Hair Care

Ideals of beauty have always laid great importance on hair. Indeed the look of one's hair and the way it is worn makes a great deal of difference to one's appearance. Throughout the ages, thick, long lustrous hair has been considered one of the main beauty assets and this emphasis has not decreased with time. Yet, we see a great deal of hair damage caused by neglect and abuse. Both men and women are most concerned about their hair and the problems associated with it can cause anguish and despair. The condition of hair depends not only on the state of health of your body and mind, but also on regular external care, or the lack of it. An understanding of your own individual hair type and the products available can help you to set up a protective-routine that would help reverse any damage done and nurse the hair back to health.

Herbs for hair
Those who use chemical hair treatment and dyes, as well as styling procedures should realize that it is all the more important to give the hair regular treatments with natural products allowing the herbs to facilitate the removal of toxins and coat the hair shaft, strengthening and protecting the hair.
Among the plants ingredients that have been used in the treatment of hair problems are:

Amla - restores the acid-alkaline balance
Shikakai and Reetha - have powerful cleansing actions, but do not disturb the natural balances.
Mint - stimulating effect on the scalp, due to its action on the blood capillaries
Neem - Nature's antibiotic, used for centuries to cure skin and scalp disease
Brahmi - Soothes and relaxes nerves and very valuable in healing scalp infections
Following the ancient Ayurvedic system the above plants have been combined with extracts of Bael, Henna, Hibiscus, Jatmansi, Lemongrass and Bhringaraj to formulate a range of exceptional herbal hair treatments which have proven to be extremely successful in promoting hair growth and keeping the scalp in healthy condition.

Hair care routine
Hair type helps in deciding which products are needed and the methods of hair-care that should be followed.

Normal hair -
Hair is naturally lustrous and easy to manage. However, with factors like exposure to the sun, air pollutants, sprays and dyes, it is easy to upset the normal balance of the scalp. Normal hair will benefit from the use of a mild herbal shampoo such as SHAMLA which maintains the acid-alkaline balance of the scalp and is also known to check graying.

Dry hair -
Hair is difficult to manage and has the 'fly-away' look. The oil glands are not secreting enough natural oil, or the hair has suffered damage from chemical treatments and exposure to the elements. Dry hair looks dull and acquires split ends easily. SHAMLA, which contains amla, bael, brahmi, arnica and other herbal extracts is ideal for dry hair, used in combination with a conditioner such as SHARINSE, to add shine and body to the hair.

Oily hair -
The sebaceous glands are over-active and are producing excessive oil. Hair looks good after being shampooed, but becomes limp soon after. SHAHENNA, especially formulated for oily hair contains henna and other herbal extracts that help to restore the natural acid-alkaline balance of the scalp.

Mixed condition/combination hair -
This kind of hair has poor distribution of oil along the hair shaft. The scalp may be oily, but the hair is dry. There may be dandruff, with the scales clogging the pores of the scalp. SHAHENNA will suit this type of hair. After shampooing, use SHARINSE to ensure that the scalp remains balanced.
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Comments to Hair Care

  1. shameem Says:
    I am having silky straight hair but nowadays it became weak and tensed to fall down. I used to take oil bath and henna bath on alternative weeks. this problem iam facing on a sudden. Please let me know the complete solution for my hair fall.
  2. marium Says:
    my hairs were so silky nd straight but now they had become soo damaged and curved i m facing this problem since two years.....they also become so oily if i do not take bath one day.......please let me know that what should i do to get my hairs again silky nd straight......
  3. Ramandeep Says:
    Hi, I would like to know that I have acne prone skin and also I have dandruff. Can u please suggest me wat shud I do? As I have been suffering from dis problem for almost 8-9 years
  4. suraiya Says:
    Hi, I have some hair loss on the front line above the ear hair line has some patches i have been using different oil like kera veda and tonic but not much sucess my hair is falling please if u could help me to find a product for thr regrowth of the hair and stop falling.
  5. sorbet Says:
    hi, my hair are getting white rapidly. there texture is good they are silky and straight black in color. please tell me how i can stop pre mature greying of hair?
  6. Benedict Francis Says:
    I am badly looking for chemical free hair dye as i am having allergy to other kinds of dye in the market. I have tried looking for nature Henna dye and its so difficult to get. Can some one help where i can get the henna natural hair dye in kuala lumpur. I appreciate your help.( Thank You.
