Almost all parts of the body have hair including the face. Hair on the face is particularly annoying to women. It may make them feel unfeminine, unattractive, cause stress and loss of confidence. It is normal for the face to have fine downy hair. When this hair growth is coarse and thick, the problems start. This excessive hair growth may be due to hereditary factors, hormonal imbalances or as a reaction to certain medicines.

Here are a few herbal treatments that can be done at home to remove hair and slow down re growth. These are effective if done regularly, say every week and require patience and pre testing. Test the mask on the back of the hand for example to check there is no adverse reaction before proceeding.

* Mix 30 grams of sugar with 10 ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice in 150 ml of water. Mix well and then apply it on the face in the direction of the hair growth. Leave it on for 15 minutes. Then rinse with cold water, rubbing the facial area gently. The granular sugar and lemon mixture will act as a gentle exfoliating agent and remove facial hair. The lemon juice will act as an astringent and natural anti septic. Repeat once every week to find an improvement.

* Another remedy that can help in reducing hair growth on the face and remove unwanted hair is easy to make and use every week. Squeeze 10 ml lemon juice into 40 ml honey and prepare a mixture. Take a cotton swab and rub this mixture in the direction of the hair growth. Rinse after 15 minutes. Repeat twice a week for 2 weeks and then use it every week to find an improvement in the facial hair condition.

* An easy to use facial mask to help remove unwanted hair is to squeeze 10 ml lemon juice into a cup of water (150ml). Add 30 grams of Gram flour into this mixture and mix thoroughly. Apply this yellow mixture on the face. Wait for 15 minutes and then scrub your face in the direction of the hair growth to remove unwanted hair.

* Prepare a thick mixture of haldi, besan and curd. Apply t on the skin and leave it to dry. Rub off the mixture gently from your skin and wash off with water.

Homemade wax :
Use two cups of sugar, one fourth cup of water and one fourth cup of lemon juice. Heat a pan and pour all the mentioned ingredients in it. Heat this over a low flame and keep stirring till it's melted. You will get a thick brown liquid which can be used once slightly cool. Before you start waxing check it on you finger for consistency as well as the temperature. Before applying this mixture with a butter knife, cool it by blowing air over it. Use a clean cloth or any waxing strip; pull it in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Once done, apply ice as well as astringent over the area to tighten the pores.
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  1. Shea Says:
    Hi, Thanks for the great article, I always had facial hair but now as I'm prenant it has increased. Can I use the peel off mask to reduce the facial hair? Thanks

