dryness. Do this gently for at least five minutes everyday. It will help in lessening the condition. Cucumber juice is are excellent rehydrant and can be applied once a day and washed off. Tell me how you feel in a week. SH
  35. R Farms Says:
    Hello ma'am!!!i hav sensitive complexion iz not so fair i jus need my cheeks to be red n my lips too....n my skin colour like an emrican gal can u kindly suggest me few home remedies to look beautiful??!!thnx:)

  36. You sound quite happy so let me say I think you probably are comfortable with yourself. Yes your skin can get brighter, but if it is sensitive then you need to be careful because even natural things can react, though mildly most of the time. Please ensure you are not allergic to any of these ingredients. If your skin is dry use a full Cream if it is greasy then egg white, add a little Besan powder, almond paste ( optional ) and a few drops of lemon juice. Use this as your daily face and it will brighten your skin. For rosy cheeks!! There is no easy way. A good diet, with fruits vegetables and juices, plenty of liquids, exercise and sleep and a happy disposition which you seem to have going by your question. All this and a recipe that will help is here: Cook beetroot pieces with a little water until it turns thick. Keep it in the fridge and use it as an astringent and wash it off with cold dabs of water on cotton. This is a very special beauty secret and I am sure it will help.
  37. Gugu Says:
    hello mam! my skin is sensitive and dark and lips is brown. i want to make my skin fair and lips in red color plz mam tell me what can i do

  38. If your skin is sensitive you need to be careful about not using too many things. A very good solution for you is Shaclove .It will brighten your complexion and calm it too. Apply a layer of it all over your face and let it dry. Wash it off when it dries. Shaderm is a soothing cream that can be used in addition. For a home remedy use one tablespoon of honey with, one teaspoon fresh cream and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this on your face and wash off in 20 minutes. Once a day dab on very cold buttermilk and remove after half an hour with chilled dabs of water. For dark lips use a few drops of olive oil with a few drops of lime juice to condition them twice a day. Try changing your lipstick brand and use a thin layer of foundation on your lips before you apply lipstick. This will protect your lips from the colour dyes used in lipstick.
  39. Mamo Says:
    hello mam! my skin is sensitive and dark and lips is brown. i want to make my skin fair and lips in red color plz mam tell me what can i do
  40. Nasreen Says:
    Thanks for sharing your beauty secret. I feel that after applying henna just wash your hair with water only then apply hair oil & keep it for 2-3 hrs then rinse the hair with shampoo it will definitely give you soft and lush hair besides making it very shiny not at all dry.
  41. Jhumki Says:
    These are some wonderfull ideas.... but i ususally end up with dry hair whenevr i try to henna my hair... I want to grow my hair long and nothing has worked so far.... i still have hair which reach a little below my shoulder. I get split ends (BTW henna covers them beautifully!) and they start lookign frizzy and unkempt. I tried using mustard oil in my henna to keep them soft but it doesnt work.
  42. Didh Says:
    no jhumki, you should not shampoo after applying henna. I have been doing henna for some years now... Mix henna:amla:shikakai in 2:1:1 proportion and soak in tea/coffee liquor in a iron container and leave in overnight. In the morning add yoghurt(with fat) and 2 egg whites just before applying... ohh, i forgot to tell you, make sure, ur scalp is clean when you are applying the henna... keep it for 2 hours, for colour you have to keep it for some more time.. 4/5 hrs probably. (I haven't tried this ever, as I do henna for hair care and not colour)... then just wash it with lukewarm water... No shampoo on that day... wash very well so that nothing is stuck to your scalp... apply warm coconut oil that night and the next day shampoo your hair with a mild herbal shampoo that suits you... you should have beautiful silky hair to make others jealous :-) try this every alternate week, i.e., twice a month... you will develop a little brown color too...
  43. Ishita Ray Says:
    You cannot make your colour white if u r not born wid it..if the discolouration is due to tanning then its possoble to remove the tan but theres nothing which can turn a dark complexion into a white one...the fairness creams r able to make ur complexion only 1/2 shades lighter nt more than tht...
  44. Zavo Says:
    Hi... I am new to this page please help me my hair drops in big quantity please advice me on this

  45. You need to look at the cause. Did you have a high fever, illness or sudden weightless, or gone onto any new medication. Have you got your hormonal profile test done. Visit your doctor for any internal cause. A good nourishing and care routine will help. Use a Hair oil ( Shalocks )weekly. Apply a paste of Curd and Besan with the paste of two amlas to your scalp once a week and wash off after half an hour... You could also be having a level of scalp infection which is often the cause of sudden hair loss.. Apply Shaoint, one teaspoon with egg two teaspoons of egg white on your scalp. Wash off with Shamla. This will clear any traces of infection in about a month .Stick to the oiling and nourishing routine and make sure you have a multivitamin daily. Make sure you have a glass of toned milk and a small cup of channa everyday since it is rich in B Complex. Have a good multivitamin tablet.
  46. Hadz Says:
    these are only the queries....r there any answers to these questions? if the replies are posted as well. many of the viewers will get their answers from it rather than askin the same or similar questions again..
  47. Gurjot Says:
    hii to everyone i just have one question i want my hair to grow long but it just does not happen so if any one could tell me how to grow hair long i would really appriciate
  48. Rakhee Says:
    Hi, I have some scars on my face, as I did lazer for hair removal, also some blemishes due to bleaching, pls suggest some remedy for the same, also want to have a glowing and fair skin, my email id is,Rakhee

  49. It seems you have been tampering with yourself a little too much. Try and give yourself a complete break from bleaching. It is the most injurious thing you can ever do to your skin. Follow a simple daily routine. Facial hair I can tell is at the core of your problems. Make a daily routine of using a good scrub on your face everyday. Shagrain is effective in loosening and minimizing facial hair and at the same time it will exfoliate and brighten the skin. At home you can try a mixture of one tablespoon whole egg yolk fresh cream and oatmeal with a few drops of lemon juice. Rub this paste into your skin daily and wash off once a day. Use mint juice on the blemishes to lighten them.
  50. Kayal Says:
    thanks for the tip. but having a henna hair pack every week really needs patience. i have a doubt at this point. what is the real use of a hair oil? what does it do? i hear to people who are against hair oils and also who suggest hair oils for a good long conditioned hair. could you please help me? does hair oil really stops hair fall and help to grow hair long. i want to grow my hair very long.
  51. mythili Says:
    Hellow mam, how r u? I allways have hair fall problem. I don't know what to do? i want some natural solution for this problem, shanhaz is my all time favourite beautician please help me out from this problem. - mice

  52. Hair fall can have many reasons. It can be triggered off by illness high fevers shock or anxiety, hormonal disbalances and most commonly these days by crash diets. Do visit your doctor and make sure you get rid of the internal factors. Do not use hair dyes or heat on your hair. Once a week use this home made hair pack. Make a mixture of very good quality or fresh henna with 3 eggs half a cup of curd 4 tablespoons f herbal oil ( Shalocks ) Leave this on for an hour and half and wash off. Apply it only on the roots. Remember if there is any white hair this will give a reddish tone. This is my personal recipe for my hair and it works wonders. Try and use an Amla hair oil ( Shamla ) or alternately a very mild shampoo
  53. Shanti Mohan Says:
    hi every body ,i have thin hair i would like some bounce and thickness to it can any one suggest remedies
  54. Ruchi bhar Says:
    How should i use ShaHena. Should i use it like normal henna i.e Apply on head and leave for a hour?

  55. It all depends on whether you want it or colour or conditioning. If you want a deep colour it would be a good idea to leave it on for two hours. For conditioning an hour is enough. Use the recipe given on the box carefully.
  56. Jhumki Says:
    Thank you Didh! I dont want to use for coloring my hair, my hair is naturally light brown in color and its a nice shade of brown :) but if i dont wash hair after henna it end up getting itchy scalp!!
  57. Hally Says:
    Hi Mythili, for your hair fall problem, I'll advise you to see a doctor, it can be your thyroid, aneamia or whatever concerning your health but meanwhile you must take some vitamins especially Cystine B6. Good luck , Hally
  58. Anur Says:
    I have been using arnica shampoo and oil since 2004.I had a very long and lustrous hair.but now a days it gets fall.Im 26 years old.can You please tell me the solution for my hair loss.

  59. You need to look into the cause of your hair loss. Has there been any illness or sudden weight loss. Post pregnancy or hormonal changes can also trigger hair loss. Use this Hair pack once a week. One cup henna with 6 ground Alma mix this with two eggs and enough curd to make a paste. This is an excellent hair nourishing pack. Have a diet rich in B complex. A cup of Channa everyday is very helpful for hair loss as is milk and fish. Have a good multivitamin tablet in addition.
  60. Pdasr Says:
    Dear Madam, I am one of your great fan from North east. I was very fair & glowy skin. First it was get dull and darker after coming Kolkata. Now it's get more darker & very dull after coming Chennai. For sun protection I am using shah bas with shah glow. My hand and backe side got totally dark. Plz give me suggestion. I am 38 yrs. old

  61. Firstly thanks for being my fan. I value that. I feel that you need more coverage for your skin. The sun in Chennai is very strong, so use one of our SPF Sun blocks. There is cream base one and a liquid one so chose the one that suits you. Also the White Pearl mask is a very good skin brightening product. Use it twice a week for two weeks and then go onto a regular once a week routine. You also need to use a good scrub. The diamond scrub has given amazing results for brightening skin so do try that. A facial is also very good for brightening the skin.
  62. Rohini Sabri Says:
    Dear Madam, I am one of your great fan from North east. I was very fair & glowy skin. First it was get dull and darker after coming Kolkata. Now it's get more darker & very dull after coming Chennai. For sun protection I am using shah bas with shah glow. My hand and backe side got totally dark. Plz give me suggestion. I am 38 yrs. old

  63. Thank you Rohini,since the weather might not have suited your skin you have to apply sunscreen 40spf 20 mins before going out all over the exposed area and face.Shabase and Shaglow are good protective cream for skin but are not enough to protect from the scorching Indian summer.I would advice you to use Shanaz sun protective cream 40spf with Shaglow.For tanning you can use gram flour mixed with curd apply it all over and when it dries wash it.You can use it twice a week.
  64. Gayu Says:
    hey geetha its better if u dont put lemon juice in ur henna pack...lemon juice can grey ur hair
  65. Pdasr Says:
    Dear rohinisabari in Chennai S'hussain parlour at TTK rd., Plz note it--- ParkShereton Hotel, 132 ttk road,Alwarpet, Lily Modhalk is the Beautician
  66. Cynth Says:
    hi, i had healthy hair before but then it started falling and itz bad now when my hair grows long it is thin and looks bad so i have to make it short can u plz suggest me any solution,i have curley hair.

