Shahnaz Husain's Dressing Table

Over the years I have heard innumerable women ask me what I use on my skin. 'Shahnaz, I am going to come and pick up the jars on your table', they say. The secret of beauty is best revealed at my beauty treasure place - my dressing table - with the six foot long mirror, a beige border and exposed lights - and an equally long table with a chair facing it. It houses my make up and magic potions. My skin care routine is very thorough. In the morning, I apply a fine layer of Shadew which creates a barrier between the heavily chlorinated bath water, followed by the highly refined exfoliating scrubs from my Gold or Diamond ranges. Once in a while I use the classic granular Shagrain with a splash of Sharose. The cleansing over, its now time for my most important beauty routine - the moisturizer , which I change according to the weather. My favourites are the Diamond Rehydrant and the White Pearl which I feel clear the occasional sallowness and mild tanning - often the result of my wide travels and skin exposure to the environment. Then there is Shamoist or White Water Lily which I use often. Finally a quick dab of sun block and my morning skin work-out is over! The make up on my table is well organized, The lipsticks are all colour coded and my personal favourites from my product range are stacked to a side along with all my new products that are used personally by me before they go onto the shelves - and only after I have assured myself that they have met my exacting standards. The mascaras, liners and foundations are all in distinct sections of the table - and what I do with them will be revealed in another post - Make-up Magic - when I take you through the rest of my dressing table!
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  1. Preeti Says:
    Hi Vag.......sorry I have no clue if honey+shalife is good for oily skin or not. My skin is normal and it's working well for me (my skin is so glowy now that everyone is asking me if i have got a facial or skin treatment done or I am pregnant:).....but try searching on internet if honey is good for your skin type or not (put honey on face or honey home remedy keywords)....i think honey should be ok for all skin type as it protects from wrinkles as well.

  2. Hi preeti,honey suits mostly dry and normal skin .It can also cause rash to sensitive or oily skin. You are lucky to have a glowing skin. Shalife is the a deeply nourishing cream . Am glad its working for you.
  3. olya Says:
    Hi. I use next mask for face. Mix 1 spoon of honey and 1 spoon of turmeric. Apply on face and keep during 20-30 mnts. Still i always wash my face by rose water. I never use cosmetic scrabs. Regular i massage my face with help of soft loofah with soap or i can use simply coffee.

  4. Hi olya,It,s fine if your mask is suiting you. You could use a soap free substitute if your skin is dry since most soaps tends to have a dehydrating effect.
  5. Nidha Says:
    hi, any one have the remedy for my daughter's problem..she is 7 yrs old and she have lot of hair on her face and back...her colour is little dark but these hair make them more darker.i dont want to use any artificial products at this age of her...pleaseee if any one have the remedy for it ..share it.thanks.

  6. Hi I am glad to hear that Shalife is showing such amazing a natural glow to. Nidha your daughter is very young so make sure she does not get a complex about her facial hair, so avoid discussing it infront of her. You are right not to use any artificial products at her age.I can suggest a mild and traditional scrub for your seven year old daughter. Make a mixture of wheat flour, oatmeal and besan with a little haldi . Mix with oil and milk,apply it on her skin and rub lightly.Use it everyday before giving her a bath.This will in time reduce the hair growth.
  7. anshuashwini Says:
    thanx, for sharing your beauty secrets with us.I am 29 years old and taking galvenic facial in one of your franchise parlour from 13teen month and also using white water lily,shalife,sharose,mari gold,pink lotous,morning glory which is prescribed by the beautycian from long time but it is not very much helpful i want some natural glow on my face.How can i get that glow please suggest

  8. For maximum benefit go in for either a gold or a diamond facial, the White Pearl also is very effective but your salon therapist will need to see your skin and decide.Add a diamond scrub to your routine in the morning,,White Pearl cream as a moisturizer. AT night use the 24 Carat Gold gel and follow that with the diamond norishing cream in place of Shalife.I am sure you will find these products extremely effective.SH
  9. Preeti Says:
    use honey.....sorry you asked Shahnaz but thought I will share my secret.....use 1 hour before going to bed....put honey on your face and leave for about 30 minutes...wash it off with water and then massage with shalife for 5 minutes......i try to do it almost every day i see bright skin and natural glow on my face:)
  10. Vagl Says:
    Does honey and shalife suit oily skin. I am being treated by dermatologists for acne problems. My skin tanns so badly and looks dull often. Would this honey+shalife be a remedy? I also get the veg peel off treatment (monthly) at a sha.Hus. clinic. Please advise.

  11. No Shalife is not for oily skins.If your skin is oily use Shagrain with Sharose as a morning scrub.Wash your face with Shazema. Use Shablock,which is an SPF sunblock.If you don’t get pimples you can use White Pearl moisturizer and whitening cream. Use Shaclove on your face in a thin layer and wash off when dry.
  12. Huma Says:
    i have hair on my face and lots of acne scars. any remedy to remove hair naturally and lighten the acne scars? my hair has fallen 80%,any home remedy to stop hairfall and for my hair to grow long and thick?Please advice!

  13. There is no solution to completely removing facial hair naturally and the mildest methos is threading, but a traditional paste of 3 tablespoons of ground rice (Must be wet for two hours and then ground leaving it slightly coarse with a spoon of turmeric powder , two almonds ground 6 drops of lime juice.Mixed in a paste of Butter milk and scrubbed on the hair as well as the scars will help both your problems. The scars would lighten and the hair will become less as exfoliating on the roots regularly will weaken the growth. For your hair please visit a doctor to make sure that there are no enternal causes. Hair loss can be triggered due to high fevers, pregnanacy, hormonal disbalances and crash dieting. Use warm hair oil ( Shalocks ) , use a hot towel to cover your scalp to ensure complete absorbtion.Once a week Use Henna ( Shahair ) eggs and curd enough to make a paste and apply it to your hair. Also try changing your shampoo. Have a good multivitamin and have a glass of low fat milk, Channas ( rich in Vitamin B and a balanced diet.
  14. Smile Says:
    my face is oily skin and want to become good and beauty please advice me.

  15. Fairly simple problem. Use a good medicated wash( Shazema) as oily skins sometimes develop acne.Follow it up with a scrubthrice a week. ( Shagrain with Sharose) Keep your skin protected with a layer of sunblock and Shabase.Apply a little Shaglow as a dail moisturizer For a home remedy you use a scrub of oatmeal and skimmed milk as a srub. Thrice a week use a pack of one egg white a few drops of lemon and mint juice.
  16. payal Says:
    my face is oily and my chin and two sides of nose are burnt. what should i do to look bright? and which mask will you recommend for my skin type?

  17. It seems you have been exposing your skin to the sun which can be very harmful for your skin.You need to follow a good routine of care.Use a gentle soap because you need to first heal the skin around your nose. Apply a layer of Shaderm and Shaclove on your skin once a day on the burnt area and wash off in 20 minutes.Use Shabase on your face as a cover before you leave the house. You should also be on a good sunblock. For a home remedy use patatoe slices and rub it onto the effected area. Use a little Fresh Cream ( Malai ) mixed with a tablespoon of honey on the effected area. Once your burn is cured we can put you onto a program for oily skins.
  18. Aanu Says:
    there is eye bags under my eyes. any remedy to remove it naturely.

  19. Make sure you are not over straining your eyes or keeping too many late nights. Slice cold cucumber into round pieces and put it over the eyes. Also Potato slices kept over the eye area helps to lighten and calm the skin around the eyes. Take the slices after you have kept them over the eyes and in small gentle circles go over the effected area with them. If you can find our latest product White Pearl Under eye Dual treatment it would help you a great deal as well.
  20. Shakrit Says:
    hi.... i am 37yrs nd live in chennai, have combination skin. i was told that oily skin people should not go for massage, is it true. If i can pls suggest what cream i should use and how frequently can i get massage done in a parlour. will fruit facial be better.

  21. Essentially oily skins which are prone to acne and out burst should not have a massage. But at 37 you need to seriousely start working on a good age control programe and make it a part of your routine. Use Shadew as your face wash. Apply a moisturizer ( Shaglow or White Pearl) Before you step out use a sunblock ( Shablock or Shabase ) AT night cleanse your skin with Shacleanse and then use a little 24 carat Gold gel. Don’t worry about your skin being oily unless you have eruptions. Concentrate on an anti ageing plan. For a facial I feel a White Pearl facial would be good for you. Fruit facials are also very good but basically your therapist will be able to see your skin and judge that.
  22. Hally Says:
    Coucou, I am from France, my big problem is dark circles, I've used all sort of expensive creams but no result till now and I've the impression that those treatments make them worse. I'll try natural treatments like almond oil or potato and cucumber juice only and hope to share with you the results.

  23. Make two muslin pouches. Fill these with this mixture, first whipped together in a cup. One tablespoon of fresh double Cream ( Malai ) grated cucumber and potato and a few ground almonds. Refrigate the mixture, fill the muslin bags with it when nice and cold. Now lie down with these bags filled with some of the best from nature. Once you are through you can take out the mixture and rub it in as well before washing it off.
  24. Suaad Says:
    hi,i am 33 yrs old i not usually but after 3 or 4 month went to parlor and have facial.i have got oily skin too over the years and after 2 children my skin still oilye but not that a days i am facing too much pimples on my face.what is the reason about it.also i want to tell that i have open pores too.i dont take cleansing every time.but i noticed when i stopped feeding my child i feel from that time i am suffering these pimples..please let me know about it and a cure to remove them and the stains after pimples

  25. Hi, As you have stopped feeding your child, there are some changes of your hormones causing pimple. Clean your face with a good medicated face wash twice a day. Splash cold water to tone and keep face oil free several times a day.Make a face pack of sandalwood powder , Gram flour ,a pinch of clove powder , a pinch of cinnamon and mixed in with egg white.Apply it on face and leave it for drying , wash it. You can use this pack twice a week Alternately you could use Shaclear , Shazema as a face wash and Shablem, Sharose and Shagrain on your markswith cotton on the pimples after cleaning the face every day .
  26. Bhar Says:
    hi,i am 24 on my face there ti tiny pimple which pruct i use

  27. It seems you have a mild condition of acne. Wash your face with a nice medicated face wash. Keep your skin clean and avoid using make up in the day. You could use a thin layer of Shabase. Once a day use a thin layer of Shaclove. Leace it on to dry and wipe off with a moist cotton wool.Use Shaclear on acne.
  28. Pdsar Says:
    Dear Madam, I am one of your great fan from North east. I was very fair & glowy skin. First it was get dull and darker after coming Kolkata. Now it's get more darker & very dull after settled in Chennai. For sun protection I am using shah bas with shah glow. My hand and backe side got totally dark. Plz give me suggestion. I am 38 yrs. old

  29. Firstly thanks for being my fan, I value that. You are definitely getting effected by the sun as Chennai has very strong rays. Apply an SPF sunblock Shablock will give you maximum protection.Use White Pearl fairness cream once a day and in the morning use the diamond scrub which is very effective for brightening the skin. Use a weekly face pack of Peel of apricot mask or white pearl mask.
  30. Preeti Says:
    I have no clue if honey+shalife is good for oily skin or not. My skin is normal and it's working well for me (my skin is so glowy now that everyone is asking me if i have got a facial or skin treatment done or I am pregnant:).....but try searching on internet if honey is good for your skin type or not (put honey on face or honey home remedy keywords)....i think honey should be ok for all skin type as it protects from wrinkles as well.

  31. Hi preeti,honey suits mostly dry and normal skin .it can also cause rash to sensitive or oily skin. You are lucky to have a glowing skin. Shalife is a very rich and deeply nourishing cream and you need not mix anything in it.However if you do find it good for you it may be a good idea to continue. Wonder if you have tried the 24 Carat Gold Gel and Diamond Nourishing cream. The results from these are very good too.
  32. mimshu Says:
    Dear princess, Remember me from Indonesia,we met at the launch of your products in Jakarta.It is hard to find your products here,is Ms Chairunisa still you r representative in jakarta.I love your products especially the kajal or eyeliner.

  33. Hi mimshu, we'll make sure that you get the products required in Jakarta very soon.
  34. Ushabeauty Says:
    hi,i am 24 years skin is normal skin.. iam having dark circle and also dark around my mouth..can i put honey+shalife on face daily.. also i have one doubt, if honey is applied directly on face will it turn eyebrow or eyelashes to white color.. Please sugget me a solution..

  35. Shalife is meant to be used as a daily night cream. Honey can also be used everyday if it suits you.No it will not turn any facial hair white. For your dark circles pick up our newest product the White Pearl dual action under eye cream. It is very effective.Alternately make a paste of cucumber and potato pulp put it on a gauze and place it on your eyes. You may need someones help in doing that.For the dark areas. Please do use a good sunblock. Use a paste of butter milk and almond paste with a few drops of lemon to lighten the skin.
  36. pdasr Says:
    honey never makes your eyebrow or eyelashes go ahead
  37. annann Says:
    i am having oilly and sensitive skin with facial hair,pimples,scars,pits ect..pls madam suggest remedies from ur product range and pls describe daily care.thank u.