  2. You can use Shapeel and also follow home remedies. You can regularly scrub with Shascrub and Sharose. Follow it up with Shapeel.
  3. mehj Says:
    that's a great article. thank you very much. A friend in the parlour I regularly visit says pearl facial helps in removing facial hair and asks me to try it. is it so? i hav a lot of facial hair so can i try it?
  4. vidhi Says:
    i am a 19 yrs old girl...i have lots of hair on my breasts and stomach..i get them waxed around once a that has lead to darkening of my skin..n blackheads and ingrowth of hair...should i gop in for permanent hair removal (laser) ?if yes, which laser treatment should i go in for ? my skin is fair..but my hair is dark black,hard and coarse....plz do reply....
  5. marium Says:
    hi i m just about 16 and i have hairs on my face not soo much but they dont look good to me .......m having hairs on my whole body so what should i do for my body and face plz do rep me fast..........
  6. sorbet Says:
    i have thick hair on my chin and sides of my lips, these are appearing now and repidly growing and getting more, me fed up of these 1st i started threading and now i use hot wax to remove these but within two days they appear again please tell me how can i remove these and stop and reduce, me so worried,my mum and sisz have no facial hair. are your products available in pakistan plz guide me how can i gt these and which product i should use? i hvae seen vanicqa cream on nternet to stop this problem but i did not use
  7. anita Says:
    maam i took laser treatment on my face n now m having thick hair all over my face??its very embarassin for me ..i thread it dere any permanen tmethod to get rid of it..plz reply back soon
  8. Nacy Chandran Says:
    i am a 26 yrs old girl...i have lots of hair on my breasts, back, thighs and stomach..should i gop in for permanent hair removal (laser) ?if yes, which laser treatment should i go in for ? my skin is fair..but my hair is dark black,hard and coarse....plz do reply.... OR do u suggest me to go with home made remedies which u prescribed?
  9. jyoti Says:
    i am 20 years old girl . i have unwanted hard hair on my chin .i am taking laser treatment .i have taken 3 sitting of laser. my doctor apply razer on third sitting is it safe
  10. aruna says Says:
    i have thick hair on my face and sids of my upper lips so 1st started threading i remove these hair but tell me anyhome made remedies give me
  11. idrees Says:
    hiii mam, i m a great fan of yours.mam .i m hairstylist ,i oftenly say my new customers to have a facial ,if i say them say me see your face first,my face is full of acne and black heads.pls rsspond me mam
  12. janat Says:
    i am 26 yrs old i have dry skin,and i have unwanted hairs on my face. plz advise me something for dry skin and unwanted hairs
  13. Renu Says:
    Mam, I want to know, is bleeching unwanted hair on chin by using market products (like FEM hair bleech etc.) increases hair growth???? Thank you
  14. Deepika Says:
    very good remidies............please provide more homely remdy for other problems as well.
  15. Deepika Says:
    what home remdy i use to remove black head on face?
  16. Minat Sarmah Says:
    Great to know such things that beauty comes from home itself thanks mam
  17. payal Says:
    am 20 years old girl . i have unwanted hard hair on my chin .what home remedy i should use to get rid of an unwanted hairs on my face and chin without use of ready made products (like bleech etc)??
  18. pinky Says:
    i have hair all over my body.i cant wax all the plz tell me a home made remide for my problem
  19. shefali Says:
    hi mam i always liked ur tips mam my body hair is very hard i usually get wax bt tere is no effect moreover body hair growth is very fast ..plz suggest some domestic methods for softening body hair n hair removal..thanx alot....
  20. B Singh Says:
    I am 30 years man. I have hair all my body including low part of chick and neck.Please tell me herbal Treatment. B Singh
  21. brinda Says:
    i have lot of prickly heat or pimple could not guess but it is on the back side, buttocks and and down the legs which makes my skin rough touch. I have visited skin specialist he has suggested me to use elovera body wash i am using it , but when it stopped it again the same thing appeared on my body is there any home made permanent solution to solve this problem
  22. pammi bihiya Says:
    mere gal pe pimple aur deep hole hai. kaise ese bhara ja sakta hai.
  23. sarah Says:
    hey i have hair on my cheast area and i dont know what to do to get rid of it please help me!!!!! thanks
  24. mary Says:
    hi im 18 years old and i get hiar on my tummy and cheast area i normaly wax my cheast area but it always grow back and i would get pimples so please help me to get rid of the hair thank you.
  25. merej Says:
    salaam, haldi means which use in kitchen and how much time its take to prevent
  26. Tanu Says:
    Hi mam, when i will get answer of my question pls write me fast awaiting of ur reply tanu
  27. kezan Says:
    How to stop excessive under arm sweating
  28. tahira Says:
    hi thank u so much 4 da great article..i wanted to know from all the above methods which one is the best to use.. thank you your reply would be appreciated
  29. ritu Says:
    i am 26 and i have some dark hairs in my breast and chin.....i thread it almost every day..i cant thread in my breast so i have to pluck it...the skin has become dark ...please help can i remove my breast hairs????
  30. hina Says:
    hi mam plz tell me how can i remove facial hair nd some pimples too i really need help tell me the best home remdie
  31. sana Says:
    hi im sana from lahore.i have a thick hair problem on my upper lips and chin can u please help me for this because i have used many things but no use can u please help me with home made going to marry next month can u please please please help me im very much worried abt this
  32. madhu Says:
    please i want to permanent home made waxing,remove whole face hair permanentaly.please send me ans.
  33. hemanth Says:
    i have a too hairs in my hands give a homemade medicine to reduce it?
  34. neha Says:
    hello, its a wonderful article.there is some small hair on my face so i wanted to knw which one is the best method to use.pls reply. thanks
  35. sumi Says:
    thanks mam. i have same problem give me a remedy
  36. arpita Says:
    mamplz tel me which is da best metod among all...i want 2 remove my facial hair...plz ans
  37. low self esteem Says:
    i m 16 and i have ALOT of facial hairs on my face i tryd tweezing but that just bruses and makes it worse...pliz help
  38. shreya Says:
    thnx a lot,,u hav really given an easier remedy to get of facial hair,bt i dont want my facial hair to grow back once i stop doing it.
  39. Swetha Priya Says:
    Its such a nice article. want some more tips
  40. assin Says:
    i have thick hair on my chin...which can not be removed by above mentioned treatment. pls suggest.
  41. Haneet Says:
    hi mami have hairs on my upper instead of waxing can u give me an appropriate suggestion...
  42. Haneet Says:
    hi mam iam 16 yrs old...i have hairs on my upper instead of waxing can u give me an appropriate suggestion...
  43. chimechi Says:
    i have thick hair on my chin and upperlip I read ur artickes. thank u can u pls mention me where i get ur products in trissur district ,kerala.also pls advise a remedy for one more thing.i have black colour on my neck ,under arm.pls ,thank u.
  44. SUSHAMA UK Says:
  45. pinky Says:
    My age is 25, and im going to get married within 2 months, i have following problems, i want the effective remedy to get rid of it. I have thick hairs on my upper lip, chin, underarms and pubic area..I use removing creams for upper lip and chin but within two days it grows again,, for the underarms and pubic part i use either the cream or razor to shave but the hair grows within a day, and my underarms and pubic part has become so darker basically im a very fair girl, having dark arms looking very ugly, Im worried im going to get married soon, and it should not affect my married life Will the epilators is helpful to remove hair from under arms and pubic part, how much time will it take take to regrow hair after using epilator...We can use epilator to remove upper lip and chin hair????
  46. kanika sharma Says:
    hi i have hair on my back.if waxed it leaves dark spots due to itching n i cant wax my back takes few weeks to remove the scars... so plz tell me something natural to remove back hair naturally thnks
  47. Parul Says:
    Hi, Can these home remedies be applied to 5 months old gurl? My daughter is just 5 months old and she has got a quite lot of hair on face n ears n arms. Any idea if all these remedies are not harsh on her skin?
  48. KATRINA Says:
    hi, thanks for the above tips. i ll surely try them . but what about hair on other parts of ur body? since i am fair, & my hair is dark, it is quite embarassing :(
  49. atiya Says:
    hai, i have dark black hair on my chin and doing electrolysis since six months but no improvement is seen, will it give satisfactory result if i continue for more six months? kindly give answer.