  67. A good external nourishing plan as well as internal well being are the best solution for hair loss. Apply warm oil ( Shalocks ) once a week. Put a towel into hot water from the tap squeeze it and wrap your head in it. Use a very mild shampoo and also change your present brand as it may not be suiting you. Use this home made nourishing Hair Pack: one cup of besan one egg and two tablespoons curd. Leave it on for an hour and wash it gently with a mild shampoo. For curly hair use a good hair conditioner ( Sharinse ) and a softening shampoo ( Shagrow ) on the ends apply some Shalisma ( conditioning daily cream ). For a home remedy you can dry used tea leaves and boil them when needed, with one lemon. Cool and use as hair rinse. It will leave hair smooth and shiny...
  68. Bushra Says:
    Am a 25year old girl and very soon i will get married.My first question is about hair.I have very thin and it falls so much my sclap can be seen my hair doesn't grow it becomes stagnant to a certain length.My hair is undernourished,very rough

  69. Apply lukeworm oil shalocks with cotton all over the the scalp,do not give massage to your hair. Give hot steam with Turkish towel for 15 mins thrice a week. You can also use a mixture of youghurt and besan as a shampoo to cleanse and condition your hair as a home remedy. Look into your internal health as well and ensure that your diet is rich in B complex. Make a small bowl of Channas a part of your daily diet. Have a good B Complex capsule. Also meet your doctor for your thyroid profile test.
  70. Zahera Says:
    Hi Shahnaz, I have just gone through the beautiful face of my life to become a mother some months ago,and from that time my hair is falling at an alarming rate,i use Shahenna twice a week,and Shahair once a month,but it is not working what

  71. Hi Zaheera you need to take a good protein diet during this period.Keep doing hot oil therapy and give hot steam with Turkish towel for 15 mins thrice a week. The hormones go through a lot of changes during pregnancy and while preganant a womans normal hair loss stops because of an increase in estrogen levels, once the pregnancy is over the hormones revert to their normal status and sometimes these adjustments cause problems , but normally this should be a temporary condition. Also mothers often neglect themselves after pregnancy. Please do ensure your diet is good and healthy and you have prescribed vitamins.
  72. Uzma Says:
    iam unmarried and professor of English in Lahore. Since my masters I got crow feets around my eyes and a black scar on my nose. These blemishes changes my life

  73. A highly effective solution for dark circles and crows feet is our new White Pearl dual action under eye cream has been developed after many years of research and is a highly effective product,. As a home remedy massage in pure almond oil,After the massage use cucumber juice cotton pads and cover your eyes for 5 mins.You can do this thrice a week.For the blemishes you can rub raw potato or juice of potato on the blemishes and wash it off when it dries.
  74. Arpita Says:
    I want to have long silky Hair.
  75. Neeru Says:
    Hi My hairs have lot of spli ends. It has reached till root of hairs. ANy solution of my problem.

  76. Hello Neeru, trim your hair once in every two months. Use Shalocks for deep conditioning your hair thrice a week. If you don’t want to wash too often you could take some heated oil and apply it only on the ends in between washes.Also keep in mind that split ends are caused by lack of nourishment and damage to the hair shaft. Avoid hair dryers and hair ironing, hair dyes and chemicals. Use a pack of Amla powder with besan and curds once a week before washing.Check out your diet, since unbalanced diets and crash dieting often effects the hair, and make sure you are having at least a small amount of oil in your food daily.
  77. Praveen Says:
    mdm i m suffering most horrible problem of facial hairs i need threading almost on every alternate day pl help

  78. Use a facial scrub made with rice powder and curd rub it in circular motion with your fingertips all over your face for 5-7 mins and wash off. You can use it daily scrubbing over the hair in gentle motions. If you carry this on for some time you will find a gradual lessening of growth.
  79. Bishnupiya Says:
    i read all the tips written here. could u please suggest me some tips for cure of bald scalp. my hairs are so thin on the top that it looks bald. please help me . how can i regrowth my hair in that area.

  80. You will have to take a clinical scalp treatment sittings in the salon. This condition is can be handled but it does require intensive treatment. In the meantime you could use Use Shatone every day on scalp with cotton without any massage. Use Shalocks or any good hair oil rich in herbs. Heat it warm and apply with a cotton wool to scalp. Use Shaoint on scalp once a week and wash off. Meet your doctor for a hormone profile since this sort of hair loss in women can be caused by a hormone disbalance.
  81. Nidhi Says:
    Q.1 What are the home remedies for Glowing and healthy skin? Q.2 How can we Getrid of Pimples Scars?

  82. Use red sandalwood powder with Sharose everyday before taking a bath on your face wash-off when it dries. Thrice a week use paste of two almonds with a little Malai on the spots . Massage in well.
  83. Pallabi Says:
    I used your Shatone..... Thants helped me a lot to reduce the hairfal.... Thanks to you a lot..... I do have a spot in my face. The spot occurs after pimple. I also do have black spot in my face. How can i remove those spots. Thanking you Pallabi

  84. Use facial scrub twice a week ( Daimond Scrub) or Shagrain with Sharose depending on your skin type . Massaging gently for a while only on spots and blackheads make sure to avoid pimples if any. Use Shaclear when you get pimples and Shaclove can be used all over the face in a thin layer and washed off when dry. This should take care of your skin problem. Also I must add that a good SPF sunblock is essential for you. Make sure it is oil free.
  85. Uma Says:
    to treat dandruff use khas khas small onion .grind as paste apply and leave for 1 hour .wash hair
  86. Ainiya Says:
    Hi i just wanna ask you ,that i am 27 years mother my height is 5.7 but my weight is 62, i wanna gain more weight . my husband was bodybuilder , what can i do for gain weight, or what can i eat ,please advice me, i am waiting for your reply

  87. According to your height your weight seems to be fine. For gaining weight you can eat fatty food like rice ,mango, chocolates, sweets , and cream cheese. If you are a non-vegetarian you can include fish,meat,chicken in your diet. A glass of full cream milk with chopped bananas and honey is a good remedy. Also try to have fattening but healthy and nutritional foods instead of junk food . But remember this is your personal choice , I feel that a balanced diet is the best thing for you and gaining weight will give you health problems in later life so give it a thought. Also if you do eat heavy foods make sure to do a good work out, and check out your blood profile for cholesterol once every six months or so and sugar levels as well as liver functions tests.
  88. Maahi Says:
    yoga is best for skin,or cosmetic. how we obtain beautiful skin in summer season. in which type of diet we can use it.

  89. You cannot compare Yoga with cosmetics. Yoga brings out your internal glow as it is good for your heart ,mind and soul. Lots of water,juices ,fresh fruits and salads can be included in your summer diet. A good cleansing, toning , and moisturizing and skin protection plan is also essential in todays polluted eviroment. Make sure to use a good sunblock as part of your daily routine.
  90. Ambreen Says:
  91. Gauri Says:
    Regularly drinking grape fruit+orange+lemon juice daily keeps the skin hair glowing and healthy
  92. Vijay Says:
    If you apply curd on your hair before hair wash and keep it for an hour, it gives shine and smoothness to your hair. I have tried it several times and it worked. Apply papaya juice on your face for keeping your skin glowing.
  93. Mahua Says:
    i want to know some home,skin
  94. Gauri Says:
    Regular application of almond oil and olive oil on daily basis keeps eye area soft,smooth and youthfull
  95. Vijay Says:
    Whay should be done to remove wrinkles around eyes, pls suggest.

  96. Wrinkles under the eyes can have many reasons. They can be caused by stress , lack of sleep, and illness. So look into the life style causes first. Our just introduced White Pearl dual action under eye cream is extremely effective. You could alternately use some good home remedies. Apply a paste of two almonds with fresh cream ( Malai ) around the eyes and massage in well . Make eye packs : stitch muslin bags that would fit over each eye . Fill these bags with a mixture of grated cucumber , potato and thickened frash cream ( Malai ) . Refrigate till cold. Squuez out excess liquid which you can apply on your face later.Keep the pouches over over your eyes and relax.
  97. Didhiti Says:
    Hello friends, felt like writing a few words about how diet and a little exercise can keep mostly all of us healthy and beautiful.. I am a software engg and am pretty busy wth office throughout the day,... I do not get much time for "uptaan"... But I make sure that I drink lots of water, take fruits and salads (just lettuce, baby carrots and tomatoes, if nothing...) thoughout the day in office and prevent myself from taking junk food like burger, fries, ice cream and soda... at night I take a full meal with rice / roti, chicken stew / fish curry and a vegetable dish is a must... Also, I try to keep my skin clean as much as possible... take a hot bath in the evening after returning from office... Aslo, I clean my face and apply a good moisturising cream (nowadays using the Dove night cream) before going to sleep....My office is 15 minutes walk from my home, so unless its snowing or its extremely cold, I walk from and to office... In the office, try to climb stairs for 1 floor or two, and avoid the elevator as much as possible.
  98. Moumita Says:
    Raw papaya along with neem and coconut paste is fabulous for a fair spotless glowy skin. I have been highly benefitted by this. If any one has any remedy to stop hairfall you can suggest me.
  99. Preeti Says:
    Hi Moumita. is this pack good for all skin type? For how long one should wear this pack? also what should be the ratio? Is this a everyday affair or once in a week enough? Please reply......For hair fall all I know is not to comb your hair when they are wet and massage your scalp with warm coconut oil and after massage put a hot steamed towel (soke and rinse towel in hot water) for 5 minutes
  100. Sahsus Says:
    Dear Shanaz mam, Can you tel me any home remedies for thick dark eye brows?

  101. It is very important for anyone to shape her eye-brows correctly as it defines ones face.Please consult a professional beautician, and get them shaped to suit your face best.
  102. Amatul Says:
    i also wanted to enquire about hair loss. i seem to be lossing my hair .now i can see my scalp . how can i remedy this by using natural products. i also suffer from dandruff, and i have dry hair. i also suffer from dark circles. i would be very thankfull if u could answer my questions. thanking u

  103. Keep your scalp, comb, and pillow cover always clean and hygenic. Use a good herbal shampoo (reetha,shikakai and amala) every alternate day. Use shaoint for your dandruff and for the dryness use Shalocks or any good oil heated warm and applied on the scalp with a cotton wool, followed by a hot towel wrap. Use White Pearl dual action cream for under eyes. Massage with cucumber juice, and follow with putting chilled potato slices on your eyes for twenty minutes. Massage with pure almond oil once a day. Check out your life style and general health. I have often found the root cause of several problems like hair loss and under eye circles to be crash dieting or general poor health. Make sure your diet is well balanced , you have a good B Complex capsule a day, and your life style ensures enough sleep.
  104. Didh Says:
    apply henna once in 2 weeks, and also put warm coconut oil overnight before shampooing your hair next day.. drink plenty of water and fruits, salad etc.... most importantly keep your scalp clean.
  105. Jayashree Says:
    HI, i want to know some remedy for my hairs i hav too thin hairs,so what should i do to make it thick,long,shinyand i want it to be black in colour as it is black only i mean i dont want to change its color through henna and all,so pl help me out.

  106. Hi, Use Shatone every alternate day with cotton on your scalp.Use with methi danna and egg for long and shiny hair twice a week. A very good method of giving your hair instant shine is this : Store used tea leaves in a plastic container,before your shampoo boil some tea leaves , squeeze half a lemon into it. Now use this is as a last rinse after yyour shampoo. It will make your hair shine. While drying turn your head down and comb geantly till dry to give a nice bounce.
  107. Preeti Says:
    Hi Pooja,what kind of spots? Sun burn or acne marks?
  108. Pooja Says:
  109. Preeti Says:
    I would like to share my beauty secret with you. I am 32 with normal skin. Everyday atleast 1 hour before going to bed I put honey on my face. I wash it off in about 20 to 40 minutes and then I put shalife on my face and neck and massage (outwards and upwards stroke) for about 5 to maximum 10 minutes and wash it off with water. finely I put my daily night cream....bye bye wrinkles and hello fresh shiny skin!! Thanks to Shahnaz!!! I wrote to her through her website and she answered my query and now products and advise from shahnaz and my honey thing together doing really well for my skin. My skin looks radiant and I never felt so good before. Believe it or not I don't go to the parlor to get my facials done anymore:)
  110. Smita Says:
    Hello Madam Myself Advocate smita,Due to my hectic working schedule, My skin is turning pigmenented and dull. Also I have pimples and spots on my face, my hands also turn dark EVEN AFTER APPLYINGLakme suncreen lotion on my hands, please madam help me. I wish to know how to treat my skin i,e. daily skin routine for my skin so that I can have a flawless ,fair, firm and beautiful skin. Also madam I wish to know which Oil I should apply for hair so that my hair grows thick and healthy. Been fom kerala I only apply coconut o, but still I have a hai falling problem.I also wish to know about your product Swarnahira which is shown on television, wheather I should buy it or not, will it suit me? Please madam help me

  111. For glowing skin use a pack made of neem ,tulsi and mint leaves in equal quantity. Make a paste with curd and apply twice a week .Swarnahira is very good product and is recommended for glowing skin. For hair you can use Shatone every alternate day with cotton on your scalp.Use henna with methi danna and egg for long and shiny hair twice a week.
  112. Aashima Says:
    I have recently moved to Toronto.Due to change of climate, water, excitement and apprehension of new life I had extensive hair loss. I lost 15-20% of my hair and I dont know what to do? Can U help Shahnaz ji? Thanks

  113. Take a good protein diet and use Shalocks twice a week on the scalp with cotton-wool and steam your hair with a hot towel for 15 mins after applying oil.Use Shatone hair Tonic and Shahair henna. This should help you. Also try to relax,even though moving is not easy, because stress can be a contributor.
  114. Ruchi Says:
    How should i use Shahenna?Am i supposed to use it like a regular henna i.e apply on scalp and leave for an hour?