  38. The daily care for your skin is this : Use shazema antiseptic face wash in the morning.Shagrain mixed in sharose can be applied for facial scrub,apply it and rub into scars pits and blackheads , avoiding pimples.. For Acne and Pimples apply shaclear after cleaning the face with cotton, twice a day. Shaclove applied thrice a week in a thin layer and washed off , Your diet should be oil free,drink lots of water.
  39. Preeti Says:
    ushabeauty....i use shaweed on my eyes for dark circle and it's working for me.
  40. Preeti Says:
    Hi Pdasr....reg. grey hair vs honey, is this a prevention or you meant that honey won't do any bad to your eyebrows and lashes?
  41. Mano Says:
    hi dear mam i want to ask u about my complicated skin tell me some beauty treatment thanks

  42. Follow a good daily routine of cleansing and nourishing.Mix ground wet rice with cold milk and use as a scrub. Apply a good light moisturizer and a sunblock. At night cleanse your skin well and apply a nourishing cream. Once a week make a pack with half an egg one table spoon honey and grated coconut and a little besan.Apply this and wash off when dry.
  43. Pdasr Says:
    Hi Preeti...I had given reply to ushabeuty's for her queries ...she is in doubt,honey can make her eyebrow or eyelashes white......I use direct and my both are still black
  44. Preeti Says: u PDASR :) honey won't do any bad to your facial hair, thanks!
  45. Sadi Says:
    i am hairstylist and esthetician in canada . i would like to ask some products about whitening your face
  46. Darshini Says:
    My name is Darshini. I am Short Build having round face and wavy hair. I have a Combination type of skin and prone to pimples. kindly suggest me the measures to have a clean face.

  47. Darshini, your skin is a mixture of oily and dry both. Apply a sunscreen before going out in sun. for oily and pimple prone skin add a little lemon juice to grated cucumber and apply daily on face, wash off after 20 minutes this reduces oil and lightens the skin.Use oatmeal with milk as a face wash , avoiding pimples.
  48. Ann Says:
    hi mam ,i am having all type of skin problems.i.e.facial hair,pimples,pimple marks,pits and itching. i am having an oilly and sensitive skin. i am allergic to termeric,lemon and almost can i get rid of these problems.please prescibe remedies.i am in great depression.i will be much grateful to you.thank you.

  49. Hi Ann, do,nt get depressed, because oily skin does have such problems. First of all you apply an oilfree sunscreen before going out in sun.Clean your face with rose water twice a day. Stop using any makeup on face.use Shazema antiseptic facewash.For the acne marks apply Shaclear with cotton after cllleaning face. Take oilfree diet fresh fruits green vegetables and drink lots of water.
  50. Nasreena Says:
    How can you improve on your skin to add more glow to it?

  51. Make a paste of turmeric andsandalwood ,apply it before taking bath everyday.Do some yogic exercises and have balanced diet.
  52. Kamal Says:
    hi mam actually i am fair but since last two years my back neck side is some dark paches some black so i never big neck dress use becuase this problem so plz. what i do give the suggetion earlier

  53. Hi Kamal, Use a scrub made of rice powder with curd, apply leave forsemidry dry wash after rubbing it. Apply shadew and massage,remove it after twenty minutes. Repeat this almost thrice a week.
  54. Payal Says:
    I just want to know is there any harmfull effect of apply bleach on skin(specially face)?

  55. Bleach has strong chemicals which gives whitening effect but is very harmful. Regular use of bleach can cause blemishes and open pores on face.
  56. Viji Says:
    How can we prevent and reduce the fine wrinkles around the eyes.

  57. The skin around the eyes is very thin compared to the other parts so it tends to have wrinkles fast.Use almond based cream around the eyes and massage lightly with your ring finger in circular motion.Clean it after 10 mins and use chilled cucumber juice cotton pads on the eyes for 10 mins repeat this procedure every day.
  58. Anjali Says:
    Do really wrinkle removing, facelift,antiageing creams work.
  59. Preeti Says:
    Hi Beenish, Have you delivered the baby or not? I can share my experience with you..... Well the formula is, sleep + good food + good products = good skin. After baby atleast first 6 months you are too busy figuring out your new routine and ofcourse you don't get enough rest too. I know it's difficult but give your self some time and try to put your complexion on second priority.Once your baby lets you sleep for atleast 5- 6 hours continuously, you will see noticeable changes in your skin. In the meantime keep looking after your skin the way you were doing before your pregnancy and don't rush for new things as i doubt if they will do any good to your skin. If you had good complexion before pregnancy that you will regain once everything is settle.
  60. Maliga Says:
    What is the best way to remove white heads/blackheads? Any special remedy, tried various scrubs removal, controlled diet...

  61. Your skin seems to be very oily which invites lot of dirt on the pores and thus the blackheads and whiteheads occur. Rub gently with pears soap and table salt like scrub this will help in removing whiteheads and blackheads rinse off after rubbing this scrub in circular motion.
  62. Beenish Says:
    hi shahnaz ji i want to ask that which product should i use to lighten my skin complexion as my skin has gone really dark in my pregnancy.. m woried will i get my complexion back? plz suggest me wat to do ill be grateful to u ..n i wud like u to answer the queries on this site only so that everyone can get their answers to their problems easliy. waiting for ur immediate response thanks bye

  63. Hi Beenish ,you can try this pack-mix dry orange peel powder with rose water,apply smoothly all over the face and neck and leave it to dry.Wash off with lots of water and see your complection will glow.
  64. Pooja Says:
    hello mam,i am big fan of you.i want to know that how can i improve my complexation without using any market product?

  65. Hello Pooja, try this home remedy-make a paste of sandalwood and rose water apply it everyday before taking bath. This will improve your complexion by using it everyday.
  66. Chandrima Says:
    I have immense faith on you. I am Chandrima Banerjee. I recently got caught in gas fire and got burnt (12%). I was hospitalised for 18 days. the incident took place on 10th of feb ie 2 months back. my skin (the parts which had deep burns)-upper part of my body has got thickened. I am still under medications

  67. Dear Chandrima I will suggest you to finish your medical treatment first.After your treatment completes we will suggest something accordingly.
  68. Shashi Says:
    Hello Madam Shanaz. i must say thanks to your email.God bless you are famous and a great queen of beauty. I would like you to help me get a great skin.I have pigments and brown spots. Please help me to get a better skin I do use your products. Thankyou hope to hear from you soon shashi

  69. Hi Shashi,thanks for your wishes.For your pigmentation and brown spots apply Shablem on the pigmented spots after cleaning the face,leave it overnight.You can also try wild rose on your pigmentation. Don’t expect results overnight please keep applying it for some time to get required results.
  70. Pooja Says:
    I've long hair, but with lots of split ends, no matter what i do..they still remain the same.Please suggest.

  71. Remove your split ends by trimming your hair.Hair should be trimmed every four to six weeks.Use oil therapy twice a week for conditioning your hair.
  72. Meeta Says:
    i have pigment on the face and haven't been able to do anything about it even after spending a fortune on it. to me there is actually no cure for the pigment(melasma) yet( sorry to be so negative but that's how i feel). if anybody knows a magic cure or any ideas it would help!

  73. Whenever you go out in the sun don’t forget to apply sunscreen according to your skin type.Try this pack –mix almond powder,one teaspoon husk,one teaspoon soyabean powder with honey ,egg and multani mitti.Apply it all over the face and wash off when it dries.You may have hormonal imbalance so please consult with doctor.
  74. surbhi Says:
    pl let me know what to use for face and hand pigmentation

  75. In summer always use sunscreen all over the exposed area while going out of the house.Use multani mitti,almond powder,choker with honey and milk mixture all over the pigmented area.Wash-off when it dries.
  76. Sheetal Says:
    Der Ma'am, Gud Morning to You!! My skin type is normal and want to glow my skin.
  77. Preeti Says:
    I have heard that whatever products or treatments you use on your skin, after a while your skin gets use to it and then those products are not effective. Is it true? Any suggestions?

  78. Preeti let me assure you that these rumors are not true and Shahnaz Herbal Products are pure herbal products acclaimed throughout the world and give results that are known worldwide by people using them. I would suggest you to go ahead and try our herbal range.
  79. syed Says:
    hi iam havin dark circles.i tried somany products but no use can u plz help me out.

  80. Hello,use Shasmooth which is an almond based cream on your eyes give light massage with your fingers for 5 mins clean it with cotton and use Sheweed gel on your eyes for 10 minsThis method when followed every alternate day will definitely help to remove your dark circles.
  81. sharada Says:
    My daughter is 22yrs. She is Software Engineer. Somehow she came to know about VLCC Full Body hair removing treatment. Investment huge amount she did it. Now because of that only she got to her cheeks lot of pimples. Wl it go? Kindly advise me.

  82. There might have been a side effect or hormonal imbalance due to the treatment done at VLCC.You can however tell her to apply an oil free sunscreen before going out for her pimples add lemon juice to grated cucumber and apply daily on face,washing off after 20 mins.This treatment will help to remove her pimples.
  83. Balvinder Says:
    Hi mam I have an oily skin and I use shatex as face pack is it good for my skin and please let me know about fairness. My face skin is very dull I need fairness and beautiful skin.

  84. Hi Balvinder,if Shatex is suiting well and good.Try Shaclove pack also which is good for your type of skin.For fair complexion use paste of sandalwood and rose water everyday before bath.It will give you glowing skin.
  85. remya Says:
    I have pimple scars on my face. I have been to a skin specialist he had suggested to me to do glycolic peel. Please let me know is it an effective treatment and does it has any side effects. Is there is any natural treatment for pimple scars

  86. Glycolic peel is along term treatment and a costly affair and it is not sure if it will suit you.Try vegetable peeling sittings in one of our parlour.It will definitely give good results to your skin.
  87. Nidah Says:
    hello madam ..i have a quiery abt my daughter..she is 7 yrs od she had lot of hair on her back and also on her fore husband is telling me to do bleach on her..but i dont want to...i have lot of faith in home remedies...i was giving her alternate scrub with besan and milk..but their r no great changes....please advice on this...thankyou

  88. Hi Nidha, I can suggest the traditional scrub for your seven year old daughter. Make a mixture of wheat flour haldi little oil and milk,apply it on her skin and rub lightly.Use it everyday before givinbath. Please do not use bleach as it has lot of harmful chemicals including carcinogenic chemicals.So I would strictly prohibit you from using bleach on your 7 year old daughter.
  89. NIDAH Says:

  90. Hello Nidah, do not use Shalife everyday if you are getting pimples.Yes honey does not suit all skin types so you might be getting pimples.Try galvanic facial instead of oxygen facial next time.Your routine care for skin is cleansing, toning and day sun protective cream. Try using Shaclove and Shaderm to remove your oily skin condition. Use Shaclear on the pimples twice a day.As a home remedy you could try a face pack of egg white with Gram flour , and a few drops of lemon. For the pimples you could apply a paste made out of neem leaves and a little cinnamon powder.
  91. sonu Says:
    Hi Shahnaz. I am 32 with with normal skin. Please share with me some night skin routines to get good glow. Recently I have got gold facial done but afterwards I have noticed that my skin became very dry and flaky (around lips). So far I have been using the diamond, gold facial, sharose, shacleanse, shayouth, shalife. shaweed and shasmooth for eyes and noted "NO" skin reaction except the dryness after gold facial. Recently I have bought the vegetable peel. Can I use it as a scrub? Should I stop the gold facial? Please tell me the best daily routine to get fresh and glowy skin. Thanks.

  92. Hi Sonu,its very surprising that your skin has become dry after gold facial. Is it a franchise that you are going to.Please do not use vegetable peeling if your skin has become dry. Otherwise you are using some of our best products. I can only add here that for a day moisturizer you shoud use the White Pearl cream. This gives the skin an even tone and glow.At night Clean your face with Shacleanse apply Shalife and give your skin a massage for 10 mins and remove it with moist cotton.This routine can make your skin radiant. Our just released White Pearl dual action under eye cream is another product I would suggest you could try.
  93. Khusbu Says:
    Hi Sahnaz Actually i smoke and due to this perhaps my lips are getting darker and darker , which looks odd on m,y too fair skin. Is there any aurvedic medicine or any treatments offered by ur clinic so that i can get rid of this problem?

  94. Hi Khusbu stop smoking or try and reduce it because it may make your lips darker over time and make your skin dry too. You could try using a ciggrette filter.You will have to use a good herbal lip balm in the day time and apply Shasmooth at night. A little olive oil with Almond paste applied on your lips works as a good conditioner too.
  95. Chathu Says:
    Dear madam, I have a dark complextion, can u tell me a way to make is fair, Thanks
  96. Rajani Says:
    hi madam, my face become very tone................Iam doing swim.......that's why.........what I should do for remove my toning.Thanks

  97. Hi Rjani the water in the swimming pool has lot of chemical that makes your skin dark and tanned added to .Try this home remedy-mix rice powder with Gram flour , add this with fresh malai and a tea spoon of lime juice and apply all over the tanned area rub gently on the skin with circular motion leave it on skin for 5 mins and wash it off.Do not apply on acne or pimples.Make a pulp of ripe papaya and cucumber.Add a few drops of lemon juice to it and apply daily on your face wash it after some time. Rmemeber to use sunblock on your face and body before swimming and reapply it if you are in the pool for too long.
  98. sangita Says:
    i have oily skin and started getting a few pimple face.please tell me what i will do?