  50. You can have open pores after electrolysis, Which is the other problem of skin. Much of electrical gadgets should not be used on face.
  51. zaara Says:
    Slamalaikum! I am 20 year girl n i am fair in colour .when i was 18 i had no upperlips but i was stand infront of mirror n start removing with the scissor so,after that my hairs come out in v. bad shape.......and its look very tellme what i use now 2 look like b4 i was.......plzzzzzzzzzzzzz helpme
  52. aqsa Says:
    i m from pakistan i have a problem that after delievery my face skin is becoming dark day by day since i m wheatish so its very embarassing so please help me
  53. suzen Says:
    mam it is the best way to remove the hairs i really thankful to you!
  54. zaara Says:
    when i wa 18 i didnt hav upprlips but 1 year befoe i just try 2 remove it with scissor so now hairs come on my upperlips in v.bad shape i didnt do anything till now but it looks very ugly now becoz i am v.fair in colour............plz helpme what i do now iam 21 year old
  55. radha Says:
    hi mam thanks for the beautiful tips about unwanted hair on upper lip
  56. anu gupta Says:
    hi, i am from india my skin is suffering with dry white patches and my face skin is becoming dark day by day so please give me tip.

  57. Dear Anu, without seeing we can not suggest any product for your kind of skin. You can go to a dermatologist who will check your skin and then will give you proper treatment.
  58. sumee Says:
    i hv hairs in my upperlip i took many treatments for that but all are useless pls give me premenant solution for that

  59. Threading is the best solution, but its not permanent. If you do it every month, it will stop coming after a certain age and it does not have any side effect.
  60. sofia Says:
    thanks for the tips. but will it help to reduce the hair growth in my upper lips ?
  61. khatija Says:
    Hi,thanks for the tips.. I have excess growth of facial hair on my face and should i use the haldi,besan and curd mixture everyday??