  115. Shahenna is a shampoo and should not be left on the scalp for an hour.Just use it like any other shampoo. The Henna is called Shahair. It gives a recipe on the box which explains how it needs to be prepaired. Application for an hour is enough for thurapatic effect but not for colouring. For a deep colour you need atleast two hours.
  116. suvadra Says:
    My daughter is 4 yrs of age , what is the right hair oil for her age . she has oily hair.
  117. Iman Says:
    hi...plz suggest me some thing magical for permanent hair removal.or wich lowers facial hair growth....wich must b herbal n like that..i'm not allowed to go 4laser...tired off me out...wud give u Duas if u'll help me...

  118. Use facial scrub like Shagrain with Sharose weekly.Apply it all over the face like a scrub and rub it in circular motion with your fingertips for 5-7 mins and wash-off. Repeat this thrice a week.This method can help in removal of facial hair to some extent, it will lessen it.
  119. Bushra Says:
    Hi Shahnaz, I just read through your beauty secret for hair care. It was very inspiring.. The question I have in my mind is...I have hair which is naturally black in colour and I do not want the colour to be changed... My hair used to be very dry but since I travel a lot, I have developed dandruff on my hair lately. Can I still use henna as a conditioner without losing the natural colour of my hair...??? If yes, can you guide me as to how often should I apply henna and the quantity of ingredients to be mixed with it...

  120. Hi Bushra,use Shacare. It is a hair nourishment pack that does not interfere with your hair color.You can use it once a week for 30-40 mins on the scalp for hair conditioning. . If you want to go in for a soft goldish tone apply the henna for not more than 30 minutes. Use Shaoint for removing dandruff . Shalocks heated warm and applied to the scalp will help the dryness. Shampoo mildly and never with very hot water .Wash just enough to remove the oil without over drying out. Please do minimize the use of hair dryers and heated hair irons if you do use them. Dryness of the hair is so often cause by unbalanced oil free diets. Make sure that you have a small amount of oil in your diet.
  121. shalu Says:
    respected maam my skin colour for face is nice but that of my neck is extremely dark and ugly i need your kind help

  122. Hi Shalu, We often use the best of products for our face but ignore the neck. Apply the same scrub creams and mask on your neck that you use for your face. This will bring your neck colour to the same as your face. You can use oatmeal , besan and egg with half a teaspoon of lemon juice as a pack for your neck, and you will find a noticeable difference. Also you can massage with Shalife at night on the neck and clean with moist cotton after 15 mins.
  123. Priyanka Gupta Says:
    Hello Mam, Priyanka Here,Want to kw any home treatment for face, i hv dark circle under my eye.infact want to amke my skin glowing. Regards priyanka

  124. Hello Priyanka, Apply sandalwood and rosewater everyday on face before taking a bath.For darkcircles you can massage your eyes with pure almond oil and use a mixture of cucumber juice and potato pulp and then apply cotton pads dipped in chilled rose water.
  125. Zavo Says:
    Thank you mam for your kind advice but i have a small issue that i dont understand some workds and also thie things that i have to use can you please advice me on this Wel i am form Sri Lanka and it is very difficult fo find these thing over hear that coz i am not familiar with the names belowe i will give you the names * Shaloks * amlas *Shaoint * toned milk is it fresh milk? *channa Please advice me how can i getthese from Sri Lanka

  126. Hi Zavo,You being from Sri-Lanka I understand it must be difficult so let me tell you about it Shaloks is an oil for all kinds of hair. Amla is Indian gooseberry that is available during winters in India. Shaoint is treatment for dandruff hair. Toned milk is milk that is homogenized to break fat globules to small size.It has less of fat than the normal milk.Channa is known as black gram you can buy it from any provisional store in Sri-Lanka. Shahnaz Herbal Beauty range is spread throughout the world so it must not be difficult to buy these products that I have suggested you.
  127. Uma Says:
    Hi Mam, Ihave Pimples and Whiteheads on my face. Please give me suggetion to prevent my Problem.Can i do sha life facial, after massage what pack i have to put on my face.Pls give good suggition to me.What i have to do.And another problem.My hair hair is dry hair.what precautions can i take to hair fall.

  128. Hi Uma, Shalife facial massage is not recommended for acne skin.For whiteheads rub this mixture in gently and rinse off with water : wet rice grains over night . Grind them coarsely in the morning and use this as a srub only on white heads and blackheads avoiding pimples.For your acne skin it would be best if you could get hold of Shaclear our anti acne lotion and Shaclove. A home alternative would be a paste of neem leaves with a ,pinch of clove,sandalwood powder mixed with fat free curd. Use a good hair oil regularly and use a hot towel to steam your hair.Use Shatone every alternate day for your dry and falling hair .
  129. manoj Says:
  130. Ambica Says:
    Hello Mam, Ihave Black shade under my eyes,and white headsand what i have to do to prevent my problem,and another problem, lips,my lips r in blakish color.What can i do to turn up my lips in red in color.Please suggest me madam.

  131. Under eye shades can be because of many reasons and sleep patterns eye strain and stress and dietary habits must be looked into. Massage in fresh cream ( Malai ) with a little pure almond oil in the under eye area. For whiteheads you need to use a daily scrub to soften them A mixture of Oatmeal and raw milk rubbed into the white heads will help. Please avoid using dark lipsticks . Stick to soft pinks. Massage lips with Olive oil evrery day. Make a paste of cooked ground beetroot into a paste and mix wwith frsh cream Apply this on your lips.Alternately use Shashine on lips in the daytime and shasmooth at night.
  132. priya Says:
    hello mam, my hair is silky but it does not grows at a required rate , i want long hairs please suggest me some home remedies for growth and improving thickness of my hair. please suggest me mam as i am new to this column.

  133. Shalocks hair oil thrice a week apply Shatone with cotton all over the scalp four times a week overnight. Also use Shahair henna in the method given on the box. As a home remedy mix hair oil with eggs to make a mayaonaise in a mixy. This makes a wonderful conditioner to apply on the hair before a wash.
  134. priya Says:
    hello mam, my hair is silky but it does not grows at a required rate , i want long hairs please suggest me some home remedies for growth and improving thickness of my hair. please suggest me mam as i am new to this column.
  135. Taru Says:
    hello mam,i have a glowing skin but there is some scars of pimples on my face for the last 1 i'm a working girl i used to go out regularly,my skin getting oily day by day. i used jieful on pimples to get rid off but now i'm using neem paste.please help me to come out the problem of pimples & scars of email id is

  136. Hi Taru, After washing you face with Shazema apply Shaclear with cotton on scars or pimples everynight.Use a facial scrub Shagrain and Sharose daily on your scars. Twice a week use Shaclove in a thin layer and wash off. Wash your face frequently to keep it clean.Avoid deep fried foods and excessive sugar. Try and stay with plenty of fruits and salads.
  137. mona Says:
    hello mam, i really need ur help for hairs on my face, due to harmons disturbance it increase. as i m working in field, it really ambarress me lots of time when someone intrupt. lasik is very costly n not 100% successful. as i m 26 n planning to get married. these hairs are big problem. i really need ur help on that plz advice my sme pack or anything which give me early results.can i go for waxing on my face, smeone told me abt that. i really need ur help it can make my life on this age. so plz reply me. my emain id is

  138. Hello Mona, apply Shascrub all over your face let it semi-dry for 10 mins after it becomes semi-dry rub with fingertip in circular motion .After washing the face apply peel-off mask. As a home remedy add a pinch of turmeric with coarsely ground rice left in a bowl of water over night and a some carsley ground Channa. Mix with some raw skimmed milk and scrub your face gently over the hairy area. This will lessen your hair in time .Please avoid waxing as much as possible however threading can be done on upperlips and sides of face.It is done commonly with girls and though it needs to become part of your beauty care routine it will give you a lot of confidence.
  139. Vasanthi Says:
    Hi Ma'am, I'm from Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia and I've been a regular user of Shanaz products for couple of years now. The products have helped me a lot and for that I've to Thank You! I used to have dandruff, hair loss, dry and britle hair. Now my hair is much better after using Shahenna, Sharinse, Shatone and Shalocks. I use Shalisma after head bath. Once a month I do the henna treatment. Texture of my hair has improved but my hair is still very little. Is there anyway I can have more hair growth? As I have extermely dry skin, I'm currently using Shamoist and Shabase for day and Shalife, Shasmooth, Shablem at night. I'm also using Shagrain twice a week mixed with Shadew. My skin still looks dull and patchy. Is there anyway to improve my texture of my skin? Also I have very dry crakced skin on my legs? Any remedies for that? My email id is

  140. For your hair growth use Shatone on scalp every alternate day leave it on scalp overnight and wash it in the morning. For best results wash use Daimond Scrub in the morning. Use White Pearl moisturizer with Shablock ( sunblock ) at night cleanse your face with Shacleanse with a moist cotton wool. Use 24 Carat Gold gel. Leave it on for half an hour and then apply the Daimond night cream. Twice a week use the White Pearl Mask.This combination of products should work well and give you an even tone. Use Shascrub and peel-off mask weekly for good and glowing skin. Cracked skin is a sign of dryness. Use a rich body cream or you could use Shadew twice a day and wash off.
  141. Mohan Says:
    Hi Madam, Plz help me, I'm 26 years male having oily hair and skin, I'm suffering from hair loss due to pollution and genetic reasons, ( My father had Bald head). Right now i'm using SHHENNA Shampoo every day and applying henna once in a month, But my problem doesn't get minimised and my hair gets full of dry and brittle diffcult to handle. Please help me. Thanks in Advance.

  142. Hi, Hairloss in men is heditary and these factors play a strong part. I feel you need to use Shatone which is very helpful for hair loss . Apply it with a cotton-wool on your scalp and leave it overnight and wash it next morning. You can steam your hair after using shatone with a hot towel for 15 minutes twice a week. Have a good B Complex tablet and have a balanced diet.
  143. anu Says:
    Hi Mam, I am from bangalore & my age is 25yrs. I need a suggetion. I am 25yrs & working. due to heavy work load & too much stress, I have a dark circles around my eyes. I have a bit fair complexion, so these dark circles make me look bit ugly. I have changed my job & is more relaxed. but the dark circles are same. Is there any way to reduce these dark circles. In my previous job, i had to travell a lot, so my skin near elbow,arms & behind neck have got tanned. is there any home made treatment to reduce this. kindly help. thank u.