  7. puneetkaur Says:
    it is a question basicaly dat my hairs are getting bad day by day ie dry day by day,n so many splitends are also developing bt am not aware dat wat 2 do ,my age is 26yrs n my email id is,i will b very thank full 2 u if u solve my this problem.
  8. Mehnaz from Mauritius Says:
    Hello Madam :), Am Mehnaz, turning 22 in July from Mauritius. I would like to know where I can buy products here in Mauritius. Please advise me. Thank you :). I have dry hair and also suffer from hair loss. I take daily vitamins and Iron supplement. I would like to know how to stop the hair fall and how to promote regrowth of my hair and also how to treat dry hair. Also, 2 weeks ago, I notice the appearance of two fine lines under each of my eyes :(. Am just 22, is it normal? How can I prevent lines from forming? What are the causes? And also, how to make the fine lines go away? Please tell me a daily skin care regime suitable for my age. And what should I eat. I will much appreciate any further tips. :) I would like to have young, beautiful and glowing skin :) :) Thank you Madam :) Your blog contains lots of valuable information. Very helpful :)
  9. SNEHA Says:
    HI Mam, Some of My hair is curly in the backside and some small small hairs are standing.Pls give me a home remedy to make them straight
  10. pragya Says:
    hi mam! my hair is silky and it becomng very rough now..can i use shampoo everyday...bcoz when i m dong shampoo,after one day it becomes very oily...plz suggest mail i.d. is u....
  11. bhavya Says:
    hiii am 17 years old and my hair fall is at its peaks...the scalp is almost seen . doctor says its inherited from my parents . and that the pores r less... even without applying oil the hair becomes oily in 2 days . i have head bath twice a week wid sunsilk gold or yellow plus nizral sometimes. pls suggest how i can have good hair. my college will start in some june and am dam worried. i will be vry tankful to you if my hair is normal lik others. my thank you
  12. Sylvia Says:
    hi mam! my hair is very dry and like utensil scrubber towards the end. I wash my hair everyday is there any diet that i need to follow or any oil or shampoo would help me sort this problem... and rhe main issue is my hair never grows ,,i love long hair,,,pls suggest me a remedy i would be very thankful to you,,,
  13. neelima dodhy Says:
    mam i hav long curly hair datz dry,lifeless n falls away wid every brush of hair......wat shud i du 2 make my hair healthy n glowing?.....also.....i hav a round which hairstyle wud suit me if i straighten my hair?
  14. swati Says:
    hello..... mam i m very upset bcoz of my nails.they r very short nd i think they do not grow nd even i have a habit of biting nails .wat shud i do?
  15. Rachel Says:
    hello mam.....i am 17...i have shoulder length hair and its normal hair ......for the past two years i had dandruff problem ,i used anti-dandruff shampoo for six months and now i almost got rid of danduff,does that mean that i have to stop using anti-dandruff shampoo........but now am facing severe hair fall and hair breakage problem...i lose more than 100 strands every time i comb my hair ....i even have split ends....suggest me some home remedies.......mail me
  16. monika Says:
    hi.... mam how to reduce hair fall
  17. lavanya Says:
    mam, i had a thick hair. recently i started losing my hair very badly. i gets worse and my hair has become too thin . temme some home remedied and suggest few of your products too.... plsssssssss
  18. surbhi Says:
    mam! i am 17 yrs and i hav neck length hair but they are wavy but i want to straight .... pls suggest me any home remedies or whch can i get easily ... but my hairs so oily so u pls also suggest me how can i rid of my oily hairs .. pls help me..
  19. Kiran Says:
    Hi mam, i am proud of you because you are increasing the value of women in India and all over world. Mam i am suffering from hair falling for 2 years and now i am using your products as below:- Shamla Shalocks Shatone Also i am unable to understand the procedure for uses. Could you tell me how can i use above products properly so that i can prevent my hairs from falling. please help me and send your suggestion on Thanks & Kind regards, Kiran
  20. san Says:
    hello,i am 23 yrs old and belong to west bengal.i have started getting grey hair and it has started falling a lot.though i have silky and shiny hair but they are very brittle and thin.pls suggest good remedies to have thick and black hair.i use shahnaz henna once in a month.can anything be done to control greying of hair and have a proper regime to maintain healthy hair.pls help mam....