  62. It will not harm your skin. Haldi, besan and curd mixture is good for skin. You may be having hormonal problem. Please, take suggestion from a dermatologist by showing your face personally.
  63. neha singhal Says:
    hi mam iam 16 yrs old...i have hairs on my upper lips and on my instead of waxing can u give me an appropriate suggestion...
  64. Priyanka Says:
    Hello mam, please tell me, i have a very hairy arms which is very embarassing fir me in my college. i am afraid of waxing because of pain. Is there any home made remedy for this. Nowadays im using pumice stone, besan on skin..... but i guess they are very slow in process. Spo is there any quich homemade trick to remove unwanted hairs on arms. Please help me?
  65. anjali Says:
    i have hair on upper lips what should i do to remove completely so that it will not come again.
  66. rolia Says:
    i have so many hairs in my arm pits which make me feel very shy firstly i was used to use razor to remove those hairs and now no wax works on my arm pits what shall i do i m so much worried
  67. mohd karim Says:
    Assalamalaikum mam. I have stronge hair on my hands & on my back part of body so what kind of therapy i can use for removing hair of my hands & back part of body. plz give any ane suggestion for after use the therapy does not growth hair again. THANKS
  68. maria Says:
    saalam mam i have few thick hairs on my chin n its start growing on my chicks also i m worried about it plz give me any effective remedy
  69. smita verma Says:
    hello madam Iam pregnant in 8th month of pregnanacy. Kindly let me know how i can improve my skin as my armpit neck region hands n face r getting darker?
  70. Maria Says:
    Hello mam, i am Maria, i have also a problemof facial hair which are increasing with the passage of time, i have no idea what to do with them ,need ur help.
  71. surbhi Says:
    hiiiiiiii mam i want to ask that my hand and face is darker than other body parts what can i do plz tell me some home made simple remedies which is really best plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz thankx mam
  72. ruffee Says:
    hi thanks for ur tips. im 22years girl,i dnt hav any hairs on face,bt i hav thick unwanted hairs on my breasts and its surroundings,stomach,under arm,also on 2legs below knee.pls tell me the home remedies to get permanent solution,whether the above tips are for face oly..may i use the same for my problem?otherwise pls tell me the correct home remedy pls im waiting 4 ur reply
  73. fouzia Says:
    hi i am 25 yrs old and in last 2 years i have hair growth on my chin its not to much but there is and not looking which method will e good for me please give me sjetion i am to woried about it. Thank You
  74. fouzia Says:
    i have hair growth on chin little amount only which method will b best for me i didnt remove hair untill now my all hormonal study is normal.please guid me how to reduce it with best method. Thanks
  75. navdeep Says:
    thanks for tips...ihave hairs on my facethen which treatment i use
  76. rakhi Says:
    hi shahanaz myself rakhi,25 years old i am from australia can you suggest me any soluyion for my dark chin hairs as i got them after having laser treatment . with regards
  77. Deepa Says:
    Hi Shehnaz Iam 24yrs old & im having facial hair since age of 19 so do the mixture of haldi, besan & curd will work cos i dnt wanna go for facial waxing..Please give me some suggestion
  78. saima Says:
    hi plz help me im 26 married with 3 children i have very thick hard black haie on my chin plz help me how to get rid of them hair on my chin gve me some hoe remedy tips plz thnkz
  79. saima Says:
    m 27 and i have thick black hard hair on my chin if i wax it the nxt day or two i could see hair coming out again and my chin gne dark and has marks it is obvios that i have hair ther pleses help me and give me some home remedies tips for to help to get rid of hair and the marks on the chien area where the hair grow thnks plz help me
  80. nitu Says:
    black spot on chin after threading hair any solution for it
  81. shefali Says:
    mam,the home made wax prescribed by u can be applied on the upper & lower lip.will the hair growth will be thick or normal?
  82. varsha Says:
    hi mam...i m 18 yrs old...i have lots of hair on my stomach and legs..nd they r so thick nd black..plzz help me..wat cn i do for permanent removal of hair...
  83. Riya Says:
    My age is 25, and im going to get marry after 3 months, I have thick hairs on my upper lip, chin, underarms and pubic area..I ususally do threading for lips and underarms but within a week it grows again. My underarms and pubic part has become so darker because of hair removal creams and wax. Having dark arms looks bad. I am wondering if it will affect my married life. Can you please reply me at earliest as i have to overcome these withing 3 months. If i use your above suggestions will it help for underarms and pubic areas? Will it help me to remove the dark skin from there?
  84. mahi Says:
    hi,could you suggest me tips... I have hair on my stomach can suggest please ........I got rid of it
  85. maiaika Says:
    i have many hairs on my chin, dseas is polyses ovray plz tell me any sulotion plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  86. rose Says:
    hi i am rose please help me i have some hair on my upperlips what can i do
  87. Naina Says:
    My skin has darken bcoz of usin veet cream wat shud I do??
  88. priyanka Says:
    hi ,i m from punjab.......i have excess growth of dark nd thick hairs on my face nd neck if its a hormonal problem nd dermatologist said i take a medicine then i ll take or not i mean this wil not create side effect upon me nd if he says i ll go for lazer then i ll should go or not because i very much trust upon u plzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply me soon
  89. RR Says:
    Hi Shahnaz, I tried your besan+yoghurt+turmeric mix on my face. I am not sure if this would remove hair but it most certainly has added a glow on my face with just using this mixture twice!!
  90. Dipika Says:
    I have lots of hair on my breast and stomch, and face ,plz plz plz plz give me some advise, am realy very upset
  91. dany Says:
    hello,i am a 15 year old boy and the hairs have grown all over my face and also on the other parts of the body they are getting darker plz help tell me some home remedie to clear them permenantly.,thanx
  92. dany Says:
    hello,i am a 15 year old boy and the hairs have grown all over my face and also on the other parts of the body they are getting darker plz help tell me some home remedie to clear them permenantly.,thanx
  93. Aysha Says:
    I have a great tip for reduc4ng hair grow if after wax we rub our skin with wet alum for some time themigt will reduce hairs.second if we apply masks of 2 table spoon of rose water and 1 tea spoon of alum on affected areas for 30min daily it wil also redu2c hairs
  94. summaya sultana Says:
    my name is jabeen asma i am suffering with hairs on my cheek i gone for laser treat ment for 8 months even though i ahave noticed the hairs on my cheek pls suggest any creams
  95. Deepa Says:
    I have dark hard hair on my chin area. I have taken 6 setting of laser. But now dark hard hair growing again. What should I do mam? Tall me some home remedy pls.
  96. neha Says:
    if there is a hormanal problem then what should do to remove hair on the chin and neck....can u suggest any medicine?
  97. Tamanna Says:
    Thanx for the artice.i wil definately go through dis..hope for the best result..may these measures work for me.
  98. sana Says:
    thank u
  99. swetty Says:
    I need to remove my hair on upper lips.... Its horrible pls give me a suitable tip for this
  100. bianca Says:
    hello mam, i am from india. my problem is that i have got hairs all over my body, besides that i am fair in complexion and the hairs are dark . please suggest a remedy to reduce hair growth. can repeated waxing lead to thinning of hair growth? please help!
  101. Priya Says:
    This is nice to read. i will make use of any tips and say you open feedback
  102. anj Says:
    i have facial hair on ma face is there any permanent way to stop the growth?????????? and have hair on ma thighs and stomach, waxing have made marks and ingrown hair. is there any way to stop the growth and the ingrowth????????????????
  103. Hi Says:
    Hi, My wife got unwanted hair on her chin which are not thin and those are big. what is the best way to remove them and also that those unwanted hairs should not come again in future please. Help me out.
  104. sadaf Says:
    Hi, I want to know how to reduce facial hair growth rather than removing it!! please help asap!!!
  105. t Says:
    hi my age is 13 i just want to make my complexion fair,my skin has become dull because of sunlight and population, or may be because of wrong diet plz suggest me,what should i apply.
  106. afreen Says:
    mam i m 12 years old and i have enough hair on my whole body.please give me some home remedies for reduce hair.
  107. anju Says:
    hi mam,am having hairs above my upperlip not on my face,,pls suggest me a soltion toget rid of it completely,plsssssssssss mam
  108. nazia Says:
    hiiie mam i am 30 yrs old nd suppose to get married i have harmones imbalance problem so i have thick hair on my chin and lil bit on my neck i need a permanent hair removal solution please help me