  99. If it’s such a mild case simply keep your skin very clean. Wash with a good natural wash. Shazema used regularly will keep your skin free of oil. Apply Shaclove on the affected area, and Shaclear on the pimples. You could also a use a home made face wash made by boiling neem leaves and wiping the skin with it followed by a good splash of cold water. Make a face pack with egg white with a few drops of lemon juice. This will reduce the oiliness a great deal. You should also use a scrub made from raw oat meal with a little chilled water. Scrub it very lightly avoiding the area where you have pimples. Avoid deep fried foods in your diet, sugar and carbonated drinks.
  100. suvadra Says:
    hello mam ,i am 34, my hair is oily , and falling alarmingly. some parts of my scalp nearly bald ,sticky type of dandruffs are there. using shatone regularly but no results are there , please advice .

  101. Suvadra I really feel you should see a specialist. What you are describing needs proper medical attention. A proper Shahnaz Herbal franchise clinic could also handle the situation if it is at a certain level.
  102. barkha singh Says:
    hi,mam,i am 37 years old women, my skin is normal. my skin easily gets tan, iwant to use shabase, but i dont know how.also i want night skin care, my skin is neither fair nor black. waiting for your reply.

  103. Hi Barkha, Use White Pearl Naturally Whitening Moisturizer every day. Shabase needs to be used before you step out of the house on top of your moisturizer. At night clean your face and apply a thin layer of 24 Carat Gold age control gel .After half an hour use your night cream : Shalife,by massaging . Use Pearl dual Action Under eye Cream and Serum.
  104. Avani Says:
    Hello Shahnaz gi, i am 27 yrs old , writing to u frm London and i have grey hair, how do i take care of my grey hair. also i have a dull complexion, how do i get a glow on my face .

  105. Hello Avani, you will have to use Shahair with egg make a paste apply it on your roots with the hair brush. keep it for more than three hours then wash it. Keep applying it every week, and the required colour will come. Make a pack of sandalwood powder orange peel powder and mix with rose water for a glowing skin.
  106. surbhi saxena Says:

  107. Hi surbhi, Split ends are a sign of low nourishment for the hair. Warm oil applied from roots to ends and a hot towel wrapped on the head will help. Apply just a dab of hair oil on the ends of your hair every day. It may make you feel a bit greasy but will help. As a last rinse use tea leaves (strained) with a little lemon juice to give your hair a nice sheen . Wrap your hair when it is half dry by parting it and taking locks of it round your head , from one side to the other and clipping it. Sort of twirling it around your head. It is difficult in the beginning but once you master this art it will keep your hair straight till the next wash without using too much heat. You can use a dryer lightly once you have created the turban of hair. Cut your hair every 4-8 weeks to remove your split ends. Use cucumber and potato juice pad in your eyes. For glowing skin you can use haldi chandan paste on your face everyday before bath.
  108. Nidah Says:
    Hi shehnaz mam.. i would like to know as a night cream can i use diamond i have combination skin..oily and normal...and thanks for the suggestion ..u gave me for my daughter and me..

  109. Hi Nidah, diamond nourishing cream can give extra glow to your skin. Give a massage after cleaning your face at night and wipe it with cotton after 15 mins. You can use diamond pack weekly for extra glow.
  110. Sonu Says:
    Thank you so much Shahnaz for your advice!! I will buy the pearl moisturizer and under eye cream and I am already doing the shacleanse/ shalife routine and that for sure is very very effective!! Please suggest some mask or any home remedy to get rid of dry flaky skin which i got after gold facial. So far after the facial I have done the 1)mashed papaya mask, 2)avocado+eggyoke +honey and 3)honey + extra virgin olive oil. So far the 3rd mask helped a bit but I still have dry flaky patches on my face (around lip area). Thanks so much once again for your valuable time and advice, much much appreciated!!

  111. Mix husk ,honey ,milk and haldi into a paste and apply everyday before bath. Always use a good moisturizer (like honey rehydrant lotion) on your skin so that your skin does not become dry. Use cool water, avoid hot water at all times as this will further dry your skin. I suggest you try the Diamond rehydrant moisturizer which is extremely effective on dryness. Let me know how you feel.
  112. surbhi Says:
    hi iam 16 yrs old girl... I HAVE NECK LEGHTH HAIR AND LOTS OF SPLITS ENDS and my hair are wavy but i like to be straight but widout using machine tell me a home remedy

  113. Oil your hair twice a week before shampooing with a good herbal oil and keep trimming your hair every 2 months. You can use henna paste or multani mitti paste with a brush on your hair at least once a week for 2-3 months.
  114. nivi Says:
    Hi mam,Iam 14yrs old and have acne on my face mainly on cheeks,chin and some on my forehead from nearly 2yrs. i don't want to use artificial products.i tried few homopaethic treatments but they didn't work.also my skin around my nose is oily which irritates me a lot.pls tell me some effective home remedies for me help.................

  115. The hormonal changes at your age cause changes in the body and acne is one of those. A good cleansing and care plan will prevent more acne as you grow older. Wash your face several times a day with cold water. Use a pack of egg white, with besan, with a few drop of lemon, leave on till dry and wash off. This will remove excess oiliness and prevent acne. Since you are very young I have given you the minimum. If it grows get back for more advice on this. Have you got dandruff ? The pattern of acne that you are explaining is sometimes associated with dandruff. In that case let me know so we can try and handle that.
  116. padme Says:
    hi mam,this is padma from bangalore,im 26 yrs old ,my skin is wheatish,I wanted my skin to be glowing and clear,and I hve some black spots in my face and some small pimples,how to avoid these..i wanted to become fair and glowing,please suggest me your products and where to buy your products, thnks

  117. Hi Padme, Keep your face clean and exfoliate it regularly. Take a handful of rice and grind it coarsely, mix a little gram flour, mix a little fat free milk and rub it into the skin in gently movements. Wash off. Avoid the pimples while scrubbing. Use a paste of one cinnamon and a one ground clove, add this to a spoon of egg white. Apply this to pimples only, wait till it dries and wash off. Use Shaclove once a day. If you can get this product it will help your pimples a great deal . Everyday after cleaning your face at night apply Shaclear lotion with cotton on the acne,. Keep using it regularly. Shablem would help you for the spots. Once your acne is under control we can then look at working on brightening your skin further. Let me know how you are doing in a week.
  118. shaeli Says:
    hi ma'am I had been using lemon+rosewater+glycerine on my lips for which i've heard a lot about, but i didn't get any effective cure instead my lips had become more dul & dry.Can u please suggest me anything normal??

  119. Use cream and glycerin on the lips which may cure your problem. Check your lipsticks and if you can change your brand it would be a good idea. Use a little Olive Oil once a day. Also use a mixture of Fresh cream with paste of one almond. Massage it into the lips for ten minutes everyday. Drink 8 glasses of water a day and make sure that your diet has a balanced amount of oil in it. If you can find Shasmooth, it works very well on dull lips.
  120. deepali balpande Says:
    my skin is just fair . i am working woman. suggest me facial pack (i.e.facial cream and face pack to be used after facial ). please suggest me yourl aayurvedic pproducts. my face is clear.

  121. Hi Deepali. Use a White Pearl moisturizer. At night cleanse your skin. Use White Pearl or 24 Mask. At night cleanse your skin well and use 24 carat gold gel, which is a very good age control treatment. After an hour or so massage in Shalife for nourishing your skin and White Pearl Dual action under eye cream and serum. Tell me how you feel in a week.
  122. armaan Says:
    hi ma'am my skin is just fair.m student.pls suggest me what kind of facial n facial cream n pack to be used.pls suggest me.khauda haffis

  123. Hi Armann , the best cream you can use for nourishing your skin will be Shalife.Use it at night daily. I would suggest the Apricot Peel of mask for you. Also make sure to keep your skin cleansed and exfoliated.
  124. Suvangi Says:
    Hi.shahnaz.ur products are obviously extra exclusive and they work wonders on my skin.i have a porcelin complexion at 23,the range i have been using for three years,have u currently stopped manufacturing the wild rose fairness potion?i want to buy it.

  125. Hi shivangi, wildrose is available on our body shops , you can get it also on the franchise outlets. Your positive thinking and satisfaction make your skin glow, thanks.
  126. Rupashree Chatterjee Says:
    Hi mam, what shall I use the basic make-up to get the tv serial girls or the hndi films heroine have.

  127. Hi Rupashree, come to our woman’s world International Institute we will teach you the basic make up. We have short and advance courses, of makeup and the courses are in circular motion.
  128. dolly Says:
    I have sensitive skin type with dry cheeks and oily t-zone. My problem is blackheads on nose and also my cheeks are dry but if i apply any moisturiser i get acne. My skin is very sensitive and reacts to most of the products, please suggest some home based remedy. with what i should wash my face and what should be applied to remove the dryness without causing acne?

  129. The moisturizer may not be suiting your skin type, because of combination skin. All products does not suit sensitive skin. Use a foaming face wash in morning to clean the face. In the evening use creamy cleanser to give you a balance skin. Massage with your hands on dry area and remove with cotton. To freshen up use an astringent with cotton again, and use a light moisturizer like Shataj or Shasilk, which will give all the nourishment.
  130. dolly Says:
    I have sensitive skin type with dry cheeks and oily t-zone. My problem is blackheads on nose and also my cheeks are dry but if i apply any moisturiser i get acne. My skin is very sensitive and reacts to most of the products, please suggest some home based remedy. with what i should wash my face and what should be applied to remove the dryness without causing acne?
  131. nneha Says:
    i have a acne, red piple spots n my skin is very oily. im 32 years old. pls let me know wat to use so that my acne n pimple spots n i have black heads also. im very much upset with my skin. or u give me ur clinic number. should b clear. i was using all garnier product. pls tel me wat shall i use n were can i get this product.thank u

  132. nneha ,you have not mentioned the city, shahnaz herbal body shops are every where, you will get the required products. Wash your face with shazema, do not forget cleansing and toning with sharose .Apply shaclear with cotton at night on the clean spots everyday.
  133. NIVI Says:
    thanks mam,for answering my query. can u tell me whats egg white (u told me in a home remedy) .if it is related to egg then i can't use it as i am veg... and also i have dandruff ..... pl. advice me.....

  134. Hi Nivi, the egg has two parts inside,one part is known as yellow and the other which look transparent is the egg white. You can try another home remedy without egg. Apply tomato juice on your scalp for 45min. twice a week. Always keep your scalp clean.And use warm oil twice a week before shampooing
  135. Sonu Says:
    Thanks you so much for your valuable advice!! Could you please educate me more on "Husk". What is husk? Is it Corn flour? Also I live in California so will I be able to find it here? If not please give me substitute of husk. Thanks you so much!

  136. Sonu, Husk is the rough part of the wheat flour. You can get the wheat flour from any of the provision/grocery shop.By sieving the flour the rough part which is left can be used so you need not look for any other substitute
  137. poorvi Says:
    Hi mam, I am 24 year old, i have a combination skin where in i have acne scars ,i need to go for your product but not sure about the product which can suit my skin type as a daily use cream,night cream and for face pack.I want a clear skin for which i am worried,i have undergone microderabrasion but did not work much,kindly let me know which product can i go for.

  138. Hello Poorvi, Combination skin needs extra care because it has a blend of oily and dry patch. Use a creamy cleanser and freshen up your skin with lavender daily. Apply shaglow for moisturing and mix it with sha base whenever you go out. Shatex is the suitable face pack and can be applied weekly.
  139. surbhi saxena Says:
    hello mam,...... my hair is so oliy.... plz tell me a home redmedy..

  140. Hello Surbhi,wash your hair on alternate days with shikakai reetha and amla Condition with henna mixed with egg for 40min.weekly,this treatment can give a normal effect to your hair.
  141. shivani Says:
    hi!mam'a i have dandruff & lice in my hair help me with this.......

  142. Hi Shivani, keep your hair always clean. Apply tomato juice on your scalp twice a week for 45min. your hair will be dandruff free if you repeatedly do it. Boil neem leaves in water and as you shampoo give a last rinse with the neem water. Do this for your hair it is very effective.
  143. Rani Says:
    Hi Shahnaz, thank you for inviting me to your blog, i'm a really big fan of you and your products. recently i'm not using any of your product but would like to start now but i don't know where to buy here in canada or i order on line, i would really appreciate from you, thanks
  144. Raju rai Says:
    dear madam, i am forty plus the wrinkles start to appear at the side of eye which cream is preferred to use to control the wrinkles .

  145. The skin around the eyes is thin so as we age fine lines start showing around the eyes. You can give a light massage with shasmooth for 5 to 7 min. and after wiping apply shaweed gel.
  146. Shweta Says:
    How about using vitamin E oil on your face for dry skin or combination skin? Dear Shahnaz, Can you please put your thought on it? Thanks you!

  147. Hi, vitamin E oil is good for applying on skin but in monsoon it can be very sticky and oily. You will get good creams in the market which has vitamin E in it, and they will suit you as well.
  148. Chinki Says:
    After cleaning, is toning good for dry skin? Please suggest.Can toner dry the skin (even the mild one like cider vinegar + distilled water)?I am seeking your advice. Thank you.