  144. Anu it seems to me that your skin and under eye area has been affected by long hours of exposure in the sun and this takes a little time getting back to normal. Make a paste with two almonds , and a few mint leaves, add this to fresh cream ( malai ). Massage this in for a couple of minutes every day and wipe off with a moist cotton wool. Avoid getting into eyes.At night apply White Pearl dual action under eye cream. This would help you a lot. For your body tan ,wear long sleeves for the moment and avoid sun exposure. Use a high SPF sunblock all over the effected areras.Before your bath simply rub in besan with malai and a pinch of turmeric with half a teaspoon of lemon.This makes a good body scrub and over a period of time it will remove your tan.
  145. Maryam Ahmed Says:
    good commentz!
  146. swati Says:
    hi mam i am a great fan of ur products my skin is oily and colour is fair but my hand's colour is dark plz give me some suggestion to brighten it's colour

  147. Swati I am glad to hear that you like my products. Your kind of problem normally happens because we sometimes use the best of products for our face and neglect the rest of our body. Use a good hand cream as well as a high SPF sunblock on your hands before going out. A good detanning agent for the hands is this simple recipe; Take a table spoon of sugar , mix it will a little lemon juice , and a table spoon of oil. Give your hands a good scrub with it and you will see an improvement.
  148. swati Says:
    my e-mail id
  149. Sherie Says:
    I was immensely benefited with your beauty tips earlier ma'am.I would just want to know that to get the proper henna color it is necessary to soak the henna overnight in an iron container?I am using an iron container till date but have not achieved that desirable color...please help.

  150. Quite unfortunately our hopes of Henna making the hair brown as most people try is not possible. Henna is red and all those black hennas you see are henna with dye added. I have used Henna all my life and I swear by it. The colour takes a little getting used to me but trust me when I say these advantages are long term. Soaking the Henna overnight is a good idea and an iron container is the traditional method, but what you can add is a table spoon of Katha (used in Paans ) fresh ground coffee powder and lemon. Leave your Henna on for four hours, and you will find that the more you repeat it, the longer you keep it the deeper the shade.
  151. Sherie Says:
    I was immensely benefited with your beauty tips earlier ma'am.I would just want to know that to get the proper henna color it is necessary to soak the henna overnight in an iron container?I am using an iron container till date but have not achieved that desirable color...please help.
  152. Radha Says:
    Hi mam my hair is very rouf give me the solution plz mam

  153. You need follow a good conditioning routine. Apply warm oil to your hair and keep over night once a week. Wash off with a mild shampoo. Shalisma is a good product for you. Apply it at the ends and leave on. It will soften your hair. You could also use Shatone hair tonic and leave it on.Once a week use this recipe: Make a hair Mayonaise in a mixie with hair oil and fresh eggs. Apply it to hair once a week and wash off. Use tealeaves with juice of half a lemon and use this as a last rinse, It will give your hair a nice sheen.
  154. richa Says:
    my skin is dry and sensitive this becomes taning on my skin please suggest me home remidies mam.

  155. I am afraid to avoid tanning you have to use a high SPF sunblock because sun not only tans the skin but will increase the dryness. When you come in from the sun, take cold slices of tomato and rub them in. Follow with mint juice application with dabs of cotton. Use Cucumber juice with cold curd to nourish your skin
  156. asha Says:
    hi m 21 years old.fair complexion with oily skin. i often get small pimples on my cheek and forehead bt after getting cleared they leave thier marks,which are long lasting. plz suggest some home remidies or any herbal creame.

  157. I feel you would benefit by a product called Shaclove. Use it daily and the condition will become much better. Some skins scar faster than others. What you should do is apply Shablem on the spots and Sharose and Shagrain on the marks , to be rubbed in gently, avoiding the pimples. You can make a home scrub with oatmeal and mint juice for scars.
  158. Shyni Says:
    Hi !! I am 27 years old. My hair is dull and very thin. How can I use heena for natural conditioning.

  159. Henna is a wonderful natural conditioner and I have personally used it since I was your age. Mix it with eggs , curd and a two tablespoons of oil. After you have shampooed your hair use boiled and cooled tea leaves with a lemon for a nice sheen. Now put your head down and brush upside down to add body to your hair.
  160. Babu m Says:
    Hello Madam Have a good day. I'm 26 years Male having Oily, very light acne and light scars (Visible when You see at very near/close to my face.) So please Suggest Daily routine care for my skin and which makes me more beautiful. Because my friend suggest Your products are more effective and natural. I'm working at Leading IT company as a HRM. So i want look so much cool, smart and very beautiful. Please help me I'm suffering with this oil on my face even though i cleanse and tone my face at morning then i'm absorbing more oil on my face at afternoon (Lunch time ). Please help me madam. Many thanks in advance.

  161. Hello Babu, thanks,you need a good cleansing and exfoliating routine so your skin stays healthy. In the morning use Shazema as a face wash. Use Shgrain and Sharose on alternate days or daily depending on how greasy your skin feels. This will give you nice deep cleansing and exfoliate your skin. Twice a day just splash your face with water and wipe off. Before leaving for work apply Shaclove in a thin layer on the grease prone areas and wash off when dry. Keep your diet low in greasy foods, and low on sugar and too many carbonated drinks. Tell me how you feel in two weeks.
  162. akanksha Says:
    hi mam i have acne on my skin 4 2yrs.i tried homopaethic treatments.can u give me some home remedies.pls

  163. Hi Akanksha, Always keep your face clean and dry. Use rose water for cleansing and toning both. Try a pack of multanimitti , sandalwood powder, a pinch of clove powder, a pinch of cinnamon powder with mixed into egg white to make a paste. Apply it leave it for 15 min. and wash it.If you can find Shaclear acne lotion, it works very well acne.
  164. Tina Says:
    Hello maam, i'm 25 yrs. old woman. My skin is extremely dry. I have the problem of dark spots on my nose, below my eyes & arounds my lips since my school days. I have consulted with doctors several times but nothing can solve out it. I also have some ugly dark patches in my hands & several parts of my body.Plzzzzzzzzzz help me.

  165. Hello Tina, since your problem is quite old I am sure you have tried many products. I would think it would be a good idea for you to visit one of our salons for a consultation. However I you could try this home remedy take suggestion from a good dermatologist. Mornings use full fat fresh cream with Besan and a few drops lemon juice. Apply it on your face let it remain on the skin until dry and then scrub it off. Use sunblock on your face whenever you go out. In addition, Take two almonds, make a paste mix with just a little fresh cream and rub into scars. For the body mix soyabean powder multani mitti chandan powder into a paste apply where it is required and wash as it dries repeat thrice a week.
  166. nidhi Says:
    hello ma'am....I have a normal baby skin. My skin get irritated by using any kind of strong product.I want to take care of it , as baby skin face the problem very early like dullness , tanning,etc.Please suggest some imp formula.

  167. Hello nidhi, As your skin is sensitive all products will not suit you. You can apply Shabase as a day protector, and use shaclove antiseptic pack for 15 minutes every alternate day, for a glowing skin. Use sunblock before stepping out.
  168. Sherie Says:
    thanks a lot ma'am...
  169. ria Says:
    hello mam, i m 33 female n have a dry skin, fair complexion. I'm worried abut blemish on my cheeks which is coming all over face. please suggest permanent cure. thanks

  170. Hi ria, Are you using creams which is substandard or bleaching then. Alternately it could be a classic case of freckles. You need to stop it before it grows too much. Use Shagrain and Sharose on the spots, scrub gently for about 10 minutes and wash off. Apply Shawhite where there are spots. Once a day use Shafair. At night apply Shablem on spots. Or use shablem after cleaning on the blemishes, can leave it overnight. Avoid exposure to the sun and always use a sunblock.
  171. sonia Says:
    hello mam ..m new to dis blog...i have hairy growth on my face as well on waxing gud for it? plz help me......

  172. Hello sonia. Hair is a problem for so many women. The best thing to for the upper lip and face is threading. For the body waxing is simply the best solution. Try a scrub of rice powder, and sugar mixed in curd to make a paste for your face. This over a period of time weakens the growth but if its really heavy threading and waxing work the best.
  173. shilpi Says:
    Hi Mam , How r u ? Can you pls tell me any home remedy to get rid of Strech marks coz they look really bad pls help me .

  174. Hi shilpi, Use vitamin E oil on your stretch marks. Using a scrub on stretch marks vigorously also helps. Make one at home with one guava, one kiwi fruit and a handful of coarsely ground rock salt and honey with 8 drops of lemon juice added. Also exercises that tone and tighten your skin will also reduce the appearance of stretch marks.
  175. shilpi Says:
    Hi mam , how r u ? Mam i have strch marks on my body can you pls tell me any home remedy to get rid of them pls help me .Thanking you
  176. sushma Says:
    hi..cud u pl tell me a home remedy for lightening black armpits? 2]i m 34 yrs old female.i have lost a patch of hair near parting and m on homeopathy treatment of BATRA..cud u pl suggest something to get the hair back as soon as possible...i'll b indebted to u always...thnx.

  177. Hi , While bathing use this home made scrub daily. Add coarse sugar granules to half a lemon juice and a little curd. Scrub this for 10 minutes in the under arm area and wash off. This should help. If your hair loss is in a distinct patch then it is completely revisable. Ideally if you could get a Shahnaz Herbal salon for treatment it could be treated rapidly. However in the mean time use Shatone the hair tonic , Henna powder with eggs and curd with Amla paste added to it. Apply Shaoint on the spot twice a week. Leave on for an hour and wash off.
  178. sushma Says:
    hi..cud u pl tell me a home remedy for lightening black armpits? 2]i m 34 yrs old female.i have lost a patch of hair near parting and m on homeopathy treatment of BATRA..cud u pl suggest something to get the hair back as soon as possible...i'll b indebted to u always...thnx.
  179. poonam Says:
    I am 39 years old.I have blemishes on my cheeks and nose.I have consulted many skin specialists but there is no improvement.Can you please tell me any home remedy to get rid of blemishes.Thank you.

  180. Make a face pack of 1sp. Almond powder 2 sp. Multanimitti ½ tsp. sandalwood powder 1tsp. husk 1tsp. soyabean powder 1tsp.honey and egg yolk. Apply and wash when dry. This pack is good for blemishes. Use it thrice a week. Everyday use mint juice on the spots. If the spots persist get a hormone profile done, as an imbalance of hormone levels can cause skin patches. Also check out your hemoglobin level and meet your G.P. with the tests.
  181. daizy Says:
    i want to buy your builtin hair colour from where i can get it. i will pay the cost

  182. We colour the hair with Shahair . It is a wonderful way to colour and nourish your hair naturally. I wonder which city you live in. Most large and small towns have a Shahnaz Herbal product supply now. Shoppers Stop, Health and Glow, Life Style, Big Bazar are some of the big chains where you can find Shahnaz Herbals.
  183. surabhi Says:
    Hi!! ma'am ,Q-What is a mild shampoo? AND sugest some names of it?Please send a reply
  184. Ritu Says:
    Want to ask you that white part or Yellow part of the egg Shud be used & minimum how may eggs shud be used as i hair mr heena in 15days . Also please tell me as iam having high hair fall because of the hard water , suggest what shud i do .

  185. The whole part of egg can be used in henna, but how much depends on the length of your hair. Use shatone with cotton on your hair and steam with hot towel thrice a week. Use Shalocks hair oil and this will give your hair a lot of resilience.
  186. Shilpi Says:
    Hi Sushma, I read your prob . i got patches n severe hair loss and consulted lot of Dr. for this thing . Then i fond DR Thakur ( homepathy) his address is 179 / Sector 15 A . He has given me 6month course and it really worked for me . You can also consult him once if u wish too.
  187. bulbul Says:
    i hv hair on my face pls tell me gud n permanent sol.