  109. Sarah Says:
    Hi , thanx for all these home remedies to help us girls to win this battle against these unwanted hairs .I have a very simple question , can you please tell me what do you mean by "haldi"and "curd". Thanks very much. All the best to you, S
  110. alisbha Says:
    mam i hav the hair growth on my upper lips in excess am of 17 yrs i cant do threading or waxing ,.,.,. pls suggest me a good remedy from home made one .,.,., as i can lose my hair within few months.,.,. waiting ffro ur reply faithfully thank you mam
  111. sumana Says:
    i like it ....really byusing this hair removing technique i can save my money.....thank u
  112. anupama Says:
    i have some un wanted hair on my face. i want to remove it permanently. what can i do for this?? please give me solution as soon as possible.......
  113. pooja Says:
    hi, i am 19 years old and is suffering from excessive hairs on sides of my cheeks and upper lips plz suggest me a remedy i will b very thankful to u
  114. shruthi Says:
    mam, i have hair in my upper lip...... can i use hair remover cream to remove hair?is it right way to use?
  115. rehana khan Says:
    thanks for tips
  116. sneha Says:
    hi mam i have lots of hair in my stomach.i wanted to remove it by natural tharepy plz help me out
  117. naaz ahmed Says:
    hi.thanks for the tips. i have a lot of hair on face an chin i want to remove it permanently what should i do for it ? plz help me
  118. piya Says:
    Hi i have hair on my upper lip and cheeks could you tell me any natural way to remove it
  119. mamatha Says:
    mam please tel for unwanted hair removal remedies
  120. kulsum khan Says:
    hi i have dark and hard hair on chin pls suggest me some home remedy i will be really greatfull to u
  121. nanthinii Says:
    hiiiii mam.... i hav hairs in my upperlips... i fel very bad... my age is 21... what is the best solution for upperlips... laser treatment or theading... i hav lots of confusion... ple tel any suggesion... help me ple...
  122. kehel Says:
    hae i am 18 years old when i remove hair from ma upper lips small pimples appear around ma upper lips...its a sought of allergy...what to do ?
  123. vijay Says:
    hi, i m 30 year old. I have lots of hair on my body please give me tips how it remove permanently
  124. s s Says:
    i have vary dark and strong hair in my lower legs which looks awkward. kindly suggest me some treatment. waxing is very painful and hair grows within month. pls suggest.......
  125. jhili Says:
    hi..iam 17 years old..iam having hairs on my upper lips..pls sugest me a safe homemade remendy to remove this realy embrass me..rply..
  126. isha Says:
    i am 16 years old. my hair are urly .they have very less growth. plz suggest what should i do to increase my hair growth. and also suggest what kind of hair style suits to curly hair having a round face.
  127. r Says:
    mam im having having hairs on my face the areas are on my upperlip and near chin also so pls suggest me some home made remides
  128. vijay luxmi Says:
    Hi, mam i have very thick and hard hair on my chin. i m very tensed what can i do? plz mam give me suggestion what can i do? in starting i do threading it not give good result. then i do wax in two days hair grows again it also not gives good result.plz mam tell me what can i do?
  129. smithy Says:
    can i use the above said pack on my body
  130. hansika Says:
    can i use sugar and lemon( per u r 1st tips) to remove the hair on my body
  131. jaswanthi Says:
    hello im very happy to hear of this methods but how far will it work can i get rid of my facial hairs
  132. priya anand Says:
    i have hair on my chin
  133. mithu Says:
    i have thich hair on my chick tell me about this
  134. saba Says:
    hi i have hair on my face and also dark circuls , if you help me . i really don`t know what can i do to remove all this .plz plz plz plz plz help meeeeee.thanksssssssssss
  135. surya Says:
    I have more hair on my face how can i remove pls send tips i i remove the unwanted hair by home wax will it come very sharply
  136. ankita Says:
    hi, i have hair on my breast, stomach and also at the back. please suggest me some home based remedy to remove my body hair.
  137. loveleen Says:
    hi i am 42 years old and i get rearly pimples around under and above my lips after threading. please help. thanks in advance.
  138. riya Says:
    facial hair and hair in arms and legs are genitical in our family.please suggest methods for its removal.
  139. Neha Maan Says:
    Hi, I have more hairs on my face and above the lips and on chin. So please give me suggestion how can i remove.