  21. fari Says:
    hello man i am 20 years old,born and brought up in dubai mam from the past two years i have started losing hair,i had real thick and long hair,ive tried many things nothing works and now 15 days back,i have cut my long hair..plz
  22. ruchita parmar Says:
    hello , i m 22 yrs old ,i m using shagrow and shalock for my dull,thin ,hair loss problem .but i m nt getting good hairs are normal and straight.what should i do to get volumonious hairs?
  23. Anjali Says:
    Hello, I have been an ardent fan of you. I am 35 yrs, mother of two. My concern is my extensive hair loss over the past year. I would love to get some suggestion from you. If there are any home remedies it would help me a lot. Thank you in advance and also thank you for being such a huge motivator for women all over the world. God bless you. Regards, Anjali
  24. sukanya Says:
    hello, i am 25 yrs old. i am using sunsilk black shampoo for past 5 yrs and using the sunsilk hair fall solution conditioner for 2 yrs. still i have hair loss problem. what is the remedy for the growth of long and volumonious hair. what type of oil and shampoo shall i use. presently i am using coconut +kesavardhni oil together. pls, give remedy for my problem. My e_mail id is or Thanking You, regards, sukanya
  25. pooja from orissa Says:
    hello mam i m very thankful to get urs suggestion bt i wan to share sum problems wid u mam.mam my hair is so thik bt now a days it is so rough and looks very dull so hw can make my hait more soft & sillky.i m using dove shampoo so, is it d right one 4 my hair .mam u can send urs answers 2 my e -mail id.which is like this
  26. Donna Says:
    Hi Mam. my daughter aged 10 years has long straight hair which has grown below her bottom but suffers severe hair fall and breakage. Her hair is very dry. I have started using egg mixed with curd on her hair one hour before washing off with simpsons egg shampoo. Please advise any other effective measures to stop her hair fall. presently i am using dabur vatika coconut oil. please mail me at regards donna
  27. parveen Says:
    hello mam, i am having a sensitive skin, if i go for colouring the white hair i am getting rashes and swelling. so can u please give me a remedy(herbal solution) to make my hair black. My email id is Thanking You, parveen
  28. Nazima Says:
    Hello mam, I am having a combination hair where my hairs tangles up and recently i had gone for protein treatment in a beauty parlour after which most of the hairs have turned grey,but they said its not because of the protein treatment, please advcie what shampoo and oil should be used
  29. Renuka Says:
    hi, i am 28 yrs old. i m using dove hair fall solution shampoo & conditioner for last 10 months.but, still i have hair loss problem. what is the remedy for the regrowth and long, volumonious hair. pls help me and sugest me, what type of oil and shampoo shall i use. pls help me and send your suggestion on my email id. my e_mail id is Thanking You, regards,Renuka
  30. halima shariff Says:
    hi iam 30 yrs old iam staying in gulf from 5yrs .since ihad good hair after coming here i lost my hair its become vry thin vry much worried plz give me a sugestion hw to get a good hair plz what is the remedy for the regrowth and long volumonious hair plz i am wating for ur reply i will be vry thank full to u my e_mail id is thanking you .halima
  31. Afshan Says:
    i have straight silky hair,but for some years i ahve hair fall and dranruf problem.i have used all types of method for the same but without any effect.kindly advise.thanks.
  32. Supriya Says:
    Hi, I had straight and silky hair..nor my hair becoming dull. hair fall also increased. I am getting white hair, can i stop prematured greying of my hair please mail me at
  33. bani Says:
    heyy i hav got very wavy hairs...i want to make dem straight thrugh home remedies...
  34. joyeeta Says:
    hi i have hair fall n dandruff frm last few months , i am useing dove hair fall shampoo n head n soldar bt still now there is no result , i hav long hair i want a permanent remedy frm hairfall n dandruff . i want hair regrowth so plz inform me some remedy in my mail address
  35. shivani thareja Says:
    my hairs were so silky nd straight but now they had become soo damaged and curved i m facing this problem ..... .......please let me know that what should i do..........nd my hair is not healthynd growth of hairs are vry poor nd weak........pls pls..... help me.pls
  36. ela Says:
    Respected madam, I am Ela. I am 25 years old.I require a suggestion from you.Kindly answer my question.I suffered from severe hair loss when i was in hostel because of not taking balanced diet.I tried many hair treatment methods from many skin specialists.But those treatments were useless.I tried one of your product Shanaz arnica hair oil and arnica shampoo.My hair is lustrous and soft after using your product.New hair have started growing.Thank u so much for providing such a valuable product.But some areas of my scalp are not still covered with new hair.Can u suggest some product of yours for growing hair in those scalp area.If there is any such product can i use it along with arnica oil and shampoo.Please suggest me some non oily products as i cannot go to office with oily hair.Kindly tell me the way to use the product.I have started using shanaz products for both my skin and hair.Thanks for providing great products.Thanks a ton for going through my message patiently.