  149. Yes, toning is definitely good for dry skin, because it will close the pores. Apply it for 5min. (sharose is good) with cotton. On the face. Do not use vinegar on face. The routine cleansing, toning and then moisturizing is suitable for all types of skin.
  150. uzma fatima Says:
    hi beauty queen shahnaz iam 25yrs still single i have dark circles on my eyes even my complexion is fair and my most important problem is my skin is combination skin some time it become dry and some time is become normal and i had sweat on my forehead and chin area for these problem i cant wear any cream and make up plz help me which cream is best for me and my email

  151. Uzma, The skin around the eyes is very thin so fine lines appear soon. Do not Forget to clean the face specially eyes and use a sun glass whenever you are outdoors. The skin shows change due to weather conditions. Try to keep your oily patch dry, and pat sharose chilled on the face before applying makeup. Use pinklotus or sharose in the day as a covering cream.
  152. sameer Says:
    Dear Shahnaz Ma'am, I am shall turn 31 this year and believe me on this when people refuse to acknowledge it because of the skin health i have. Thanks to your range of personalised products. I use wild rose as a night cream regularly which is my favourite besides the other masks which i use on a regular basis. I however face a regular problem of skin tanning. Inspite of using a lot of sunblock my skin tans to the extent of getting a burnt dull effect at time specially in the monsoons. Please help.....

  153. Sameer it’s good that you take care of your skin, but use a high SPF sunscreen for protection from sun. Try a home remedy which will remove tanning-juices of tomato and cucumber mixed and is to be applied on the tanned area. It has to be repeated for getting good results.
  154. sonal Says:
    hey mam,my skin around my nails and knuckles is blakish which doesn't look good.

  155. Hello Sonal, rub your hands with half cut lemon every day. The acid of lemon will remove the dark color from your hands. Get manicure done weekly.shadew is a lemon based prewash cream by which little massage can be given.
  156. sameer Says:
    Dear Shahnaz Ma'am, Also i'd like to know if it's a good prospect to do your salon courses for a guy. I've been a huge fan of your's ever since i can remember. I stay in pune. I'd like to know if you have any training centres here in pune. I come from a middle class family and want to make my career in the beauty industry. Care to advice please....

  157. Hello, as beauty culture is a coming up field, it is good that you have interest in it. Pune does not have our training centre, but we do have in other places, which may be near to Pune. The hair dressing course or the makeup artist course are better option for you to make career in this field.
  158. soma Says:
    hi, mam, I am from bangladesh. my skin is oily & i am 32 years old. what will I use in night or night skin routine for me . because I dont understand from your product range what will I chose?
  159. nivi Says:
    hi, i just want to ask that after applying tomato juice on scalp do i have to shampoo or just wash them.thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  160. kanika Says:
    hello madam, am writing you after a long time. How are you? i hav a weird problem recently i hav been shifted to America in California. When i was in India, Delhi my skin was oily( or as i thought) and i used to hav pearl facials every two months. bit when i was leaving India i visited one of your parlors in CP there beautician suggested me that i should hav diamond kit as my skin is dry. naturally i was shocked but i bought the kit as i didnt hav time. now when i have started using the products i have smae problem of acne my skin is sensitive so it shows of immidiately what it like or dislike. bt am using the scrub regularly not all the products. am confused. i know my skin is sensitive and now becoming lill dry but wat to do? how to know wat type of skin i have? and products i should use? am confused plz help if u can thank you i will appreciate this. regards kanika
  161. kanika Says:
    i think i forgot to tell i am 29 and i dnt use cosmetics much occasionally its ok for me and i have started doing facials only 2 years back. thankx regards kanika
  162. ushma mall Says:
    hello mam, am ahmedabad. thanks for sharing your secrets with us. am writing to you mam after a long time since i got ur invite. well i am 39 yrs old unmarried girl into mktg job so have lot of stressful life which includes home and job responsibilities as well. well i almost use all shanaz hussain products only. my most imp question i keep getting small boils on face may be because of my skin getting exposed to sun a lot though i cover it with dupata and now helmet is also compulsary. then those boils leave behind scars on face which does not go. i remember i used shablem for it. can i start using that again. secondly which facial do u suggest to do and during what gap one should do at this age. i have pearl products and shalife for facials. my skin is normal. please suggest. regards ushma