  188. Women often have unwanted hair on upper lip chin or sides of their face. Here is a Good home remedy -1sp. Of barley powder mixed with milk and lime juice paste is to be applied for 20mnts.wash with warm water, follow regularly.
  189. shahla irfan Says:
    there are so many hair colors in market but they dont suit to every ones hair. they make more grey hair.henna too doesnt suit to hair and health. i have lots of grey hair and i have become bore to manage it with color or henna becoz i like to keep my self busy in office work. my hair falls due to dye or henna, if i take healthy food, i put on weight and lots of fat on my stomach. my skin is very thin and i got wrinkles below my eyes becoz i apply kajal every day(just like shahnaz ma'am). i have a another big problem, that is i become very dark and have patchy skin in summer while in winter i become fair with very delicate skin. i dont know how to get rid of these too many problems. besides these problem when i apply make up i look gorgious. i want help to make my hair, my skin, my complexion very beatiful.

  190. I will suggest you to buy Shahair from the Body Shop and try it on your hair. This will definitely give you good results if you apply for more than 3 hours but you will have to keep repeating it for the perfect colour. Use almond around the eyes by giving light massage. Wipe it after 10 mins and make cucumber juice pads on your eyes and rest for 5 mins more. Repeat this procedure every day. For your dark patches use juice of water melon on the face and leave it for drying. Wash it after 10 mins. Always use sunscreen when you go out of house in summers.
  191. vera Says:
    hello i am an ncc cadet ..due to strenuous practise in the sun i totally tanned very badly..have a bit of dandruff but it is quite under control..i dont know why i am having a bad set of pimples, marks on my forehead fully and it is burning..plzzz help me out

  192. Hello Vera, protect your skin from sun by applying a sun-block all over the . exposed area. Use rice powder and curd mixed into paste all over the face and body and wash off when it dries. This can remove the tanning if done once in a week. Use red sandalwood paste on your acne whenever you are indoors ,It works as an anti septic and gives a soothing effect.
  193. kanika Says:
    hello mam............i have hairy problem on my face.....wht shd i use.... n mam someone told me to use shawhite and my skin is in it helpful in controlling hairy growth? i had buyed this 2 products...plzzzzzzz reply soon.................m waiting mam....plz soon reply.............

  194. Sha white and Sh bleach are not meant to remove facial hair .Here is a Good home remedy -1sp. Of barley powder mixed with milk and lime juice paste is to be applied for 20mnts.wash with warm water, follow regularly
  195. nikki Says:
    Hello MA'AM i HAVE NORMAL SKIn and fair complexion as well .i have pigmentation and white heads spread all over my face ,and dark circles . please suggest some easy to use product as i have very busy schedule.

  196. Hello Nikki, the discoloration of your skin may be due to hormonal change are you protecting your skin from sun if not use a good sunscreen whenever you go out. After cleaning your face at night apply Shablem and leave it. Repeat this for 4-6 weeks. Use pears soap with salt and rub it lightly on your white heads. This can remove your white heads as well as black heads. Apply almond oil for massaging your eyes daily and relax with rose water eye pads.
  197. nikki Says:
    hello ma'am ihave a normal skin with fair complexion.I've been suffering from the problem of having pigmentation,darkcircles ,white heads.Please suggest some tips
  198. farah Says:
    Hello ma'am I've a normal baby skin, luckily i've got all that glows on my face, but when i get to step out from the house my skin's pore gets open and it's look s dull. Also I've got facial hair .Please suggest some remedy.

  199. Hi Farah, Sensitive skin needs very delicate care as all products might not suite. Use a pack made of one spoon barley powder, lime juice and milk. Leave it on for 20 mins and wash-off with warm water. Repeat it twice a week.
  200. akanksha Says:
    hi! mam pl give me a veg. recipe . thanks for replying.....

  201. Egg is always optional in any of the recipes.
  202. NIKITA Says:
    HELLO MAM'A I AM 13years & i have lice & dandruff in my hair ....... i am very feddup with this .... u r my last hope ....... plzzzzzzzzzz help me.....suggest any veg. home remedy.........

  203. Keep your hair clean every alternate day with a good herbal shampoo. Make sum tomato juice and apply on scalp with cotton for 45 mins. Wash it ,and repeat it twice a week. For your dandruff give a last rinse to your hair with neem water ,(boiled neem leaves water) whenever you shampoo your hair.
  204. Shilpi Says:
    Hi mam thanks a lot . Mam i have one more problem . 2 years back i suffered from Chikhen box and that was too bad . Before that i got big black spots all over my body and these spots are visible today itself. I applied lot of creams on them but still they are not gone . I am very dipressed coz of these spots they are deep in skin . Dr says that take medicine as these are inside skin . Pls tell me any remedy or cream which can take me out of this . plzzzzz i will be thankfull to you .

  205. Hi Shilpi, Face is the most distinguished part of your body. As black spots marks are deep in the skin changes will show gradually as skin undergoes changes very slowly. Exfoliation is an important treatment for the skin, as it helps in the removal of cellular build-up on the skin surface, improving skin texture, accelerating the cell renewal process, minimizing dark patches and producing an even colour tone. The skin looks and feels much smoother. A part from being a powerful cleansing procedure, exfoliating also stimulates blood circulation to the skin surface. Exfoliation of the skin with scrub consisting of wheat bran (choker) gram flour (besan), yoghurt or cream with a pinch of haldi (turmeric).All these can be mixed together and applied on face. Dab raw milk and massage gently in circular movements for ten mins. It can be then washed off by splashing cold water. Another good scrub is sandalwood powder, dry ground rose petals, mint, almond meal, besan oatmeal and turmeric powder. Raw milk can be added to make a paste and then applied on face and affected areas.
  206. isha Says:
    hi mam iam using ur lot of products .i have lots of pimple marks on my back n iam using ur shablem n shawhite now its totaly cure . ijust want to thanks u . mam ihave lots of white hair n iam using ur shaheena . mam iwant to colour my hair .i just want to known its harm my hair or its increases white hair.

  207. Hi Isha, Glad to know that the pimple marks on your back have gone after using our products. For grey hair you can use ammonia free colour or natural colours or even natural henna.(Californian Poppy Ayurvedic Henna treatment Powder.)
  208. neha Says:
    hi ma'am I have good skin but it's texture is much like babyskin type.Even in the monsoon my skin is getting very dry and it develop a dry layer on my cheeks , inspite of having sweatning in the monsoon.please suggest some care.

  209. Hi Neha, You are to have good baby textured skin. Do maintain by following a good beauty routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. As your cheeks form a dry layer i am suggesting a home remedy Extract the pulp of overripe papaya, banana or peach and mix with fresh cream. This healthy and natural pack can be applied on the face. For noticeable result repeat the process thrice a week.
  210. Madhu Says:
    Hello Madam ! Thanks for Your valuable suggestions. Plz suggest to my problem. I'm using SHAZEMA for cleansing and SHAROSE for toning in the morning and the night (8am & 8pm), This products are nice, but i absorb oily look on my face at afternoon. One more thing madam when i apply SHABASE and SHAHSILK at morning i absorb more oil on my face.So what can i do to get rid of this look. And if i make more times (like Afternoon and evening) face wash, Is there any problem.

  211. Hi Madhu, You are following a good beauty regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing Cleansing with Shazeema and toning with Sharose is perfect for your type of skin. By afternoon as your skin looks oily tackle it by splashing cold water to stimulate the blood flow below the surface of the skin for a healthy glow. As Shabase and Shasilk is not suiting your skin you need to pick the correct moisturizer which allows your skin to breathe while providing nourishment. Oily skin demands oil free moisturizers. You can try Pink Lotus a Protective skin treatment base along with Morning Glory.
  212. Sudha Says:
    Hi mam I'm 25 Male having oily skin, Can u plz tell me how to take care of body skin care. Because we can take more care of face like Cleansing, Toning, Moisturizing....But what about body skin care ? I have light pimple scars on body, how can i get rid of this and i want fair skin plz suggest.

  213. Hi Sudha, It is great to know that you are taking care of your skin by following a good beauty regime of cleansing, toning and moisturizing. As you are young a good beauty routine right from the start will take you along way. As you have pimple marks on your body i guess the skin is oily. Take 5 margosa leaves, 5 basil leaves, 5 mint leaves along with ½ a tamato. Grind all these to a fine paste and apply on affected areas. You can even grind nutmeg and mix with rose water. Apply this pack on the marks. Once a week try a body scrub. Take ½ cup sandalwood powder ½ cup green gram powder ½ cup oatmeal powder 1/4cup neem paste, a small bunch of coriander leaves, 1 small cucumber grated along with buttermilk for mixing. Apply this paste on the body and leave on for 10 mins. Rub gently and then wash off. Follow this scrub twice a week.
  214. sonia Says:
    hi mam i am 32 ,can u please tell me how to take care of body and face daily care . i am using shableach shafresh with honey curd eggwhite &oat meal pack three times a week .is this safe.ihave pimpes.can i use skin colour is brown. ialso used shadiomand scrub ,cream ,pack but geating pimples.i want fair &glowing skin plz suggest.

  215. Hi Sonia, Face is the ‘U’ that you show to the world. A regular skin care routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing is required to maintain your skin and take you a long way. The home remedy pack is safe for you to use and you can continue with it. As you have pimples discontinue using Shalife and the Diamond products. For fair and glowing skin try Aloevera a natural healer and the most friendly plant .Start by extracting the pulp from an aloevera leaf and apply on the face. In a weeks time you will see a difference resulting in a fairer and glowing skin. Introduce Amla in your diet as amla moisturizes the skin, cleanses the tissues and builds up the skin’s immunity preventing skin problems. A slice of tomato rubbed on your skin makes an easy exfoliants for your type of skin. Wash off after 15 mins and you will see a noticeable glow. Tackle acne by taking coarsely ground masoor dal –curd-oatmeal paste and applying on affected areas. For your body pamper your self with a good natural hot oil massage(Shaherb)followed by a body scrub. Take wheat bran(choker) gram flour(besan), yoghurt or cream of milk(malai) and a pinch of turmeric (haldi)All these can be mixed and applied on the body. Rub gently for 10 mins and wash off. This helps to clear away the dead cells and make the skin soft and smooth.
  216. sushma Says:
    hi mam! thnx 4 ur reply..u told me 2 put sugar,lemon n curd 4 lightening armpits..i wana know that the day i wax my armpits i cant use deo on that as it i hope if i use this scrub daily i hope it'll b harmless n wont irritate my skin there. 2] if i wana use deodarant the same day i wax my armpits how should i use it 2 avoid burning..

  217. Hi Sushma, The scrub is harmless-it’s not going to irritate your skin but let your armpits rest for two days after waxing. After waxing your armpits use ice and dab rose water to give a cooling effect followed by a lightly perfumed talcum powder. Ensure that waxing is done under professional specialists
  218. Shilpi Says:
    Hi mam as you told me home remedy for how to get rid of strech mark n a scurb for that also can u pls tell me what is coarsely ground rock salt and do you have any product of yours regarding this.

  219. Hi Shilpi, For stretch marks try natural healer Aloe vera. Extract the pulp of from an aloe vera leaf and apply on stretch marks. This wonder plant works gradually. You can even extract the juice lime, tomato and cucumber in equal proportions of 1 tablespoon each .Each of these natural bleaching agents help in lightening skin colour making the stretch marks less visible. Rock salt is natural impure salt. We do not have any products that contain rock salt.
  220. sushma Says:
    hi mam.i m 34 yrs old female. i have normal to oily skin with T zone {my forhead,nose n chin } is oily..cud u pl suggest some home made face pack for clean n glowy skin..i sometimes use apricot face scrub n then use multani mitti face pack. 2] cud u pl suggest somethng 2 reduce facial hair..thnx a ton.