  37. adila Says:
    i had thick hair before,then my hair started to fall cos of i have so thin hair..but nw i don have much hair is not healthy and also oily..and nw new hair growth also very poor..what i can do for thick hair..pls pls gve me a solution....iam vry vry serious.
  38. swathi Says:
    hi mam, am suffering from hair loss and my hair is vry thin. am worried very much for this.. please suggest me an idea for this.. i want my hair to grow... i have grey hairs too...
  39. Sashi Says:
    I am getting myself treated for hair loss and applying Mintop10% solution for hair regrowth.... also using Scalpe shampoo for hair rinse. Please advise if Divya Kesh Tail would help for hair growth or is there any other oil that promotes hair regrowth
  40. bisma Says:
    hi mam, i am 21 yrs old i have wavy hairs i want to my hair straight . bcz of this i am in complex. day by day my hairs more frizzy and also hair fall problem plz mam i am waiting ur rply thanks
  41. kairavi chalisgaonkar Says:
    hello mam meri age 29 hai child nai hai abhi mere hair mixed combination ke hai aapka SHAGROW shampoo use kar rahi hu per hair fall ki problem ja hi nai rahi hai dandruff bhi bahut hai hair me. main coconut oil use karti hai aur 3 din me baal dhoti hu.please help me.
  42. puja verma Says:
    hello i am puja verma...i stay in singapore....i had beautiful long hair...but after delivery i had sudden hair loss and it continued for 2 my hair is very thin can i get back my hair and can u suggest me that does the humid climate here affect the hair loss......if yes then wat hair treatment routine i shld follow... thanks puja

  43. Dear Puja, After delivery there is loss of many things in a lady's body. You could have taken proper diet and extra care for your hair. Now you get a clinical treatment done HENNA SCALP TREATMENT, which is done in sittings in parlor.
  44. Mumtas Ashique Says:
    Hi Mam, I am 24 year old and I have curly hair .I have never tried to straighten them using chemicals but i use ironer.I have hair till shoulder level .Can you suggest ways to take care of curly hair naturally with out straightening them.Also what type of haircut would be suitable for my curly hair.
  45. shalu from Punjab Says:
    my age is 19 years. i have a dry hair but my skin is hair reduces day by hair has become so short. hair started white. please suggest me for long and thick hair.home made fall problem last 2 or 3 years. i have lost 50% hair.

  46. You have to apply SHATONE(A good herbal tonic) on your scalp with the help of cotton. Steam your hair with hot wet towel for 10 minutes. Repeat this thrice in a week. Apply henna paste mixed in tea liqueur and methi dana. Apply for more than two hours. That can darken the color of your hair. Use it weekly.
  47. Deepika Says:
    hello mam i am 20 yrs,i hav hairfall problem last 5yrs,i hav loss almost 50% hair my hair type is dry n damage.......n dandruff problem also,the water is iron water here........ i dont want to braid my hai.................i often use oil....... plzzzz help me mam.i want my hair back...................thank u and regards deepika.........
  48. seemi Says:
    dear mam, i want black hair and plz tell me the tirck to grow my hair long quickely
  49. uma chatterjee Says:
    I had the problem of hair fall.but after using shatone,my hairfall has stopped completely.
  50. sandeepumrao Says:
    my hear fall so i want u sujest me hear fall tharipy product ,and want long hear .
  51. girish Says:
    hi mam, my mom is facing heavy hair loss and her hair is getting thin so mam can u plz suggest any product of yours she had started using hair treatment powder can u plz suggest shampoo and conditioner or some home remedy its urgent ....