  163. Hi Ushma, As you have a mktg job and a stressful life follow a regular beauty routine of cleaning, toning and moisturizing. Cleaning is the main aspect of care for your skin and toners formulate to balance the skin thus restoring skin’s ph balance. Moisturize your face and neck with a good moisturizer followed by a sunscreen of high SPF. As you are only using Shahnaz products you could use Marigold as the cleanser, Sharose as the toner, Pink-lotus as the skin base mixed with a little of white water lily(moisturizer).For your boil marks you can use Shablem at night on affected areas and leave on for the night. For a home remedy you can use grind mint leaves and apply on affected areas. Leave on for 10 to 15 min and wash off. As you have Shalife you can use it as a night cream as a skin food . For a facial professional advise after examination of your skin. Take a healthy and nutritious diet with lots of water. The real secret of beautiful skin is protection from the outside and nourishment from within.
  164. Rakhee Says:
    Firstly i would like to apprciate for your unique personality, which makes you standup from the crowd. I have a wheatish complexion, can my skin become fair, i have been using Shafair from a very long time, there is slight change in my skin colour, but the change is very slow, it took a long time. Please suggest something which is affordable. Please advice.
  165. noor Says:
    n alo for open pores on mu cheeks
  166. sonal Says:
    hi maam,please suggest me a home remedy to make my hair more silky and also for immediate growth. please give a remedy which i can try because i'm too small for it.(11 yrs).thanxxxxxxxxxxxx
  167. farah Says:
    hello maam,i admire ur beauty n wd like to have a beautiful skin like urs .....pls suggest me any remydy fr lighteninig my skin colour as i have a dark complexion n have a glowing skin....thank u ....ur ardent admirer
  168. noor Says:
    helo mam ! can u plz advise ez home remedy for my oily skin with tiny pimplez with dark eye circle n dark complexion as i am university going girl .. plz help me out i aslo wnana tip for glowing face take care n plz reply soon
  169. moumita Says:
    hi all beautiful people!myskin is oily and it has rashes but sometimes it look flaky around my nose . it has black patches too.pls suggest what should i use on my face .i am 26
  170. nupur Says:
    how i can get rid from dark circle
  171. leenu Says:
    resp madam,I have a 5 years old daughter. could u suggest some skin care routine that might be started at her age so that she gets into the habbit of taking care of her skin.
  172. vishu Says:
    hi mam, i am 21 years old,my face on the cheeks is not oily but my nose is very oily,and i also have whitehead and blackhead problem,i have danne on my face with whitehead,plzzz suggest me....
  173. Ankita Says:
    Hello mam,i m a 20 years girl.I have oily hairs are what should i do to improve my hair quality..please help me......thanks
  174. nandini arora Says: 23 yrs old....i hve oily summer i started getting pimples...i also hve scars on my face.......nd hve facial hair on my face......i bleach my hair evry 25 days......sme pores r opened in my cheeks.....wat should i do plz help me out....??nw i bought SHATEX face pack is this is gud 4 me........!!
  175. Sameer Iqbal Says:
    Dear Shahnaaz ma'am, Thanks a lot for your valuable advice. I've already enrolled for a course in Hair dressing here in pune. One of my dreams is meeting you in person at least once in my life.. i hope this dream comes true someday....
  176. ranjini Says:
    hi, iam using fair one soap . will my complexion be improved
  177. nimmy Says:
    hi maam nimmy frm 20 years ...marrid...and have 3 month old baby......i just usually apply himalaya moisturiser 2 my face..and mostly i dont apply nything 2 my face except olive oil massage 2 my face...the skin arond my lips is bit dark .....can u tell me wat shoud i apply on my face step wise...i opt for home remedy...AND i went 2 beaty parlour just once in my life ..dats for my marriage..pleees advice a home remedy for a fairer skin as im gonna go 2 india for my cuzins marrge wants 2 look really good naturaly...plees advice
  178. sonia kaur Says:
    hi plz let me know abt my skin i am suffering from acne problem and concered with skin dr. now i only have scars now what to do abt this marks my skin is oily and becoming dark day by day i am also suffering with sunburn now tell me what to do .....plz advice me.i want my skin totally clear....
  179. Priyanka Says:
    i am 16 my face is very rough, spots, wrinckles what should i do for this help.......
  180. mehek Says:
    Salam Shahnaz, I used to use your products a lot.. when I was in India, and then I came to usa. and lost the touch.. My problem is my body is fair. and since I came to USA I am becoming dark day by day on my face and hands.. can you pls sugges some of ur products and home remedies for me to regain my orig color.. THankyou!
  181. ritu Says:
    i hav extremely sensitiv skin always prone to acnes and rashes inspite of living a healthy lifestyle..pls suggest me ways for a glowing and healthy skin.will i ever obtain a normal skin?
  182. rabina Says:
    hello i am fair but my back and neck is dark ..can u help me please.i can'twear back open dresses and my underarms are also dark...please help me
  183. ritu Says:
    mam i m 23years old girl 4m siliguri.i hav extremely sensitive and combination skin always prone to acnes and rashes inspite of a healthy lifestyle. i use oxygen treatment on morning,shablock before steppin out in sun,shamoon for cleansin,sharose and shafair at night..but its lacking d glow.pls help me out mam.
  184. suchitra nair Says:
    Hi mam ! i'm 50yrs old.Ihave pigmentation on my upper lip.Ishowed a dermatologist and he gave me some creams.The pigmentations reduced for some time but now it has increased.I'm really worried.Could u kindly suggest me as to which of your products Ishould use to atleast lighten my pigmentation, please! Ihave pigmentation on my left cheek & also on my fore-head(upper left-hand side). Can I use your creams during day time as well? I never go out during day time even then my pigmentation increases. Wht type of facial should I use every month?Kindly help me please at the earliest.Thanking you sincerely!!
  185. geeta Says:
    hello, i m 24 yrs girl, i m fair in clour, bt i dnt hv glow on my face, and i got dark circle probmlem so will u please help me..
  186. meenakshi Says:
    hello mam i am 33 yrsi really dont know how to take care of my skin earlier i had very fair compleion and soft skin but now my skin is sometimes normal and dry too.i used your shalife cream not regularly and facepack shahblam and shahtax but dont know the proper method of using it means daily or alternate day.yester day i bought shahblem again so kindly advise me how to take care of skin.i go for shshnaz facial once a month only i dont know about your parlour also bcoz i want to try skin treatment ur parlour kindly help me
  187. veena Says:
    my daughter aged 10 yrs had dark complexion kindly advise how to take care of her skin and make it fair without using artificial product only homemade thanks
  188. Divya Says:
    Can u suggest a good night cream for oily skin?
  189. Parna Says:
    Hello Mam, i have been using your products for the last 5 yrs and have seen tremendous difference in my skin after using them.I am 26 yrs,with oily skin which occasionally turns to combination type.I have severe pimples some visible & some beneath my skin which errupts every second day,blackheads are also very prommiment all over my nose,chin.I use shazema,shagrain with sharose,shasilk as moisturizer after cleansing,scrubing,toning.shasmooth for my eyes which occasionally turns dark.Shaclear,shaclove mixed with shaderm over pimples, shablem for scars.I go for facial once a month,apply face pack suited for my skin type 2ice or 3ice a week.Still i feel i keep developing pimples and blackheads which needs to be throughly scrubed everyday to look clean around d nose & chin.Is my skin care proper or should i start or stop using some products? please help.which products should i use for facial coz after having facial i develop more pimples?thanks..
  190. ushma mall Says:
    thanks a lot shahnaz ji. i will direct myself the way u have suggest. hope the results will be good as always. facials i will continue with shalife and shascrub followed with face pack of shahmask-2.(regunivating)
  191. Shimla Datta Says:
    Dear mam During last 1 yr my face has darkened using some branded foundation and bleach.My hand and legs have also darkened using some branded hair removing cream.Please suggest how can I get back my previous fare skin? my mail add:
  192. Ankita Jain Says:
    Mam do you suggest glycolic treatment for fair skin?
  193. nivi Says:
    hey mam iam very thankful 2 u,the remedies u gave me were very effective.the acne on my face looks invisible on my face at morning but gets reddish till afternoon.why so?
  194. nidah Says:
    hello madam ...i came from gulf country to india for a vacation and suddenly my face became very oily and its getting darker day by day..i was usinf all home remedies before coming to india...and they were doing well on me...but here i am feeling help less as nothing is working on me...when ever i am going in any parties because of the oily skin i cant keep the makeup on...iam 27 yrs i was having combination skin before....pleaseeeeeee help me out...
  195. krishna Says:
    Hello Madam I have a mix skin type and oily hair. When i wake up in the morning the crown part of my hair is compleatelly oily and has dandruff (though i wash my hair every day with anti dandruf shampoo)!! I also have wide pours on my face and i reailly don't know what to do about it? i drink tons of water, lemon, wash my face regularly and do not use any cosmetic on my face...... nothing works. Pls suggest some home remedy caus i live in USA and we dont get any of ure products in here. Thank you
  196. Mona Says:
    Hi Shanaz, I am keen to take up basic n advanced make up course from your esteemed academy which is for 2 weeks. What are my prospects after that? Will I be absorbed as a junior make up artists with agencies or salons?
  197. tanvi Says:
    hi mam , i am 20 years old, ,i have a too much dark circle and also not so good complexion ,after 1 month i got married ,i am middle class girl and have no to much money to buy expensive products ,so plz tell me the home make simple remedies which help me to decrease my dark circle and make me fair . thanks a lot mam
  198. Priya Says:
    My Problem is my skin is very dry on my body ,its like fish scales.Some time i think i should marinate my self in oil.but its started two yrs back,to be you have remeady for the same.With high regards n expectation.
  199. lamia Says:
    hi mam,my hair is oily nd i lost lots of hair................any home remedy to stop hair fall and for my hair to grow long and thick?Please advice!
  200. chami Says:
    hi madam. im 23 years old and im frm sri lanka. first of all i would like to thank you 4d great job u a doing. the problem i hav is pimpes. i use shazema,shaclove, shatex and shataj. now i can see a great improvement by using those is it ok to use shafair simaltaniosly coz im longing to be fairer... the other problem is dandruff. though ive loooong hair it damages its beauty. its would be a great help if recommend any treatment plz..... thanx......
  201. sadhana Says:
    i am 16,i had very beautiful hair,very very thick and long but since past two years my hair have become very very thin and the growth has stopped they break very easily.there is moderate hair fall but i think the hair quality is i don't even have 1-4th of my hair which i had which hair product should i prefer for very thick,strong,and long hair
  202. sadhana Says:
    which product do i buy for thick hair
  203. chami Says:
    hi madam, im 23 years old and im from Sri Lanka. first of all i would like to thank you for the great job u r doing...keep it up. my prob is having pimples but it has shown a great prograss by usin ur products. currently im using shazema,shaclove,shatex and shataj. so nw ive only it ok to use shafair simaltanously coz im longin to be fairer.... nd the other prob is dandruff. though i have loooong hair dandruff spoils its beauty. it will be a great help if u could recommend treatments.. plz... thanx....
  204. alefiya Says:
    it is v v good
  205. deepika Says:
    i have a normal skin which is getting tanned and damaged due to pollution and heat.what minimal care can i take for my skin?
  206. Anjali Says:
    Please advise how do i get a pinkish glow on my face I am fair, combination skin, but I am looking for a remedy for glowing skin and pink cheeks. Is there a treatment
  207. Malu Says:
    Hi Shanaz, one important reason for Acne is hormaonal imbalance is nt it. So how far does the creams, cleasers, etc etc help us to get rid of Acne permanently.Please advise
  208. pinky Says:
    hi mam,i am 16 weeks pregnant and i am facing a lot of problem with acne.i have very bad acne scars. can u suggest me some creams with which i can get rid of black circles and acne scars and that is safe to use in pregnancy
  209. Jayashree Says:
    Hi Mam, At night i am using shalife but next morning i feel that my pores opend. Shmoist is not helping me to avoid dry ness. I have tzone oily looks. Wrinkes are also showing on my nose's both lowerside & uper both side. My compexion is fair. please tel me what to do for wrinkle free glowing skin.
  210. Poonam Says:
    Hi Mam, i have a mixed kind of skin i believe , if i wash my face i feel very dry and patchy and when i apply more of moisturizer in the night especially by morning i have pimples on my face and i have pigmentation around my lips and on the chin, my face is very dull as well as my facial hair are dark and thick. Mam please suggest me some treament and a daily remedy. Black marks on my skin of the pimples make my face look very uneven and dull.
  211. priya Says:
    Hello mam, i 've acne scares in my face and hands. some time i,ve gone to docters advice also but i didnt get any remady. so plz suggest me some thing..........(i ve reduced my dandruff also)
  212. dolly Says:
    Hello Mam, Always i have pimples on my face.It appears very big and leaves scars.I met dermatologist and he gave me tablets and lotion for 1 month.i applied for 15 days now my face is full of scars, pimples also not reduced,many black spots came and i became dark.Please give me a solution.i stopped taking tablets .thanks in advance.
  213. Pinky Says:
    Hello Mam, This is pinky from US,I want my skin to become fair and glow, my skin is wheatish, when I had been to India I had bought all your products like pearl mast ,pearl cream, gold srub,gold mask,and the night cream -himalaya herb, and I use fair one for daily moisturizer.. when should I use all these products, can use daily or alternative days, please help me thanks..
  214. Spriha Says:
    Hello Mam, I am your great fan. Thanks for giving us the great products. I used to have glowing, fair skin in India. I am staying in California since last seven years and have lost all my glow and losing fairness day by day. I have started getting blemishes on my face too. I am 31 yrs old and I regularly use SHAMOIST and SHASCREEN once a day. In the winters I use SHAMOIST in the evening too. Please suggest me what should I do to take a good care of my skin and bring it back to life. I will appreciate all your good suggestions. Thanks you.
  215. ZINU Says:
  216. shiba paul Says:
    Hello mam,,I am having oily skin & some scars is present on my face which is of chicken pox,pls suggest & even i am having lots of hair loss problem pls suggest some home made treatment
  217. Shweta Says:
    Hello Mam, I am 25 yrs old and in NY since the past 3 yrs. After coming here I have got a lot of pimples on my cheeks and my facial hair is getting darker. I started bleaching my face with Joeln, however realized it dosent suit my skin and have got dark pigmentation/scars around my mouth. Recently I had gone to one of you franchise parlor in NY (Nina herbal Salon, Smithtown). I got a regulare facial and fruit bleach done. I really liked it and would definitely go again. To one of the replies above you had mentioned that bleaching the skin regularly in harmful. Wanted to know if fruit bleach had the same side effects or not. How is it different compared to a regular bleach? Slo till now I have never used your products but after visiting the parlor, I really want to get some for a regular routine. Could you recommend some face wash, moisturizer, toner, face pack and cream/lotion. Thanks a lot for giving us herbal products and amazing treatment at your salons. Hope to hear back soon. Thanks
  218. Riddhi Bhatt Says:
    Hi ....I am learning right now ,(diploma in beauty and skin care )I am really very happy and enjoying learning your style...I am soon going to appear for the exams. Thanks a lot. Riddhi
  219. Preeti Says:
    What is vegetable peel? I am 32 with normal or dry skin. Is is good for me? Please suggest. Thanks.
  220. kavita Says:
    mam thanx a lot for your products........i use coconut oil mixed vt olive oil n turmeric on my wet body n wash it it ok ?if nt pls suggest an alternativ.i use shamoon for cleaning,sharose n then apply oxygen treatment. i apply shablock b4 steppin out in sun.i am 22 years old vt extremely sensitive skin very prone to rash n acnes......if d care regime is nt ok pls suggest me alternativ..pls reply as i am gettin married vtin 2mnths.pls reply
  221. kavita Says:
    mam i also apply flower power rejunevatin balm twice a week..and thats gr8..
  222. naina Says:
    mam, i have dark circles please suggest me some remedy as my skin is oily also.what would u suggest me for a fair and glowing skin
  223. vijaya Says:
    hi this is vijaya can any one give me home made remedy for wt iam suffering from iam having lot of black dots on my nose these are similar to birth marks these are going on increasing day by day plz help me
  224. vijaya Says:
    mam after using fairone fairness cream my skin became darker suggest me somthin else please help me mam and thank you
  225. purvi Says:
    Hello.... I have some white small boils called "Milia" around my eyes and upper cheeks. I was wondering if there is any know remedy that can help me get rid of these? Also if you know preventive remedies for the same. I would highly appreciate your help. Thanks..
  226. Aparna Says:
    how safe is a glycolic peel? can any one pls help?
  227. Priya want to know abt fairness cream Says:
    Mam,i am priya, please provide us information which fairness cream i will use of herbal, as with in one month i have my marriage, so plz suggest me which cream i have to use for it to look fair on next month
  228. sounthariya Says:
    mam,i am sounthariya...........i have lot of block make in my skin.........plz suggest me wht type of cream i have 2 use..........
  229. shaff Says:
    Hello, I have a number of black spots on my face and my skin is oliy so please suggest me for a suitable soap for the same ... i wann regular soap. looking frwrd to here from u mam. Thx
  230. rolie Says: skin is dry n i m having dark circles around my eyes,black heads on my nose,my upperlip area is li'l dark...although i hav weatish complection but i want it more radiant n skin doesnt glow n m having wrinkles on my forehead.....please suggest me ...home remidies n ur products...even i m having heavy hair fall....n dandruff
  231. Roopa Says:
    Dear Shahnazji, I want to know if your products contain any chemicals and whether these products can be used during pregnancy. Thanks.
  232. Raman Says:
    I want to buy shehnaz husain's vegetable peel .From where can i get it
  233. Laura from Singapore Says:
    Hi mam, I'm new to shahnaz products. I just bought your gold range but in order for me to do the facial, I could not get the vegetable peel pack. Where can I order on line. Or can I substitute any other instead of veg peel pack for my gold facial. Pls advise
  234. shimna Says:
    hi, i have wheat complexion.i am not sure what type skin i have,because sometimes it looks oily on nose,and sometimes my face looks very dull,not glowing.pls suggest me any daily home remedy to have a glowing skin and suggest me which facial suits for me.
  235. Aliya Says:
    hello, i search your blog i have dark spots on my face plz give me a suggestion . i m Pakistani i m 22yrs old.
  236. TINA Says:
  237. punam Says:
    hi i just want to know is there any face wash for normal skin in your product list.please let me know.
  238. kavita Says:
    kavita Says: hi,madam my age is 20 doing i want to know how to maintain fare soft skin.i have dry,oily&sometimes it becomes normal.i have blackspot near my eyes&some part of my body.even some pimples on face ,white pimples near eyes.i apply vaseline daily after bath on body but for face what shell i apply.i want my face to look always soft with normal pink colour.i used fair&lovely &after i apply vaseline to look shine but i not feeling that good.i used everyouth but not know.when i wash my face my hands is getting dry again i am applying vaseline for 3-4times even on face .i want good look with no dryness but always soft with fair.i do normal exercis morning for half an hour then after breakfast then lunch &finally dinner i do walkin for 30min but i dont know whenever i eat food,vegetable, drink water my stomach get full even i do exercise.normally i eat limit but my teeth becomes can u suggest any home made creamormoisturizer which i can do at home
  239. Mish Says:
    Hi Shahnaz, I want to know home made recipe of wedding is in december..Also tell me the beauty plan for my is getting dull :(
  240. priyanka Says:
    hi i m having pimples problem very often only on my forehead and i keep using multani or besan get okay but agin after couple of days happen skin is normal type....please suggest me what should i do
  241. anusua nag Says:
    Hi mam, I am a great admirer of you. I think you are a living institution of beauty. I am 22years old,my problem is that I used to have dry skin but now I'm constantly having problems with pimples on my face. I have some gynaechological problems and so am undergoing treatment.Another problem is that I want tp have dense hair growth as I have thin hair. I also want to remove tan from skin.So can you please help me?
  242. Rituparna Says:
    Where is your beauty Salon in Kolkata?
  243. ruby Says:
    Hi madam.Please suggest me .I have facing many problems for my dull skin.I have a some pimples in my skin ,I cotact many skin doctors but result are not too good.for this pimples and their marks I losin confidence.when I apply any thing in my skin but I found a lots of pimples and my marraige day are coming soon.So please you suggest me cheap and best remady for my skin.
  244. KUKI Says:
  245. zarin farhana Says:
    hello mam i am from Bangladesh and a great fan of yours i use your product pearl cream with the diamond scrub but i need your help for my hair i m losing too much hair could you tell me which hair treatment could help me to grow new hair . thank you
  246. neena Says:
    Hi mam...upload few photos of ur dressing table also..
  247. hi Mam Says:
    Hi Mam... My anme is Nisha.. I am 25 years od.... I ahve poers on my face. Please suggest me a home ready to get rid of this... also how do i avoid happening ot again?
  248. htn Says:
    Hi Shah, My face has got lot of hair . it is really very embarrasing. i am fair complexion and the hair is showy in the face. i was using fem bleach occasionally. Now that i heard abt shah bleachwith the lotion and sha face and try to bleach the face accoding to instructions. The face was looking bright, but still the hair is showy. i used 5 drops of bleach. My question 1. can i use the product daily ? 2. can i more drops , if so how many. my skin is oily. Hence as per your instruction i used egg white and curd. the skin become very soft. i also want to know whether there is any body wash in your products.
  249. kirti Says:
    hi mam i'm big fan of yours actually i have some open pores on my cheeks plz suggest some home remedy and your product to tighten them permanently
  250. Preeti Says:
    hi mam... my age is 26.i have dry face tone is fair but it is not even. i have dark circles also. should i use shalife and shasmooth at night and the another question is my husband is having so much tan and dark circles also. what should he use to remove his tan?
  251. chennu Says:
    hi mam, I am 26 . My skin is very sensitive and i can not use many creams which makes me dark . my skin is not clear . i need a clear and bright skin . what shall I do to get the clear skin ? i am much worried about my skin . Now a days i have stopped going out coz of my skin .
  252. Kranthi Says:
    Hello mam, I am 28 years old. I have dry acne problem on my back. They are dried and become black. My back skin is totally affected with acne. Recently i got removed some the dry acne using wart machine. Still some more are forming. Can I use any peels to cure existing dry acne. I even consulted doctor, she prescribed some ointment, but no use. After changing my diet having much of fruits, i found some improvement. Please suggest me some home remedies to get rid of these dry acne.
  253. renu singh Says:
    hello mam, i work in a school.what should i do after returnig from school around 4 pm.i get tan easily and my skin is sensitive.thankyou
  254. SHUMAA Says:
    I M 4M A very small city SHILLONG,MEGHALAYA .Mam pls suggest any shehenaz clinic or parlour near 2 my city 4m where I can b guided by ur beautician and can know my skin type as well as the products best 4 my skin and hair..............PLEASE PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEE MEM............
  255. kavita Says:
    hi,madam its kavita kavita age 20 no response till now r u busy .i am getting more pimples on face day by day &my face is getting dry.i am really very much worried.plz send reply soon alteast know its urgent thankyou.
  256. Debolina Says:
    Hi Shahnaz Bonjour! I live in Belgium and I just want to say that your produts are awesome! I was always using products from dior, yves rocher, chanel etc but last time when I went back to India I got few of your products to try and the results were great! Too bad we dont get your products in Belgium yet! I would also like to compliment you on your beauty both inside and ouside and thankyou for making a women feel confident and beautiful! Keep up your good work!!
  257. shaila Says:
    i would like to buy shahnaz products. could you please tell me the place in UAE where these products are available? thanks.
  258. safui Says:
    i did bleeching for once and my skin color changed to grey will it remain permanent any remedies for me pls
  259. saf Says:
    pls suggest me to get rid of brown hairs due to bleeching which i did for only once
  260. Shikha Says:
    Hello ma'am, I am getting married on 1st of march. i am 28 years old. I bought the shahnaz gold kit. so can you suggest me how much it will be useful for me? or when can I start applying it/ Is it for anti-aging. Daily I am washing my face with a paste of besan, haldi and lemaon.
  261. saumya Says:
    ur remedies r really very good
  262. kavita Says:
    hi,madam i am doing age 20 as i said u before i did get your response plz send its really urgent i am waiting for it .one more thing i have some moles on face &even my lips r dry with lines i didn't add it before.i want my lips to be soft always with pink so what shell i do first shell i first soft it or pink it or remove lines.tell me home product with names in both english&hindi with timing for my face,body also.i cant want more day by day i am feeling not up to the mark.plz send it soon atleast by today madam.i hope u do so thankyou.
  263. Atul Says:
    Dear Mam, Nowdays i am doing moeling & in this field its necessary to take care of your soft skin so i would like to tell you that my skin is just a fair but i want make it glow & healthy & turn it to fair to very fair so please mam give me a your valuable suggestion how can i improove my skin tone?? how can i make it glow & very healthy,fresh & very fair within a month or week??Some times i face pimples problems also & ones in a week i do shave. so pls tell me mam. Thanks, Atul
  264. atul Says:
    hi mam my age is 23 years old only & i want glow my skin thanks
  265. Shumona Says:
    Hi I am Shumona, 29 years old. Have moderate pimple on my face. Did lots of medication but till have pimple. Please help me
  266. Shini Says:
    Hello Madam, I am a great fan of yours. I have dandruff problem, because of which i get pimples on my forehead. I have tried anti-dandruff shampoos but they leave the hair very dry and dull(even after using conditioner). I also have open pores on my face. I have combination skin. Please advice to tighten my skin and reduce dandruff and pimples. I have sinus problem so could not use hair packs or lemon juice on head.
  267. Nat Says:
    Hi Maam, i actually wanted ur advise, i have very thin hair with no volume in it, i cant style it i cant cut it to any style coz of its thin texture. at time i wonder what should i do with it. i just keep it tied up with a clutch and now its kinda becoming a boraring hair style for me. i really want to improve my hair texture and growth can you please advise me what product should i use of yours so my hair can become thick, healthy and bouncy. please advise me some good products so i can buy them and start using them as soon as possiable. thanking you,
  268. swati Says:
    hi mam .. m 24 yr old..on goin outside shud i use spf moisturezer beside sunscreen..wil it do d same thing as sunscreen.. also i wantto know can i use SPF foundation over SPF moisturezer? thnx mam
  269. sharmila Says:
    dear mam, i have pimples on my face and also i have white hair and dranoff , pls help me
  270. richa Gupta Says:
    I have a combination skin. Its very dull and many pigments on it. I have dark circles too. Overall my skin looks very dull and low. Please Suggest something.
  271. ruby Says:
    hi maam i just wanted to asked you that i have dry skin what should i do for the glowing skin please suggest something and also i have massive hair loss i used golden sunsilk with amla oil thanks a lot for helping me out.
  272. saima rashid Says:
    hello mam .i am saima from kashmir .i have oily skin and wheatish colour and get two or three pimples in a week .i used ur shafair product it works within a days. i am getting married in may can u plz tell me what should i do to get fair and glowing skin without any scars.plz tell me in brief. which of ur product should i use
  273. hello mam. Says:
    i am 29 year old from pakistan.i use ubtan and i get my skin squez is there any solution
  274. Shital Says:
    Dear Mam,i bleach my face every 45 days since last 12 years. i use olina suits me and my face looks question is that will it cause damage to my skin sometime later in my life.i apply multani meetti pack immediatly after bleaching.thanks!
  275. rakesh Says:
    hello, mam I am 23year old,some days ago ,I am suffering from chicken pox,I have some dark spot on my face.only dark spot no deeply plz you suggest me how can I remove it. plz help me....
  276. Maya Says:
    Hi Ma'am ... i m great fan of your products. Other then your products I dont use any other products. I ve moderately dry skin and my complexion is neither tooo dark nor fair ( wheatish brown ). How can i improvish my skin texture and accomplish uniform color complexion across the face. It looks quite dull and i feel very low. I desperately want to re-vitalize/glow on my skin. Can you please suggest me good night creams / daily mosituriser creams which can bring brightness and radience to my face.
  277. maya Says:
    Hi ma'am .. i m back again -- i missed to ask you one more thing .. during any occasions - how can get the glossy look on my face . Can you suggest any product which can bring glossy look ..
  278. nazia Says:
    i am 21 yr old..i got pits on my face and pimples are still cuming out..i have done many skin treatments and now m upset abou it...if u can plz suggest me the best remedy for pimple scars and pits.
  279. sansu Says:
    Dear shahnaz, I am a 24 yr old female frm new delhi . I have a dry skin,more so in winters ... i require a moisturizer round the year.I have been using your Shahmoist for few years now .Recently a friend of mine recommended that I use pearl cream . I have bought one for myself but am a bit confused as it says it has strong age-control cream . Do I need to use age control cream at my age or may be a little later when i am like 35 ... please suggest whether to stick to shahmoist or to switch over to pearl cream.
  280. Nilusha SriLanka Says:
    Hi mam, I had a oily,pimple skin. I used a ayurevedic pack & my skin was burnt(got lots of black scars).You suggested me to use shazeema,sahsilk & shabase,sharose,shawhite,shafair,shablem,shaclear,shamask 1,shaclove,shatex. I've been using these for 4 yrs and I've got good results. Now My skin is not so oily & I don't have lots of pimples(sometimes i get 2 or 3 small pimples) & lot of black marks but, there are sings here and there. now I'm 32 years old should i continue these products or do i need to start anti ageing products & night cream? if yes pls tell me how and when to use. tell me the directions & time to use shadew. Is it good for me? I go out in the sun and my skin become tan. is pearl cream good for me? pls help me. I'm waiting for a quick reply thank you very much mam.
  281. fatema Says:
    hello maa'm, i want toknw the home remedy for strech marks which is old 7-8 yrs..pls tell me some home remedy by which strech marks go or become light.b'coz on old strech mark cream does not work....
  282. Surbhi Says:
    I have large pores on my cheeks. Please advice me what should i do to reduce my pores. Is it true that pores never goes away it can only resuce the pore visibility. Please advice? Also what is Shaface, Shafresh, Shableach. Thank you.
  283. Meghna Says:
    I am 28 years old and i have pimple marks on my face. What shoudl i use to make my skin look clear
  284. sapna Says:
    HI, mam I want to know which cream of yours will be suitabe for me. my complextion is dark, my problem is my t-zone is darker than rest part of my face.and my skin type is mixed.
  285. seema Says:
    hi, ma`m read most of d columns of ur beauty secrets. i m ur fan for d last 14yrs n followed u n it all worked wonders for me, i have always i m staying in dubai.where can i find ur products here. can u pls guide.thanks.
  286. seema Says:
    hi ma`am, where can i find ur products in dubai? can u pls guide me. thanks
  287. ekta bhambra Says:
    HELO mam,m 27 yrs old belong to ludhiana (punjab).i have a vast problem due to excessive hair on my chinn...i am gettng marry in nexy 5 months nd when my hsband came to know about this problem he was angry about me.really mam i m under depression due to all these.i had written u bfore about my this problem plz mam give me any suggestion 2 releive the problem...i will b vry thankful to you
  288. sharon Says:
    i have god facial kit at home how to use that
  289. shalini Says:
    hi mam i m getting huge hair loss for years please help i m 28 years old female
  290. SAK Says:
    Hi, I live in Khi pakistan? How do i get ur products here???Online delivery charges r very high evn more thn price of product plzzz complextion has darknes after two delivery of two baby girls....and dark circles arnd my eyes r also increadsing......i dont have any acne or pimples problem...but my skin is very has different tones in forehead...chin nose ,cheeks area...plz suggest...
  291. sonal Says:
    Hi mam, I m 21 yr old 4m gujrat .I have Pimple and pimple marks on my face.and also some dark patches i would like to know ur available product for this and from where can i get them.
  292. Ritu Jain Says:
    Hi mam ... I am 27 yrs old female from pune. I am working in an IT company. I have a very sensitive oily skin and acne problems. Also my skin is prone to pimples. My complexion is also dark due to the same though my legs are hands are fair. I also have black patch below my neck on the back. So kindly provide me some remedies for these problems
  293. kavita Says:
    hi,madam.......... i didnt get your response till know plz send it madam today plz.....
  294. tina Says:
    hai..this is tina.....iam 16 and i had clear face but slowly i have been affected by pimples and their marks.....pls give an effective and immediate solution
  295. Rina Says:
    Hi Madam, Any suggestion for me? i am really depressed and sad! I have used fem bleach and some part near my chin and lips are burned and has a left a black burnt mark! Is there any remedy for me?
  296. bhoojya Says:
    halo mam am 22yr old..i ve pits on ma face..more on the right this cald acne?? pls suggest a home remedy for actualy losin confidence for not havin a clear skin and tend to hide my face bcos of this pits..pls suggest a gud home remedy..thank you
  297. neishaz Says:
    i have started using the shahnaz gold foundation. i wanted to know if it needs to be washed off before sleep like any other foundation or is it a leave in (like a moisturiser) .Also, i'm 32 years old . do i need to start anti ageing products ( i have normal/dry skin) and what are shahnaz products do you recommend that are anti wrinkle
  298. mona bansal Says:
    hii age is 24..i hav two questions please.. 1stly..we shud apply sunscreen directly on skin or over any product?sunscreen on top of d layers or last layer during makeup? 2ndly fairone scrub is suitable fr all skin types..also wat tym durin d day i need to apply it?also plz tel me d procedure od using fairone scrub hw long shud we keep messaging face after applyying it? thnx lot mam
  299. palash Says:
    Hello mam, is there any product for men.i am 33 and have dark complexion. to look freash and clean in the hot season which product i can use ,pls suggest.
  300. Payal Says:
    Hello, I am a 27 yr old HR professional. My problem is i have hyper pignmentation, esp around the yes and cheeks area...the result of which i have a very uneven skin tone, also am dark complexioned. I am longing for a very fair complexion. pls advice me what i should do? my mother said using sha fair will give me a very fair complexion. pls advice
  301. Tahera Says:
    Hi mam...m 21 i have a fair complexion but side of ma eyes is black n its so embarassing plz suggest me some tips i wud be thankful to u....
  302. bhavana maisha Says:
    hello mem ...i want to know about the method of gold facial in short..plzzzz.
  303. nazia Says:
    dear shanaz... ASSALAM O ALAIKUM im 40 yrs with dark complexion and my face retains the scars of the pimples i had in my teenage years. my skin has developed freckles too but it isnt oily now.opting for shahnaz gold facial since 3 months.i have been using your products like shahrose, shahtex & shahlife as well. please suggest a suitable moisturiser and daily care routine for me. ps- my skin appears darker after i apply moisturisers. THANKYOU AND KHUDA HAFIZ.
  304. Lakshmi Says:
    Dear Shahnaz, i would like to do the diploma course in Bangalore. can you help me with the contact details?
  305. Haritha Says:
    Dear Shahnaz, please let me know the procedure for removing your waterproof herbal sunscreen lotion SPF 20. Thanks in advance. Have a nice day!
  306. aul Says:
    Hi mam, I have dark complexion, my skin is normal. I am massaging my face with shalife once in a week as well as uses sun protection cream in day time and night cream at night since from two months. but the result is not satisfactory and glowing. I have heard about ur gold message cream. wil it help me to get a glowing skin. what is the procedure to use it in a week. it may also be noted that i did not to use so much product over my face. advice of one or two would be better. thanx in advance
  307. priyanka Says:
    dear mam, m priyanka from kolkata...suffering from a huge problem since 2 skin complexion is dark and have a broad dark layer aroun my lips and chin and also beside my eyes...m using a sunscreen lotion...but my skin is not getting better at all...which inclines to me a huge depression..n m not able to get out o9f house n meet people for this reason...plz plz plz help me out.
  308. farah ali Says:
    hello SHAHNAZ HUSSAIN .i am farah from usa.I really want to appericiate you that you got your own way.The reason why i am commenting here is i want to tell you that when you try to observe that tears in an interview when sombody was talking about your husband you looked so beautyfull that kind of beauty you can get in only by love and imotions.may ALLAH bless you with all of his must take care your self bye.
  309. thushara Says:
    Dear mam,I want to know about simple home manicure and pedicure treatment,please help
  310. sharmila Says:
    Dear Madam, I have been using your products from the past few years and I have found good results especially the Thermoherb Mask.I have come to trust no other product except yours because your sincerity and honesty shows in your products.But I wonder why you have not introduced any herbal slimming capsules/treatment.Please do.
  311. farhat Says:
    asalaam,im 20 yr old girl.i had very fair and lustrous skin.but due to my arthritis problem i have to take medicines 3times a my skin has tanned and i have become wheatish face is fair but no as before.but the neck,back,hands and feet have become dark.what do i do?i also have to go to college everyday.and my lips borders are very dark and the upper lip is total black.overall what should i do and use.any homeremedies and tips.
  312. rima sharma Says:
    my uper lips is very red plz help me
  313. priya sathya Says:
    hi mam i am living in nj, usa my skin is oily and and i have lot of eruptions, i am 35 years old, i have black head on my nose and side of the nose are burned, what skin regime i should follow, because my hubby is going to india i can ask him to buy that set and come
  314. preeti Says:
    hi mam i just wan to know that i have black spots of acne on my back can you please advise me some solution for that i will be very thankful to you
  315. sudhanshu Says:
    i have 5 yr old son . he has got SAWLA type of complexion . can i use bleech on his face , neck, hands & on his legs ? 1. we r using olive oil (full body massage) and HALDI, SANTRA KA CHILKA, MASUR DAAL, MILK paste as UPTAN (full body). 2. we use jonson baby cream and vicco termeric creem mixture paste on his fase to improve his skin colour, CAN U SUGGEST HAW CAN I CHANGE MY KIDS COMPLEXION
  316. priyanka Says:
    hi mam i am 18 years old . initially i was very fair but now i hav a wheatish colour i dun kno wat to do. n even i hav an oily skin..... so can plz help me out pls..........
  317. hina Says:
    Hi shahnaz mam, i am 30 year old and I have lot of open pores in my face and my face colour is not even. My complexion is wheatish but my body is fair and I have oily skin. Please suggest a home remedy or any product
  318. nigar Says:
    hi am 18 years old.i am fair but my hand,neck,back skin is black .this comes on 5 years pls give any treatment
  319. lax Says:
    mam i have warts can u suggest easy home remedies to remove warts as they r small
  320. nidhi Says:
    hi mam. i am 19.recently my complexion become dull.can you suggest me some home remedy to again restore my skin is normal to dry.
  321. nalina Says:
    hi shehnaz my skin its fair dnt have so much problem bt some times pimples so so abt cleansing and toner the people r saying so i want o kno that wat waywe can use cleansing and toner in our daily life without going to parlour. i dnt have any marks in my ski n also . will b thank ful if have some suggestion abt that
  322. avi Says:
    Hello mam......i m 18 years old. My skin is fair but last 1 year i suffering from blackheads and white heads. i have lots of blacheads and whiteheads on my nose area n chin also cheeks.........i would like to go for ur product, which product is best for me?...... plz mam plz help......its really lose me me....... thanku mam...............
  323. sahitya Says:
    hello mam, i am 18 years old n i my skin complexsion is uneven. around my mouth its darker than the whole face. its very embarassing as people keep asking always if i have a problem. can u plz give me a home remedy to get rid of this as soon as possible as i m joining my engineering college in a month and a half...plz...
  324. patel Says:
    Hi mam, i am 24 years old and i am working in saudi arabia on site in sun. my skin became black before it was good. can you pls suggest me some home remedy to again restore my complexion.
  325. Farah Says:
    Hi shahnaz ji, first of all I have not idea what my skin type is? so how do I know what is my skin type? Do I need to get test done. My problem is facial hair though I use fem bleach for my upper lip, under my chin I have hair which I pluck off as I do not go to parlor for threading. What do I do, is this the only way I hide my hair or is there any solution or regime if I follow I can be helped with???? Also please tell me since I do not know my skin type what natural home care can I do. I have a fair complexion and except for fair and lovely I do not use anything else and my skin off and on looks and dull. My hands however are dark due to sun exposure I suppose can u please suggest me remedies for all these problems. Thanks.
  326. pallavi Says:
    Hi..i am 30 years old can i use shahnaz diamond facial and is dry skin can i do the steam while in facial?
  327. sruthi Says:
    Hi..i am 30 years old can i use shahnaz diamond facial and is dry skin can i do the steam while in facial?
  328. Susmita Says:
    Hi,Shahnaz, My skin is oily type. I m doing clean up every month regularly with ur product from beauti parlor since past 3years. My skin complexion and texture imporve alot. ***i m 26yr old and i want to know is it right time to start night creame? which creame will u advise me for my oily skin?** i also want to from which age female can use night cream? If i do facial with ur pruct i get pimple. So which facial would u like to advise me?
  329. Shweta Says:
    Hi mam, My skin is normal. I am having black patches around my mouth/lips and my chin. Also i am having black marks after pimples. Plz suggest me way to get rid of all these things...
  330. veena natraj Says:
    hi mam please tell me where i will get your product in dubai and also home made bleach Please
  331. veena natraj Says:
    Hi man Please tell me my skin is dry whole body also winter time i am getting ichhing also please give me a suggation
  332. rashi Says:
    hello mam....m 22yr old....and have oily skin and few pimples skin is very dull........evey month i go for my face cleansing from still could see no glow on my face....could you plz guide me how to get a glowing skin .....????? also plz let me know any home made cleanser and tonner ???????
  333. angelique Says:
    Hi, I would like to know which moisterising cream should I buy. I am around 40 yrs and mixed type skin, oily around nose. but dry in some parts. Fine lines show around the eyes and face. please advise. angeliuue
  334. SHWETA Says:
  335. dimple Says:
    hello shahnaz mam. im 25 yrs old. i have a lot of pimples. it started when i was 12-13yrs old. i tried many medicies, facials, haldi, besan etc etc since last 10-12 yrs ..but of no help. i have dark black spots (the spots are rly dark) left by pimples and there are holes too . i have oily skin but if i use maltanimitti, it becomes too dry with white patches. No moisturiser suits me. nothing is helpful for my spots-filled-face. im tanned completely moving under sun. are there any chances i get a clean and clear skin this birth? Also, my hair is falling now a days. lots of dandruffs are there. if i give warm oil massage, i get more of painful pimples. Now, im married, have regular periods and drink 7-8 glasses of water. plz help mam.
  336. Kawaljeet Says:
    Hi mam, my skin is normal.i am having scars only on my face due to chicken pox before 3 months. I m around 27 years old.I am using oinment contractubex prescribed by doctor but still my scars are deep.please suggest me something to reduce scras.
  337. josy knowles Says:
    Hi i am 22yrs and ave acne,pimples,black spots all over my face.i ave an oily. and a sentitive skin and want to try your product,so can you prescribe your product to cure this problem for me.i also need some home remedies that can done to assit me on my treatment.lastly i am fair but becuz of this problem am losing it so can u help me pls
  338. radhika Says:
    Hi , I recently purchased diamond nourishing cream .Could you please guide me as to ow often i should use.I am 27 year old and have dry skin ,coul d you also guide me as to other shahaz products i can use
  339. Anita Says:
    Hi mam, I am suffering from Melasma. I consult with skin specialist, but no result. Plz suggest to remove melasma
  340. deepika mustafi Says:
    hi i am 24yrs old,i am suffering from white spots on my face,my skin is very dull.And it became dull,dark and have no glow. Please tell me my daily skin care with your products and what type of facial suits me by your products.please help me by giving me;
  341. harpreet Says:
    i want to know how to remove pimples,acne from my skin and how to get a glowier face kindly tell me any home made remedy pz
  342. rajan Says:
    hi, i m 25 year old. after my baby birth my skin is going darker day by day nd acne on my cheeks. even i use sun cream. i tried everything but nothing is working.... pls if u can suggest me something that can clean nd fair my
  343. mrs sharma Says:
    hi i am 26 year old girl,i have browm spot on my cheeks for 3 years.Kindly tell tretment for the same.your product is so effective my sister always use but i try i first time when you give me reply on mail. reply
  344. a s sharma Says:
    hi i am 26 year old girl,i have browm spot on my cheeks for 3 years.Kindly tell tretment for the same.your product is so effective my sister always use but i try i first time when you give me reply on mail. reply
  345. sara khan Says:
    hi madam i have very oily skin plz suggest any redimy to use as i haveused alot of medicine but did not worked
  346. sony gyamlani Says:
    Shahnaz ji, Namaste. I am sony, plz suggest me some home remedy for fairness as my skin is oily my e-mail id is
  347. Rashmina Says:
    hello, my marriage will come after 2 months & i was taken treatment in Chandansparsh, they told me our products are very good,no chemicals, i tried that & dome facial also. bu at the day evening my face was shown more blacy. my skin is oily, not clean skip it. now what i have to do. i dont want to use now any other parlor or spa treatment. plz give me advice for remove blackheads, dark circle from eyes & clean & clear face?
  348. obaid Says:
    mam my self obaid frm hyderabad . i heard a lot about there is problem my skin gets hard pimples since last four give me guide or a help wat to do mail i d is...........................................................
  349. seema sharma Says:
    mam ..i ,m the big fan of urs,,,,,,,plz tell me about the skin having small acnes all the time and now a days having the skin with no charm....plz can u help me
  350. Vikas Says:
    Hi Mam , I came across your products and this forum recently . I am in USA in connecticut. I want to try ur products . I have a normal skin and little dark in color . So far I am using only a Olay cleanser both morning and night nothing else. So now I am planning to do something else because I am thinking now without doing its not gonna work automatically. So please mam suggest me where should I start . I can afford any number of your product . Should I go for ur diamond pack or gold pack ? anything else do I need to buy ? Saw ur site got confused what to buy . Please suggest mam . waiting 4 ur reply ...
  351. Ammereen Says:
    Hi! I live in Dubai. I am not sur where to find your products. Is there a beuty center here?
  352. preeti Says:
    hi mam,i m 29 now, when i was in india and my skin was sweating a lot but now i m in england from two years and my skin is getting worse with acne and brown spots.what should i do i m so much worried. can u help me please.
  353. usha from chennai Says:
    i need your products good bleach, name of it, undereye cream, name of it, moisturiser and its name too. do you have tummy reduction creams. if you have please suggest. iam your new customer so i dont know any of your products please explain to use it also and if possible some homeremedies also.
  354. Ambika Sharma Says:
    I have a few concerns about my skin: - Open pores on my nose - Chicken pox and acne scars on my cheeks - Underlying pimples on my forehead I have a t-zone and generally the cheeks can get dry during winter months. I also have a tan which I would like to get rid of on my back. My back also has chicken pox scarring and some acne scars - what is best to use? At the moment I use only cold water to wash my face, rose water to tone and clinique moisturiser to moisturise. At night I use almond oil instead of clinique cream to moisturise. I also have puffy eyes. I sometimes get dandruff as well. please can you advise. Thanks Ambika
  355. CRawat Says:
    I am your fan & mam your product is very nice. I was very fair & glow skin when i lived in delhi but after settled in dehradun my color has dull. please give me advise for my fair color.My age is 31years I really obliged you. My email id is
  356. jas Says:
    i have melasma ,can u help me
  357. Swati Says:
    whenever I move to Chennai from Mumbai for 10-15 days .My skin becomes dark what to do Mam.I have wheatish colour
  358. Shuchi Says:
    Hi..mam I am 29.I have combination skin and get slight acne every now and then which leave marks.My facial skin is darker than rest of the body.I always wear a sunscreen,still the skin is darker.Can u please advice me a regime/produts that would suit my skin nd help me get lighter eventoned skin.Also at 29 i want to sart using some anti aging product bt those are heavy and can cause acne.Pls advice me what produts shud i use.I stay in Hyderabad..Pls do let me know where can i get your products in Hyderabad..Thanx a lot!!
  359. bharathi Says:
    hello madam I am a great fan of yours. I had a very normal and glowing skin I am 38 off late my skin is prone to pimples. I apply turmeric and curd and then wash off after it dries. for the pimple scars I apply sandal and rosewater paste is it ok mam. Please suggest some good creams which will make my skin glow and free from pimples.
  360. Tanima Chakraborty Says:
    Iam 26 , have normal skin.can you suggest a skin care routine. Iam using shacleanse, sharose and shaqueen.
  361. sachin Says:
    hi mam it seems u have solution for each and every problem... plz reply to my problem. Actually i am a male having very dark lips (i dont smoke) and from your previoous comments i started using beetroot water on my lips,it help me little bit,by making my lips dark brown but evn now they look very bad... so plz telll me now how to make my lips pink or lighten the dark brown color. i had tried ghee ,almond oil,rose water but it didnt work..... plz help me out
  362. sana Says:
    i have got a very dark skin color....nd acne prblm also.....coz of which i have developed dark acne scars and pockmarks on my face..and i also want even skin tone i.e full body fairness...plzz suggest me some home remedies or your skin products....plzzzzzzz..........
  363. nibedita basu Says:
  364. sara Says:
    i am 32 yr i live in london southall i am beaution i am interested your courses i use your product please send me your london colleg detail
  365. Sheetal Says:
    hello I saw a lot of questions you had answers and some you havent. Honeslty, I have not read through the entire list. I have the same problem many do: I am 30 yrs old., oily skin and break out often. I am in US and not sure where I can buy your stuff. Also, can you please recommend me a good routine? (gold facial/pearl facial? shahlife/shahclove? etc.??)
  366. lami rawat Says:
    hi my name laxmi t am 27years recenty hapeen my skin is oily i start use latco carema in winter in face very smal small came thhen belish and facial so thee a dark spot on my face how to remove dark spot and what lotion to use on my face moring and night
  367. vanitha Says:
    i have fine line under my eyes. it ok if i use under eye serum n shaweed ubder eye care. i also apply shaglow plus shabase to my face once a day. and shafair in the night. my skin type is a bit oily. i am 35 years old. i d have oxygen cream as well.pls suggest the appropriate product or am i in the right track. tq pls reply me at
  368. aashu Says:
    hello beauty queen shanazji,can we apply honey on hair.i heard that honey may turn hair and facial hair it true?
  369. nadia Says:
    i was given shaclove at a salon, however they dont have shaderm, is this ok to use alone..i have acne and marks from them.i want to get rid of the acne marks and a little fairer pls.
  370. Chanda Rawat Says:
    Please give me the reply I am your fan & mam your product is very nice. I was very fair & glow skin when i lived in delhi but after settled in dehradun my color has dull. please give me advise for my fair color.My age is 31years I really obliged you. My email id is
  371. naz Says:
    hi i am from england can you tell me were is your herbel body shop is plz also my skin is dry and i got pimpel as well plz can you tell me which prudect are good for me thx if any body from england let me know where is the shahnaz herbel shop is
  372. sara khan Says:
    hello mam,meri skin bahut dry hai us k liye kiya mein daimond facial kar sakti hun aur sab se acha kaun sa facial hai dry skin k liye .thnx
  373. manju Says:
    i want to ask whenever we apply henna it gives me sinus and severe headache. what should i do.
  374. Sumalatha Says:
    Hi Mam,I am 28 years unmarried. I have a combination skin where my nose part is oily and my checks are bit dry. Till the age of 27 i never had much pimples on my face. Now suddenly small small pimples are becoming more on my face and it leaves a mark. this looks odd and my face is getting wrose day by day. Not sure what to use? How can i make my skin look glowing & out of pimples. Can you please suggest on this
  375. Nora Jain Says:
    Hello,never had any pimples till i had my first kid. ever since i breakout; started using shaclear, shazema and shaclove about 2 years ago. used to help me and keep pimples in control. now does not seem to help anymore. please suggest what can i use to stop pimples and get rid of red scars from them. i will really appreciate it and i love your products.
  376. Bobby Says:
    hi mam, am 30years old i was fair earlier and of late my skin has started turning wheatish and now darker am worried plz suggest me some remedies and cream so that this can be stopped and i can get back to my normal skin color i also have dark circle and now that have also turned very dark plz help me
  377. tina Says:
    hello shanazji, im a 24 yr old working women. Im married. My skin appears to be dark and dull and without any glow after i return from work. I also tend to get dark circles and my eyes look lifeless. Please do give a solution for my quieries so that i can have young and glowing skin with lively eyes. Please reply
  378. soni Says:
    hi , my skin is dry n i never get pimples on my face n one day certainly i got red small pimples on my face n it iches alot on my face n i applied neem n haldi past n got reaction now my face skin become very dark ples suggest me what should i do ? i have shown to many skin specilist but it did not work , so please help me
  379. Aishwarya Says:
    What cosmetics should i use to get great look after 2 months on my weeding party? Hello i am 28 Male, Normal Skin,wheatish complection what cosmetics should i use to get great look after 2 months on my weeding party? please suggest good night cream, day cream, facials and bleach cream etc and where in Pune,India i can get it. (Some one suggested 3-4 sitting for shahnaz Gold facial would be good)please suggest me about this?where can i get shahnaz facial cream and face pack?
  380. mrs pasu Says:
    i am interested in learning beautician course..i live in chennai where do u have your institute in chennai or near to chennai? pl i eagerly waiting to hear from you
  381. ramya s Says:
    dear madam, iam 21 years old...i wanted to know if gold facial is suitable for dark skin??
  382. REENU Says:
  383. sandysari Says:
    Hi, i am 23yrs old n have wheatish,sensitive and combination skin.i want to look bright and cleari dnt have much pimples/acne.once in a while i get a pimple or two...I want to look bright and clear and lighten my complexion....Could you pls suggest me day routine care as well as night routine care. Does shalife suit my skin?i am thinking to use diamond scrub and pearl white cream as moisturizer in d morning..does this suit my skin type?? plzzzzz reply
  384. sadiya Says:
    hi mam my skin is very dull for many problem pimples,ance,dark cicle and ilost fairness for face plzzzz mam advise me what product i use
  385. bini Says:
    hai madam ,iam 21 years old and my face is oily whith some acne.iam doing shahnaz pearl facial is it good or bad for my skin plz give replayand also my face contain hair how i can remove it?two times laser treatment is done .still i donot use any cream because my skin is allergetic one.for ance i use adaple-c colour is fair.
  386. geethu Says:
    how to avoid black mark naturlly
  387. shabana Says:
    assalamualaikum mai aapki bahut badi fan hoon aapher kisiki problemsolve karti hain pls mere liye bhi kuch bataiye allah aap k kaam me tarakki de meri umer25 saal hai mujhe 2 saalka beta hai mere face pe pimples hain aur kam hote hi daagh ban jaate hain maine bahut martaba facial bhi karwaya hai koi faayda nahin main acne medicated soap use kar rahi hoon meri skin dullaur rough horahi hai pls aap mujhe bataiye mai kya use karon aur aap k products mujhe kahan per milenge umeed karti hoon aap mujhe meri pareshani ka hal zaroor batangi badi meherbani hogi aapki allah hafiz.main gulf me hoon yahan per aap kproducts kidher milenge pls bataiye.
  388. miru Says:
    hi shanaz mam, first of all i should praise of being such a beautiful lady.... pls educate me on usage procedure of "wildrose" and "shablem".
  389. pinki Says:
    hello maam, i am a 24 yr old women with oily skin and a wheatish skin is pigmented and i have dark circles.what is the right age to use gold products?and what is the right age to do facial?i want an even complexion and a healthy skin.thanx.
  390. tanuja Says:
    hi! Mam im 26yrs old and i hv oily and sensitive skin.i have acne also. My skin is so badly tanned i few days. What should you suggest me to get rid of it.
  391. mary mathew Says:
  392. Reena Says:
    Hi mam, I am suffering from red pimple on the cheeks, plz let me now wht can I do for the same, I am waiting u r earliest response mail id,
  393. minnu Says:
    pls tell me how to care my lips. i need some more colour to my lips and my lips is always dry... pls tell me a treatment to this pls help me
  394. vandana Says:
    hi i am 23 yrs old and i have got hair on my face, is there any home remedies to get rid of facial hair permanently or should i have to go for laser treatment for permanent removal of facial hair. do suggest me the best way to get rid of facial hair growth.
  395. namrata Says:
    hi,i am 28 yr old and have 2month old baby.i am facing facial hair growth problem during prgnancy which r not yet reduced and also plz tell me how to reduce postpartum belly?is threre any homemade remedy?is thermoherbal pack useful for this?
  397. swati Says:
    hi madam,i am 27years old lady with oily skin but my chin is dry in winter with black dry circle and rest of my face is oily..but in summer my allover face is becoming oily...and i have in a problem of black heads...plz advice my with your products and home remedies....and i also want to know that can i use your gold radiance gel and mask????plz suggest
  398. Indira Says:
    Hi,Iam 34 year have oily skin with acne and scars.Iam using Shaclear for past few weeks and I find that my pimples have reduced. Iam planning to become pregnant.Is it safe to use Shaclear or any shahanz products during pregancy?
  399. Sohini Says:
    Hi madam I am 25 yrs old.My skin is not totally oily..I think I have combinational skin...please suggest me waht type of night and day cream i can use daily?????
  400. neelam man Says:
    i am 37 years old .My skin is very dry+sen.Ihave never used soap on my face when i was young .Now everybody says use facewash,bought so branded and useless for my skin .I was searching ur address because i am feed with so many home remeidies ,one says use this other says no-no it will dry ur skin .Please suggest me any home remedi as i think in winter i feel my skin will tear off.My whole body is very dry.Pls. help me u recv. my message.If possible my mail address is wishes for your future.
  401. zoya Says:
    mam i m 19 year old girl m veryy tense plzz help i have problm od acne noww whole skin become worst so much marks .around my louth on upper lip a black markk i m worried i took so many treatment butt no use plz mam help mee
  402. MADHURI Says:
  403. Zeba Says:
    Hi Mam,,I am 28yrs old and married,,, my skin is oily but not regular I go to the parlour I have pimples on my cheek pls advice me what I will use your product. tks
  404. hasnath Says:
    i have a fair body but my face,neck and arms are black.wat can be done to make my face neck and arms fair.pls gve me some tips for dis.........thanks
  405. basu Says:
    Hi mam,this is the first time i am writing to you.I am 23 years old.I work in a software company.Due to job,I have to go out in the sun.May be,due to this some portions of my hands have become dark,dat looks odd if i were sleeveless.and also my face has become tanned and some white patches has also appeared,with small dark spots.I want to know is there any remedy of ur products that can solve my problem?I will be extremely thankful to you.....pls help me!!!
  406. twinkle Says:
    i want to ask that if i will apply sandal paste every day.. will i become fair or nt?? is this harmful for my skin
  407. dua Says:
    i m 26yrs old and single.....i had a hair growth on my neck and face alog with this i had acne problem which seems more before periods
  408. sneha kesarkar Says:
    hi mam.i am 16 years old and i want to have a white skin as my it true that if i mix curd and gram flour or i rub tomato on my skin while bathing then my skin will get white?please mam suggest me some solution.i am asking you this for the third you.take care.please suggest me quickly.
  409. Rezina Says:
    Hi Shahnaz, from 1999 onwards I am using your products, but the problem is due to my job I have to change the places too often. The beautician who has recommended me your products at Aligarh has told me that due to weather changes we have to change the products too. When i was is Maldives I used Shabase with Shamoist/Shaglow when I used to go out but after three years when I met the beautician again, She recommended me for a Gold Facial and suggested me to use Shaoxygen cream and mask. At present I am staying in China and the weather here is too cold and my skin is dry and too sensitive. And I am using Shaoxygen, Shasglow at night and Shamoist. But My skin has become dull than before what I can use to make it glow?
  410. Shivani Pundir Says:
    Hello Mam I m 25 yrs old. I ve got pimples n dark dot. i want smooth my face.. how it smooth? plz help me heal
  411. rose j Says:
    I am 60 yrs and have used ur gold facial with good results. I just bought a salon size gold kit, but i am confused about how to use all the products properly. A beauty shop,who sells it in India told me to use the gold gel and moisturiser first, wipe it off and then use the mask and wash off. I feel that that was wrong advise. Please give me the correct advise. I have normal skin. Thank you RJ
  412. rosy Says:
    Gud Tips !
  413. mamta Says:
    hello ,didi i am great fan of u - i am 37 years ,my skin is dry and become dull,and blackish on forehead and skin colour is not even didi i want good even colour ,good complexion and glowing skin plz suggest me soon
  414. prabhleen Says:
    hi mam i m prabhleen i want u ask u that can u suggest me some ways so that my kajal do not spoil undr my eyes .......... and also having pimples on my forehaed so can u suggest me any home remedy ................plzzzz suggest me some ways mam:-(.........
  415. Ruby Says:
    Hi, I am 39 yrs old. Please suggest any mask for skin tightening. I like to have a smooth and glowing skin. My skin is sensitive and have combination skin.