  221. Hi Sushma, A glowing skin is your best cosmetic. Nothing to worry. This is the most commonly found skin type. You can certainly use apricot face scrub as apricots are rich source of Vit A and Vit A adds glow and colour to your skin. Multani mitti(fuller’s earth) can be applied on T-zone area twice a week. A natural scrub that works well at exfoliating impurities and dead cells and imparting a glow is a mixture of salt and a little vegetable oil. Gently rub the mixture into your skin in circular movements. Wash off .Your skin will be soft and glowing. Oatmeal mixed curd is another great idea you can try for home made scrub. To reduce facial hair you can go in for professional waxing done by a specialist. This is not a permanent solution to your problem but reduces hair considerably.
  222. farha Says:
    hi ma,am my skin is bit oily due to this it faces some pimples on my forehead .The condition gets worse when i step out of the house.I don't use any sunscreen as I believe it's need to be reapply after sometime for which i don't get the time. I cannot use any fairness cream as for having the sensitive skin.My skin is getting dark.please , kindly suggest me.

  223. Hi Farha, As your skin is sensitive and acne prone you have to be careful. Tackle acne by preparing coarsely ground masoor dal-curd-oatmeal and applying on the affected areas. Leave on for 5 to 10 mins and then wash off. As your skin is sensitive you can mix honey, curd and a little lemon juice and apply on your face daily. Wash off after 20 mins. Twice a week, mix one tsp each of honey, curd and lemon juice with 3 tsp of oatmeal. Apply on the face n wash off after 20 to 30 minutes. You can mix even mix cucumber and ripe papaya pulp and apply on your face. Omit honey when applying pack in forehead as it is acne prone. Neem powder, fuller’s earth mixed with rose water is an excellent pack for acne. It is a good habit to put yourself into a daily routine of sunblock to keep your skin perfect. Sunscreens prevent damage caused by UV rays. Apply a sunscreen of high SPF 20 mins before you set out and carry on for the whole day.
  224. Amrita Says:
    Very useful information here. thanks to Shahnaz Mam!!! Great!!
  225. kabita Says:
    mam, i use all shahnaz products n thanks a lot for such beautiful products...... i use coconut oil mixed vt olive oil n turmeric powder on my wet body after which i wash it water it ok?or pls suggest me any other alternativ.also suggest a pack for quick glowin skin is extremely sensitive prone to acnes n rashes.i clean my face vt shamoon,apply sharose n then oxygen treatment. n i step outdoor applyin shablock.also i use flower power rejunevating balm twice a week.pls suggest whether i m using the right things or not.....mam pls reply.
  226. jyotika O Says:
  227. sushma Says:
    hello mam..when i grow my nails,usually after sometime they start getting a little black from corners and then they break..why this blackening happens? 2] cud u pl suggest ,how 2 use olive oil for strenthening nails and how long i massage them for? and pl tell the right method 2 use it..thnx a ton..
  228. sushma Says:
    hello mam. cud u pl tell me right method 2 use beer as often can i use it safely?..i have very thin hair.
  229. Hitesh Says:
    Hello madam,I have a oily skin and have acne problem.My complexion has also turned dark.plz suggest me a natural home solution.
  230. Geetanjali Says:
    Hi dos anyone know where in chicago,USA are shahnaz hussain products available?
  231. simi in US says Says:
    I am 43 years old and have been using your products from last 21 years and honestly very happy with them. How ever I was @kohinoor mall few weeks ago I wanted to try couple of other products too. But you have no sample sizes and in US. if u buy fine cosmetics you get samples for new products . May be u should try doing this too.. Thank you
  232. jyotika o Says:
    i wd also like to know where in Reno nevada are shahnaz products available. thanks,
  233. zahera shaikh USA Says:
    Hi Shahnaz mam,I consider u as my beauty guru and thats why any time I feel any help regarding my beauty care I rush to ur blog and read all the queries and got the answer but now I m having a very severe problem from the past one and a half year,at first I was thinking that due to my pregnancy there might be some hormone changes and thats why this problem happens but after the ten months of my delivery the problem is still there,I have visited a dermatologist here but there is no improvement(she prescribed me soap and lotion containingBenezole Peroxide),I really need ur help and hope u will do something for me. 1.I m having small acnes all over my hand,starting from my shoulder till my wrist,the acnes have whiteheads on there top and after they disappear i see black spots all over my hands,it look so ugly that i always wear full sleeves to hide those marks and acne,and I have also tanned hands.Please help me mam as I m ur biggest fan and I use ur products always. 2.I m having red pimples with yellow on top on my face specially under my lips and just above the chin and those pimples are very painful,what could i do to get rid of this problem. Mam I really need ur help as soon as possible because Eid is very close and I want to look good not only with my face but with my hands also.Thanx a lot.
  234. sheena Says:
    Dear Mam, Can we leave the White Pearl dual action under eye cream around the eye overnight ? Do we need to wash after few minutes ?
  235. ashni mulani Says:
    hi mam , my mom's age is abt 35 and her hair falls very very badly more than 150 to 200 amt of hair falls and she applies oil regularly n she is having white hair so she applies heena after a 15 days gap , she is having a long hair so she tays plats but so aslo she is having hair falls after all this .So plz recommend me a home remdie 4r my mom
  236. sushma Says:
    hi shilpi...thnx 4 ur sweet of u. but pl tell me the address u gave is of noida or gurgaon or smwhere else?????????
  237. Poonam Says:
    Hi Mam,I am getting married in Dec and have lot of issues with the skin especially the pigmentation around my lips and on Chin. I tried many treatments like derma abrasion but it didnt work. I am trying to find your parlour and products in Pune but could not yet, please can you suggest me if you have any of your stores and parlour in Pune? Please let me know few products and home remedies for pigmentation and scars and dull skin i have a combination skin dry at the T area and have pimples on my both cheeks and have dark facial hair, my skin is wheatish.please suggest me something mam
  238. ashwini Says: often can I use henna? m 17years old and have oily hair is short but i'm trying to grow it. please advice.
  239. Simi Says:
    mam i have freckles on my face can you pls suggest something to get rid of them? thanks
  240. ashwini Says:
    maam ...i've another question....some people soak henna in iron bowls. is it needed? and please suggest a good henna recipe for me, so that i can have strong, silky,and glossy hair.suggest some diet tips also.i've oily hair and occasionally get dandruff thanx in advance. :-)
  241. sonya Says:
    hi mam..i used 2 have beautiful feet earlier but now it looks discoloured,dull and lifeless,especially the fingers look a little tell how can i make my feet beautiful again...
  242. Shilpa Says:
    Hi Mam , How r u ? mam I really need your advice for my hair. I use to have very heavy hair but 2 years back I got some big patches on scalp i took homeopateic med. I with in 6 months all my patches were cured but now again after an year I got one or two patches which also got cured by homepatic med. and now my hair are also very thin. i really want my heavy hair back. Can you pls tell me some home remedies for this and these days willl washing hair loss is also high. Is this can also be caused because of imbalnce harmones. Pls tell me some home remedies and also what should I include in my diet to get my healthy hair back . Pls help...........
  243. Shipra Says:
    hello Mam , i am ur great fan mam . mam i am 25 years old and till now I dont use any thing on my face besides lotion in winters only . As my skin is ily in summers and dry in winters. Pls came you tell me a proper skin care routine which I can use to keep my skin healthy and glowing coz now its dull. Pls tell me a proper skin care routine . I have some blacks spots on my skin also . I will be thankful to you . Warm Regards Shipra
  244. Zuhaib Says:
    Salam Mam, Mam i really need ur advice 4 my skin as it is dark in color i want my skin 2 b very fair & attractive glowing face. Im 20 years old boy cud u plz suggest me 2 help me in this matter i will b very thankful 2 u if u plz advice me a 100% affective treatment. Im using 1 of ur product so called fairone fairness cream but it seems 2 b not affecting me much. Plz help me regarding this matter urgently. Thnk u Mam..........
  245. Zuhaib Says:
    Hi Mam, Plz do suggest me anythng 4 my lips as it is dry everytym. plz suggest me sumthng 2 luk my lips glowing n being pinkish. Thnk u Mam so much.........
  246. shazia Says:
    hi ma'am my skin becomes very dry after washing my face problem is that whenever i use any moisturiser or cream it faces some little outbursting on my face & moisturiser makes the skin looks dark also please suggest some effective moisturiser for sensitive skin
  247. Prat Says:
    Hi Ma'm, I'm 25yr old unmarried woman. I have thick hair growth on my chest, is it normal? Or do i need to consult a doctor? Plsss do suggest me some remedy to lessen or completely remove the hair on my chest. Thanks in advance.
  248. tanya Says:
    Hi...This is Tanya….. please suggest a good henna recipe for me, so that i can have strong, silky hair, i have rebonded hair its been one year of rebonding...i have long hair..the texture of my hair is very rough and dry...can i use your henna powder to colour my hair coz i have grey hair also...kindly suggest me what else can i put into that henna powder which gives good colour..Basically I don't want orange tinge of hair so tell me accordingly for reddish brown colour what i can put into that mixture..Kindly also suggest me a good hair oil...thanx
  249. khushi Says:
    Hi mam,i am from delhi and a working complexion is wheatish and i am very much satisfied with the colour i have because i believe BLACK IS BEAUTIFUL.but the problem is my face filled with tiny(wat shud i say)pimples.i have been undergoing medicines from a local doctor.i found improvement but i don't want 2 eat medicines instead i want 2 make my face beautiful,full of life,glowing,shining and scar-free under your guidance.i have spent thousands of money on these medicines but i don't want 2 eat them anymore.again,as the winter have started my hair is looking more ugly,dried and lifeless,they fall but not so much.plz guide me accordingly.i have always been a follower of "LOOK GOOD
  250. ashriya Says:
    hi...why do you use coffee, 13 eggs,yogurt and lemon juice in making the paste? what is the function of all this ingredients? thank you
  251. omen Says:
    Hello Mam, i am very thankful to u for this site .please help me,i am 23yrs old. i have combination chin & hands & feet becomes black in can i get rid of it? i have pimples on my face. how can i take care of my skin?can i use raw milk as cleansing milk? which scrub i can use&how often? can i follow same skin care routine in summers as well as in winters?
  252. prerita Says:
    hi ma'am my skin is getting very dry and getting very tanned but no moisturisers or creams suits me even and due to dandruff it is getting a small pimples on forehead too.Please suggest some remedies.
  253. bhagyashree Says:
    Tell me mam what to use for fair colour
  254. kushi Says:
    hii mam iam 19 years old tell me which cream i have to use on daily basis from which my face colour will be fair and normal
  255. Shyamali Says:
    Madam, I am from west bengal ,india, age 35 fair complexion, very sensitive skin,recently my face is apearing dull, getting darker, my hands and body is also getting darker and skin is bocoming rough.also suffered from heavy dandruff. pl suggest cure
  256. palak Says:
    # hello mam.. im suffering 4m pimples since last 6 years,... i went to dctrs for pimples..i took medicines also bt dt was temperory treatment... but no one helped infact my pimples r getting worse day by day... i switched on 2 yoga now.. will it help me.. n generally i get pimple in befor 15 days of my pimples.. pls help me.................
  257. disha Says:
    hello mam.. im suffering 4m pimples since last 6 years,... i went for laser as well as gud dermatologist... but no one helped infact my pimples r getting worse day by day... i switched on 2 yoga now.. will it help me.. n generally i get pimple in befor 15 days of my pimples.. pls help me.................
  258. Nisha Says:
    I am 22 years old working girl but i havent a attractive look, because no creams or powder can suit of my face or my skin.
  259. jay Says:
    though i have mastered maintaing my hair, i have failed to find a suitable face mask for my dull lifeless looking skin, it is dry and have blemishes too!! any good home remedies??
  260. Aarthi Says:
    Hello madam, I had medium thick hair in my school days. now i am 28 year old. my hair looks very thin now. Please advise me to regain my hair thickness. It is worrying me a lot.
  261. mansi Says:
    hi shehnaz madam, i m very much tired from all creams and or lotion i need something for my skin before my complaexion was very much fair and now i have wheatish colour and i have so many dark circls like chainyan and all on my face what i need to do for my face please help age is 24 years. thanks have a nice day
  262. payal Says:
    hello r u? name is payal frm mumbai..doin my 12th n my age is 17...mam i look so matured in dis age..i look like a 22 yr aged women i mean tat my body structure is fine but my face gives such a youngness has gone..i am so sad coz of dis..i am fair..but d only problem is dis only...i got a fear tat if my face look so matured at dis age itself den how will i look at 22age..i hav an elder sister who is goin to finish her coll..she looks younger dan me...frank to say wen i go out some mistakes tat am i d elder or mam plz give me a suggesion..wat can i do to make my face look young as i was b4..many suggested me to do yoga tat it will make u look can u give me a good suggesion mam?...waiting 4 ur answer as soon as possible...thank u mam..
  263. Kayal Says:
    can somebody out here please help with the following doubts of mine? 1) i am currently using a hair oil product which contains henna, amla and lemon. i apply it twice or thrice a week. but even then i find my hair very very dry, brittle and have weak roots. my doubt 'is the henna making my hair dry?' and is it advisable to just use pure coconut oil on my hair for such lifeless hair type? i am not at all satisfied with the texture of my hair. it looks good only the day i take hair bath. i am totally fed up with all the steps i have taken for the same. pls help. 2. is it advisable to change hair oil and shampoos frequently? 3. my skin is very very dry during winter and very very oily during summer. i am experiencing both the extemes and have never seen my skin normal anytime. i use products based on the climate and totally confused over it. can i change products like that often?
  264. Dipti Says:
    Hi Mam.. My complexion was fair before i moved to my new flat, where i have to use hard bore water. Since last 2-3 months my complexion has darkened a bit and i think hard water is the main reason behind it. PLese suggest me some tips to brighten my complexion. My skin is mixed type. i have acne problem also, i get painful and red acnes. I can not use any cream on my face. I have tried using oil-free moisturisers, but even then i my face prickles out the very next day. Please help me with my problem. I have consulted dermatogist also, acnes have reduced to 70%, but i am not able to get rid of them completely. treatment is going on since last 2 years.
  265. zahra Says:
    hello mam,I am dark .I want to hav a fair complexion and my skin is oliy.please suggest me some home remedies.
  266. ruksana Says:
    hello mam,i find ur tips helpful.but for the past one year i have been losing hair especially from forehead region.i have dandruff.plz help me what to do.
  267. sonya Says:
    hi one of the remedies 4 fairness u dsuggested oatmeal.. what is oatmeal?can "quakers" b used?this is a brand 4 oatmeal..
  268. sarah Says:
    mam i wanna noe some nice hair tip whc can add life 2 my lifeless hair dey are so dry i tried many homeremedies and many other thinking dat may be among all these any 1 can work out earlier i was using sunsilk dat turned me down den among my group discussion my frnds all suggested dat to use jhonsons baby shampoo coz it doesnt contain any hamful ingredient n so i started using this but even den i dint find any change n currently am using dove shampoo(normal hairs)it just softens for short period,am also applying methi powder along wid milk b4 bath so i find a bit change my hair is in a bit controlled condition . dere r difft suggestions from difft people some said keep changing shampoos otherwise ur hair bcoms sensitive 2 da one u r using n some said dont change dis will harm ur hair so plz mam i request u help me i want a suggestion from you
  269. reshma Says:
    hi shahnaz. my hair are smooth and thin. ive been applying a mixture of mehndi amla powder shikakai powder and methi powder once a week since a month. i have no improvement rather my hair are falling. plz suggest me how shud i overcum this problem.
  270. Parmanu Says:
    Hello ma'am, Firstly, thank you for this site and your precious time for helping people. I, like many who visit this place, have a similar yet complex problem of my own. I was born fair but over the due course of my Schooling life my face and hands (only) got highly tanned.I tried several "solutions" but none worked.The tanning is of a higher order and a clear contrast can be seen between the complexion of my face and hands (elbow outwards) and that of the torso. My second query was regarding the facial hair.I have hair follicles growing over my cheeks.Could you please suggest something for the same? P.S: Ma'am I'm a vegetarian and thereby touching non-veg (including eggs) is out of question. Could you please oblige me with a remedy that does not demand the violation of the regulations of my religion. Regards, Parmanu.
  271. Shuba Says:
    I was fair before my marriage, and after my marriage my complexion became dull. please tell me some remedies to get back my fairness.
  272. priya Says:
    hi how to prevent hair fall my hair is dull and dry
  273. jay Says:
    i have an excellent tip for grey hair, first get ur hair coloured with which ever product that suits you, then start to apply henna regularly, it not only helps to cover the grey but you dont have to colour your hair for atleast 5-6 months and please apply oil before your apply henna if you have dry hair, better add oil to the henna and save money and hair by trying to colour it chemically!!
  274. manisha Says:
    awesome!! i will try it soon and share with all... thanks!!!
  275. omen Says:
    hello mam,i am 23 yrs.i have combination chin,hands,feet becomes black in winters. how can i ged rid of it?i have pimples .how can i take care of my skin? can i use raw milk as cleansing milk?which scrub can i use&how often?how can i make skin soft? can i follow same skin care routine in summers&winters?
  276. omen Says:
    i am 23 yrs.i have combination skin.i have pimples.which face wash can i use? how can i take care of my skin?
  277. Archana Says:
    Hi Mam, I have a shiny lusturous straight hair. I apply coconut oil twice a week leave it for an hour and wash my hair. The problem is about the density of my hair. My mom has lesser density hair, i carried on her genes. but i need to improve my hair density. Can you suggest any method to improve the density of my hair?
  278. nisha Says:
    my feet is dark than my complexion please help me
  279. neelam Says:
    hello mam,i hv oily skin wch gets pimples often,so what sud i do will face clean up help or should i go for facial of oily skin.....i hv shahnaz parlour near to my house in dubai.......i am 28 yrs old.and my hair is also oily i use seba daily wash shampoo,is it good.i hv consulted to a dermotologist here she said applying henna to hair will make it dry and i want to color or apply henna to my hair as it is turning grey,so i m confused what should i use haircolor or henna,pls suggest.thanking you.
  280. Shakila Says:
    I have very uneven skin tone and would like a fairer complexion - can you please help?
  281. ANILA Says:
    Hello mam, im a big fan of urs, love to use ur products and has given a results too. but mam past two months i have been exposed to sun a lot as that reason my skin has become dull dark and dry. mam please suggest me some good home remedies for dry and dull skin and also a remedie for sun burn. mam can i use lemon in those products as my skin is very dry.
  282. simran Says:
    hallo madam i am 16 year old. i m very short i m not even 5 foot.. and i m 10kg overweight too i m dark also i use your product shafair but it doesnt work please give me some suggesion pliz pliz maam.....
  283. Usha Says:
    Hello mam, Can i mix Shabase wwith Fairone cream or shabase with ShaFair cream? I Use fairone daily before i step out of my home and shasmooth in the night i use to apply and remove after 20 mins. Then i apply shaFair and leave it for fulnight. but not sure what i am doing is correct.
  284. sima Says:
    hello mam...... m 20 yrs old i want 2 loss my weight can plz tell me hw can i reduce it...
  285. harini Says:
    my skin is oily and i want my skin to be fairer.can i use Neem paste mixed with turmeric,Bengal gram flour and milk??and also i want to know about Vatika hair oil .will it make the hair thicker??please suggest..
  286. Meenu Says:
    hi Mam Im working in duabi, Now im suffering from dandruff much &hair loss & its not growing ,please advice my some tips & also give me wat fruits,vegetables can i include in my diet also
  287. vyshu Says:
    Is anyone can help me findinng some shahnaz products in & around chicago...if so plz mail me at
  288. lavanya Says:
    hello mam, i have severe pimples on my face and leaves a darkscar behind it. and also lots of visible open pores. how should i get rid of this...
  289. meera Says:
    my upper lip area is darker than the rest of my face. pls suggest a remedy. after threading, it becomes darker when new hair grows
  290. meera shah Says:
    my hair is falling out always in the summer. anyone oil does not suit in my hair in summer.
  291. thanuja Says:
    Hi mam. my face is oilly and hair is turning white. i have 37 yrs. Please give me suitable remedy
  292. rohini Says:
    hi mam.i am doing my engg...i used to have very thick and long hair...but now its reduced terribly due to excessive hair loss......i have no stress exactly..i need to know some home remidies to reduce hair loss.i am using parachute oil and the shampoo is head and shoulders.please recomend a remedy
  293. sana khan Says:
    asalamaliakum mam.i am 22y girl my skin is dry and some blackheads on my nose and some open porse on my cheeks i am using dove soap and at day aleo vera moisturizing cream is this ok mam please suggest me home remedy and which brand foundation,sunscreen should i use.thankyou............i am waiting for your reply.
  294. Jesse Says:
    Thanks for ur nice tip gauri .. i will try this because mine is ..Dry hair
  295. priya Says:
    hello mam, i dont like going to beauty parlours for facial as its time consuming and expensive, so can u suggest me which product of yours should i use for facial and how many times in a week should i use it? i have a broad forehead will application of shaoint helps to regrow hair?
  296. deepika Says:
    hi mam..i m 30y my skin is very dry..i never faced pimples problem but frm the last 3months im facing this problem..even my skin is gettin very dry..nd coz of pimples i cant use any nourishing cream..plz tell me suitable remedy...
  297. Ranjani Says:
    @rohini, i completed my engg this yr. Even i have had severe hairloss in the past three yrs. In my case hairfall wud be at its peak during sem exams (guess it wud be coz of the changing sleep patterns that we follow during internals & exams). I suggest u to take biotin supplements for atleast 3 to 6 months. It is a vital hair vitamin that cheks hairfall & promotes re growth of hair. Eat balanced & nutritiuos food as that plays an important role in mainaining our skin & hair. Even i am using Parachute therapy oil & head n shoulders. The magnitude of hairfall has reduced now.
  298. priya Says:
    hello madam! my face complexion s brighter than d rest of the body especially my back and half stomach is getting very darker day by day i dont know what has happened to it since 4yrs,,,i used bleach and waxed it but now i left it 1yr ago.. now i m getting marry so plz tel me any remedy to make my back and stomach more beautiful and brighter...i want the same tone of my body it becomes very uneven.... tnanks! plz reply
  299. pumi Says:
    Hi Maam, Where can I buy shahair in the uk? I am suffering from premature greying and I am only 28. I would like to color my hair with henna and if possible get rid of my greys permanently. Would appreciate your help. Thanks a lot.
  300. Vanessa Says:
    Hi mam, I am 40 yrs , the area around my eyes is dark & the skin is loose & wrinkled & very dry. can you help me solve this with some home remedies.
  301. CHARU Says:
    Helloooo... i m charu from delhi... my problem is my hair are falling badly.. i keep on searching things about the same on net... i m using olive oil with methi seeds.. i m using panteen hair fall defence shampoo+conditioner but no results earlier i was using sathretha shampoo... plz suggest me something otherwise very soon i ll definately go bald...
  302. Aesh Says:
    hi i m from malayshia..i came from karachi to after mariag..i m married and have 10months old son..n give motherfeed...i had so much pimples on my face before 3 years..and i also treatment from doctor...i dont have now that type of pimles or acne but some timea in a week 1 or 2 pimle come on face ..and that pimples was give me so much scares,blemishes,open pores and holes..i have fair complextion but now i dont have coz of pimples blemishes...i have so many probluem between me and my husband for the reason of me badlooking face.he dont want to go anywhere with me ..he feel hesitation..coz my face is so bad looking and rough skin.....plz suggest me for blemishes scares open pores and holes and soft skin clear fair skin plzzzzzzzz ..its for my life and my married lide ..coz may be my husband will go some other beautifull women.?? plz suggest me easy or homemade ...what can i doo....
  303. Twinkee Says:
    Hi, when I shifted to Mumbai..i had massive haor fall. I tried many things like shatone and applying egg in my hair. Massive hair fall has been controlled. And after using Shatone new hair has started coming....but the volume of my hair is still very less as compared to what I had before. Can you please suggest me what I can use to increase hair growth.
  304. ladee Says:
    mam iam 21 yrs old n my hairs are falling down day by day so how can i grow up my hair. my hair r curly and dry . nowdays iam facing the problem of dandruff. plz give me some suggestion.
  305. Prity tomar Says:
    Hi Mam i am Prity from bangalore. New in this page, i was earlier using heena only. but colour was not good. so after 2-3 year a started loreal coloring in parlour itself but i got itching, rashes, and more side efects. Now i am in dilemma what to do. i wnt to jnw can i moved again to heena. is it right or not. please let me knw soon.
  306. Patel Says:
    Hi mam, I have thinning hair in the front of my scalp. What can i do to regrow the hair? Thank you
  307. taskeenhayat Says:
    hi mam how u got long,strong and healthi hairs plz tell me tips that u are using i m waiting mam plz
  308. Arshi Says:
    I want to fair my color just as u so what would be I do....
  309. pavan Says:
    i have diffused hair loss from last 2-3 yrs. and my hair on fore head is complrtley loosing out. so, plz recommend a product that i must use. and give some tips that i can use in my home for getting a bunch of good hair
  310. naushin lailA Surovi Says:
    hi mam can i use henna after doing rebonding..??
  311. unknown Says:
    hello mam, i m 22 yrs and i m very conscious abt my feet. i ve got ugly,dry, dark and wrinled feet especially my complexion is wheatish but my feet and knees are very dark.can u plssssssssss suggest me any home remedy for it.its really affecting my social life.i become ultra conscious wen ppl look at my feet and loose confidence.pls help me out
  312. indu Says:
    hi mam....i have done laser treatement to remove fine hair on face but it induces the growth.what can i do now mam.pls help me is there any remedy?
  313. sudeshna Says:
    when i stay in home my hair become shiny smooth , but whenever i go out it becomes dull rough. what should i do to protect ? please help me out
  314. ipsita Says:
    shahnaazji, i am ipsita of age 23. i am having severe hairfall. as i used to reside in hostel and was doing my engineering, so my diet was not proper and sleep was not proper too. please suggest me how to control my hairfall. i am really tensed regarding this.
  315. evie Says:
    hi,i just wanna ask what is the best home remedy for removing black heads and black spot for my husband.what should i use to get his skin shine?thanks in advance
  316. Ashish Says:
    Patel, use milk with henna and ayurprash.
  317. trisha Says:
    hi mam, my skin is so sensitive i have acne problem also . this problem is increasing whenever i comes in contact with dust & sun . plz suggest me an effective remedy as my marriage will be in nov. & mam i have scars of pimple marks also so i want to get my plain & smooth . plz help me..................
  318. sunita Says:
    Hello Mam,I am 46yrs old and stay in Nigeria.I have been using yr products for quite some time.My concern is that my skin on neck and face has started loosening.......Pls suggest some remedies for this concern.thanks
  319. Hema Says:
    Hi mam, i was so fair but now i become so dark, my hands, neck & face become very dark. what i should to come back my colour & then my hair falling more sometimes & sometimes it stop falling.. please give remedy for my problem....................
  320. payal Says:
    hi mam what is beetroot i cannt understood pls tel me
  321. laavanya Says:
    hi mam.....i had a long hair it was thin.....2 months ago i had my haircut.but im not at all satisfied with my hair after 15 days only.....its not looking good now and no more i don want to trim my hair agian.......please mam suggest me some home made items/ intake that i can grow my hair again long and thick.....plzzzzzzzz mam im not at all comfortable to go outside also with my hair...........
  322. riya Says:
    mam i am your great fan. i use shatone everyday. mam i dont know whether to use arnica hair oil or shalock for my hair. i had a lot of hair which is falling nowadays.i want thick nouriched hair.
  323. sam Says:
    i received shahnaz hussain gold facial kit as a birthday gift.. will u plz tell me how to use it.. it consits of a scrub, moisture enhancer+gel n beautifying mask. could u plz tel me how to use it. should i get anything extra for it llike toner??
  324. swetha Says:
    Hi mam.... I use your products on a daily basis for my face...they are soo good.. I am having lots of problem vth my hair rite now..after coming to US due to climate change and due to dandruff i lost like 70% of my hair...i was feeling very depressed as i may get bald soon..please give me a solution to my problem.please tell me what should i do to regrow my hair again.i am only 25 years i have any chances of my hair coming back again...i have checked my thyroid levels..everything is fine...please suggest me mam...will wait for ur reply.thankyou mam
  325. Kusum Agarwal Says:
    Many sites on internet suggest that by adding indigo powder to henna powder, a dark brown colour for hair can be achieved. Is is true?
  326. shweta Says:
    mam i would like to know that from where i will find shalocks hair oil i have very thin hair
  327. shika Says:
    hi mam im 22ys old my hair was soooo thin im seeing my scalp plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz kindly help me out to get my hair thick plzzz help me mam im feeling damn shy to go outside........
  328. deepa Says:
    hi, hair is curly and it z becoming rough.iam having small pimples in my cheeks.hairfall is is becoming rough and it z sensitive.wat to do.
  329. eleshwari Says:
    hello mam , im 30 yrs old,im getting pimples due to heat in my body and i hav dry lips and i hav hair loss ........ so plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz............................
  330. Niharika Says:
    hello Mam,meri age 27 hai,meri skin bahut hi sensitive hai,mere face per pimple,dark spots aur mera rang dull pad gaya hai mera rang fair hai per pimples ke karan dull ho gaya hai plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz,mamplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me,aur me ye kah na chahti hu ki kya facial karane se mera face pahle jaisa ho jayega,kya facial karane se pimples thik ho jaate haiplz mam help me i m very upset to my skin problem
  331. meenu Says:
    hi mam...i hv a very sensitive skin n pimles problem skin looks so lifeless though i consulted a doctor before n my pimples are gone bt not their scar..plz suggest me some homeremedies
  332. salina sidddiqui Says:
    i m 35 years.i use mustured oil boild with row it harmful for my hair? I felt it prevent hair under eye puffy &rinkle spot face has broun til &black spot.i use sandal upton with yogurd& cucumber juice.i have constipetion.pls tell me easy home solutin for bright & glowing skin.
  333. ruckmani Says:
    1,hi mam, dis is ruckmani from chennai. im goi to b 20 yrs i have brest pain ad im very very slim due to dat i cnt manage dat pain ad my brest wants to grow,? i kindly request u to help me , 2. my lips are naturaly pink ad i want to mantain pink colour, what kind of company lipstick cn i use ad lips gloss too? ad tell me abt under eye dark circles ...... .
  334. Saritha Chilakamarri Says:
    Hi mam, i do know about your products, but have not used any of them. I am 32 and have been fighting with gray hair since I was 16. I am using herbal henna powder, colored my hair in a saloon, but, not happy. Now, my hair looks orange (not completely, though) and I would like to know from you the best way of applying henna without getting that orange look. Also, please let me know how can I order for your products online?
  335. farha Says:
    Hi mam i am farha whenever i get upperlips done with threading that portions get swelled i also apply ice and massages the area and also apply astringent although swelling get dissappear for the brief time but my face especially mouth area end up looking so bad and also my lips get affected too. ..plz tell another option or how i relieve myself from this swelling.
  336. sanju Says:
    Hi mam, i was using heena i year ago. At that time i was using heena. Then before my marriage i stopped using heena , and go for rebonding bcoz my hair was curley. Now i am facing lot of Hairfall. Can i use heena again. Plz help me. I am suffering from dandruff also.
  337. vidhya Says:
    as hema i also face the same problem what to do
  338. Moon Moon Khan Says:
    Hi mam , I am 28 years old married lady . I am having dry hair with dandruff . At present my hair is falling severely than before . Kindly suggest suggest me .......
  339. rooney Says:
    mam my hairs r gud but not much silky and my hairs are not growing faster and im loosing my hair so plz suggest me how to soften hair with home remedies like using henna etc
  340. ramu Says:
    mam what are the things to be added to henna when applying it to hair please reply me as soon as possible please
  341. juhi agrawal Says:
    i hav a clear skin but a bit wheatish complexion..i m very much fond of a fair complexion n i often get tanned badly.plz suggest me somethng to remove d tan frm mu hands and face..plz...
  342. Nidhi Jain Says:
    hi Mam, I am very big fan of you. I am 29 years old. I want to ask you about my premature grey hair is it possible to turn black from henna. Tell me the procedure of that. I have little curly hairs.
  343. azmii Says:
    hii skin is oily n face,hands become dark..wht product of urs would b better???
  344. alina Says:
    waana ask you mam how to grow my hair fast as they are not really good one :( and em using your fair one cream it really works thnx for that love :)
  345. meha Says:
    i want a best moisturing cream . and my skin is oily
  346. bhumika Says:
    hi mam,i m fair but i hv one prb,my under arm skin is so dark so wht cn i do? n i hv hormons prb so i hve prb of unwanted hair on body, nw a dys i hv prb of hairfall
  347. jayati Says:
    hello mam, i have natural curly hair but recently i am going through immence hair fall, my aunt suggested that i make a mixture of coconut oil boiled with hibiscus tulsi and curry leaves for hair regrowth, will it help? also i am planning to use henna+amla+methi+curd for my hair.......will these help in hair as well as hair regrowth.....please reply mam.....also i am due to get married next year....will i see results by then???
  348. neha Says:
    hello mam. i m frm delhi nd my age is hairs is silky, thin nd less volumeable but now a days it gets fall it does not grow at required rate. mam i m using coconut oil+vitamin e and clinic plus shampoo. pls suggest me my hairs accordingly oil nd shampoo. i want long and healthy hairs.pls help me out of this problem.
  349. priya Says:
    i m 25 years of old now my skin is not glowing can u suggest me any home made idae which can i do at home.And suggest me any good shampoo and conditioner for hairs.My lips are also black in colour as i m fair.
  350. ANJU Says:
    mam iam 21 yrs old. I had long and dense hair. but now my hairs are falling down day by day so how can i grow up my hair. my hair r curly and dry.they look lifeless. how to grow my hair? and also how to get shining hair? plz give me some home remedies. pls send your reply to
  351. shumi Says:
    hi mam ! u r one of my big inspiration ....... i was facing acne pblm 4m last 1yrs and also consult a dr 2 get rid of it and it works bt nw i had severals darks spot on my face which make me fell embarrassed plz recommend me sumthng 2 get rid of it and i also hv dark skin tone plz tell me sumthng 2 make my skin colour fair.............
  352. krithi Says:
    Hi am new to tis blog..i mam want to ask whether henna from henna plant in our home is good or the one which is availabel in shop is good
  353. menna Says:
    can i replace the "shalocks hair oil" with coconut oli because in egypt i dont think with have that kind of oil. and for the henna i dont want my hair to be so red. is there any thing to do to change that ? or it wont affect my hair that much ? i already did henna (only one time) in my hair about 3 months ago !
  354. vaishali Says:
    mam, i am 24 and wish for a fair and glowing skin.i have wheatish complexion and sometimes my skin looks so dull. I have combination skin(sensitive). also, my hair is curly and dry, how do i take care of them. i thought of going in for re-bonding, what do u suggest?