  52. girish Says:
    hi mam my mom, is facing hair loss and her hair is got thin since last 3 years her age is 42 mam can u please suggest which shampoo n conditioner she should as well some home remedy my email id is girish.dembla waiting for reply asap
  53. neha shaw Says:
    hello mam,since 2 years i m using all ur products from cleansers to heena nd everything.i m always beniffitd by ur products nd so i trust u.thankyou bt mam these days i m suffering a lot wid hairbreakage.i have loose 50% of my has becum too dull.pls help me out with ur suggestions
  54. meenakshi Says:
    hi mam i have heard a lot about ur product n always get a positive result so i would like to buy ur product . if possible can i get an address in mauritius where i can buy this products.
  55. sana Says:
    how to take hot steam on hair ??? can i take hot steam with the help of facial sauna steam
  56. Veena Says:
    Do you have a recipe for home made conditioner? My hair is dry, have dandruff & turning white off late. I am tired of using products available in the market. I want to give a shot on homemade conditoner. Please let me know. BTW I am using Arnica shampoo from past couple of months.
  57. Sheena Says:
  58. Poornima Says:
    hi mam, i am 16yrs old. my hair is weak since 4yrs and i am experiencing hair fall, i am not knowing how to over come this problem. i will be very kind to you if you give me suggestions. email
  59. Falsan Says:
    Hi, I am 36 year old and had my second child 1.5 years back. In the last 3 months, I have started getting many grey hairs in the front and side of the scalp. I am very much worried and concerned that with this rate all my hairs will turn grey in few years. I am also having a lot of hair loss. Is their any cure and remedy for this that you can suggest? should I take some tablets or apply some product that will restore my black hairs back? I will be highly grateful for your advice. I am a big fan of your products and advice. Many thanks. My email address is
  60. SHIRINE Says:
  61. MANN SHARMA Says:
  62. AMINA KHATUN Says:
    Hi mam.i am 25 yrs hair type is very dry,damadge and hair is not managable and looks very unhealthy.n so many splitends r there.I use fortyfing shampoo,conditioner and serum of Matrix.also i take hair spa once a month.can i use shatone?i have slide dandruf problem also.pls guide me.
  63. anju sharma Says:
    hi mam,i m from bahrain from last two yr my hair is falling n also start greying i m 36 yr old n mother of 2. my hair is dry n dandruff is also there.there is lots of gap in my hair n looks like ganjafrom sides. please suggest some treatment..i mvery worried. 5 yr before i have very long hair but quality of hair was very poor. now i have only palm size help.thanx for ur valuable advice in email
  64. Ashish Says:
    hi madam, I am 27 yrs old and from last 1 yr my hair is falling as they are on my pillow and on the floor while washing hair with shampoo as they are many hair that are falling even while combing hair. Please let me know if there is any treatment for preventing hair loss as soon as possible as i am very frustrated. I have tried various remedies for hair loss prevention by every thing went wain. So, please let me know with 100% hair gain treatment which will regrow the lost hair. I will be very kind of you. Email @ Thanks and Regards, Ashish.
  65. MAANI Says:
    hay mam i am 28 yrs . i have hair fall problem last 2 or 3 years . i have loss almost 50 % hair . my hair type is dry and damadge . hair fall is my family problem (but my brother hase strong and beautiful hair) . pls pls pls guide me hair gain treatment and prevention . Thanks and Regards maani HAFIZUMERFARAZ@YAHOO.COM
  66. keerti Says:
    hi mam i want to grow my hair long fast it doesnt grow after i had done pressing
  67. Akansha Says:
    hi mam i am 18 yrs. i have oily hairs...Hair looks good after being shampooed, but becomes limp soon plz tell me any home remedy for this.......thanks .email:-
  68. bhawna Says:
    i m 26 years old and my hair are becoming white.tell me what i do
  69. saaniya Says:
    Hi Shahnaz! I am 34 yrs female & I have started growing a lot of gray hair, specially after a hair color at a stupid place. I am using henna every month to cover them up. Initially I was using a teaspoon coffee powder in the henna paste but I noticed more graying so I stopped using coffee powder with henna. I live in the U.S & desperately looking for help!! I did check your products online & came across your, " hair touch up". Does that contain any chemicals ? Pl. let me know coz I dont want more graying. I never used any of your products so, I dont have any idea. Also, I have nasal allergies & sinus problem, because of which I cannot use any hair color with chemicals. Can you please suggest something?
  70. prashita Says:
    Hi Mam, my mother and i both are suffering from severe hairfall can u please suggest good products for both of us we are really fed up of the hairfall increasing daily plase mam do suggest something at
  71. puneet Says:
    Hi mam!my name is puneet nd my age is 26. i have a dry hair but my skin is oily.After delivery my hair reduces day by hair has become so short. hair started white. please suggest me for long and thick hair and anyhome made fall problem from last 1 year. i have lost 50% hair. my hairs are very unhealthy.plz plz suggest me the best shampoo nd conditioner.. plz tellme wat can i do for getting long nd thick hairs?
  72. Maya Says:
    i just want to knw whether it is good to straighten hair permanently. as i am 22 yrs old so isit good to do is there any side effects
  73. rippal Says:
    hi,mam pl.tell me how to growth to hair
  74. krupali Says:
    hi, i am 18yrs of age.i would lke 2 mke my hairs straight,it is curly....n plz sujest me an shampoo wch is animal free n good 1 2 mke my hair straight + mke my hairfall less + an oil 2 use...hw 2 comb hair.....plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ii hope u wuld email is
  75. Bhanupree Kaur Says:
    I have got very thin hair. I got my hair rebonding done two years back,and my hair accquires lot of split ends and very dry and damaged too. I cant even trim my hair(Sikh religion) My hair looks better only when I iron them which is not good. Please help me in some way. Details: Name: Bhanupreet kaur Email Address:
  76. rimmy Says:
    hi mam.....i m 31 year old i have very thin hairs......and too oily ...i have to wash daily my hairs to go outside,can u give any idea.when i will be very kind of you.and my email please give me advise soon
  77. Suma Says:
    Hello Madam, I am 27 yrs old. And I have the serious problem of gray Hair. All these yrs (last 3 yrs) I have been using henna....but that is not much beneficial as the hair turns orange or reddish in color. I had no other option than to switch over to a hair color. I have applied it twice in a span of two months...I am not happy with the results...I kindly request you to suggest me a solution for this. Warm Regards, Suma
  78. suma Says:
    Hello Madam, I am 27 yrs old and am having the gray hair problem.its almost 50% graying. For 3 yrs I was using Henna. It started turning Orange and reddish brown in colour. I had stopped to apply henna for some time as I was pregnant. But I gave thought to switch on to some hair color. But that has not given gud results. the Gray hairs can still be seen. I humbly request you to suggest me your product to cover my gray hair n stop losing the hair in great amount. I sincerely wait for your advice. My email ID is Thanks and regards, Suma
  79. anji Says:
    Hi Mam, I am 58 years old woman and loosing lot of hair on the head. My mom had a lot of hair even at the age of 80. can you suggest some herbal treatment please.
  80. neethu Says:
    how to take care of my hair from hard water
  81. mahi Says:
    heloo mam....i am 18years old i hav lesser hair on my can i overcome this problem and hav a thik and long hair growth.
  82. Ankit Says:
    hi mam, i m 21 yrs old from last 1 yr my hairs are falling as i had consulted many doctors they says they cant do anything. as the problem of baldness is genetic,please tell me the remedy or treatment to stop aur slow down the hair fall. please help me thanks.
  83. afrin Says:
    my hair is dry and rough.i have totally damaged hair plz suggest me something to make my hair silky and shiny.
  84. Puja Says:
    Hi, my baby is 9 months old and my hair started falling out when he turned 3 months, and since then i have lost lot of hair. Please suggest some herbal treatment. Should i try Shahnaz Husain Hair Health Capsule or some herbal treatment. My hair type is oily and also i have dandruff problem. Please help!!!!!!! Email
  85. Archna Says:
    hay mam i am 28 yrs . i have hair fall problem last 2 or 3 years . i have loss almost 50 % hair . my hair type is dry and damadge . pls pls pls guide me hair gain treatment and prevention . Thanks and Regards archna.
  86. Anita Says:
    hi mam, i am 27 years old. my hair is dry.and my haircut is stepcut. and i want to one day straight is sutaible for me.after straight hair my hair is falls or not please guide me...urgnet. thanks
  87. priya Says:
    hello, i am priya i am stay in Delhi in 2yrs i am yours big fan mam ihad beautiful long hair but after delivery ihad suddn hair loss and it continuted for now my hair is very thin can usuggest guide me any treatment myE mail priyapandey ji i am wating yours reply
  88. tutun goswami Says:
    Hi Mam i am suffering from dry hair for the last few years and my hair is also getting damaged with lots of split ends please suggest what to do
  89. sakina husein Says:
    hi mam i am 34 yrs. i have done hair rebonding last yr . i have lost almost 50% hair my hair is falling also start greying .my hair is dry n dandruff is also there there is lots of gap in my hair.3 yr before i have long hair but quality of hair was very poor. now i have only palm size hair...
  90. pinky Says:
    My age is 26.How do I understand whether my hair is normal or dry?After using shampoo it gets difficult to comb.What do i do?Please suggest a home made treatment
  91. sana Says:
    hi mam!!!I m using heena but it makes my hair dry.can suggest something?
  92. SATINDE Says:
  93. prerna Says:
    i am 21 years old .i have dandruff problem which causes hairfall...plz suggest something
  94. yasmin Says:
    asak,mam recently i read ur book and it inspired me a lot .mam i want to join u.please give me chance to work in ur prestigious beauty salon.ah
  95. Christy Says:
    hi maam. I am 22 and my hairline is getting worst the hair is thin and im very embarassed is their anythi.g I can use to grow hair bck and make it thickr
  96. Rutika Says:
    Hello mam, I am 23 yrs old girl and my hair have become dry, brittle, rough, and lifeless from past 2 yrs after rebonding please suggest me some treatment for my hair. Thank you
  97. tejal Says:
  98. sonai paul Says:
    hi mam i have long wavy hair i want to make them more silky shiny and coloured in natural way so u please suggest me what shall i do for it and mam my complexition is fair but i want to make it more glossy so please suggest me i am 20 years old from kolkata
  99. Priyanka Says:
    Hi Mam Iam 25 Years Old. I Have Hair Fall Problem........From Last 2-3Years. I Have Lost Almost 70% Hair.Plz Plz Plz Help Me In This Regard. Plz Tell Me Some Tips.
  100. jasmin Says:
    my hair is become white what is the best way to make it natural black without any medicine or dye
  101. prabu Says:
    hi madam, I am 3o Yrs. There are white hairs including beard.can u suggest me a home remedy for that.
  102. trisha Says:
    hai mam i am 21 yrs old girl, i have lost most of my hair i have this problem for last 5 years before this i have long n thick hair. please help me too get back my lost hair...........
  103. Candice Says:
    I have hair fall problem..I found that my hair was became thinner and to get rid of that?I have a neck length hair now..I had strong hair since I was young..but now the problem is became serious..I am worrying now..Can suggest me a treatment for cure this problem???pretty please..thank
    hellow madam.... i am 31 yrs old... i always use your product. but please give me some instruction for hair and face pack..
  105. pooja hegde Says:
    hi mam. I stay in prob i hv stretch marks on my legs,arms. i m loosing my hair`tel me sum tips to gt rid of stretch marks & hair fall1 witing for ur reply
  106. Monica gupta Says:
    Mam i want the name of some oil which longs my hair. Please suggest me some oil names which are easily available at market... To make my hair long.
  107. naina Says:
    hello,mam i have problem that i have rough hair and my hair its not proper wavey pls recommend me homeremedies.........
  108. richa Says:
    hello mam ths is richa here im myslf a ayurvedic doctor bt still i wang some good products frm ur side fr hair loss nd regaining it plzzz.....
  109. fabi Says:
    i have loss my hairs plsssssssss tel me some thing :(
  110. Neha Says:
    Do you have your outlet in Bahrain ?
  111. anju Says:
    i had long,dense,beautiful hair a few years ago. but i have lost 75% of my hair.i have tried everything. i dont know what else to do. pls help me mam. can i get my hair back?
  112. shafna Says:
    hi mam was having silky straight hair.but now a days my hair started loosing,it became dry and dandruff is also there.recently i saw 2-3 grey hair there any home remedy for this?mam cud u pls suggest a good shampoo n conditioner..
  113. parul shukla Says:
    hi mam,l Am 27year old .My problem is my hair is very thin, oily and not growth also .so pls suggest
  114. Pavithra Says:
    Hi, i have dry hair... and i have split ends... let me know wat to do for that mam.....
  115. sabina Says:
    hello mam,my hair is thin,dry and rough...and also split end problem...plz mam help me...