  416. Dear Ruby, THERMOHERB is a special skin treatment done in the parlor and it can make your skin tight. Get the FLOWER POWER mask for your sensitive skin.
  417. asha Says:
    hi mam,i am 18 yrs old,my skin is very dryand pls give any remedy to become fair skin
  418. nima Says:
    hi mom, My hair is falling day by day and what cream or oil i can use. im in dubai heare water problem may be. Pls tell me one solution what oil or cream or tablet i can use. Waiting ur reply
  419. barkha Says:
    hi madam my name is barkha and i am getting married this june 25th i am from chennai. i am wheatish complexioned and want some tips from u for glowing bright skin and also neat body skin. please give me some tips which i canf ollow for the next 24 days

  420. Dear Barkha, Since you don't have much time, go to the parlor and get sittings of pearl facial done. We also have BRIDE'S PACKAGES, which will be good for you. In the package everything including your hair as well as body will be treated. So don't worry just fix your appointment in a near by parlor.
  421. MUMUN GHOSH Says:
  422. afsha Says:
    hi shahnaz i want to use ur gold facial kit can u pls suggest me whether can i go ahead or no as i have a little of acne scars on my face and if yes then where can i get it in mumbai pls help me waiting for ur response
  423. sadaf Says:
    acne on my face and dark spot how to reamove it
  424. manmeet kaur Says:
    hello mam u are the most beautiful lady !!!! pls help me as i my back get darken may be due to swimming as the doctors say this is a pigmentation bt dere medicense are nt effected my back didnt get lighten ... hope so you give me gud suggestion to lighten up my back
  425. KULWANT Says:
    Respected Mam,I am 20 yrs old girl and suffering from strong dark circles around my eyes and black spots on my nose ,please suggest me single solution to remove them ,really I want instant relief!!! from a product & I am not parlour going person.
  426. rashmi Says:
    Hi mam , I am 38 years old i have melasma on my cheeks and forehead kindly suggest me any sort of treatment to get rid of this problem my email add is
  427. RIA Says:
    Hi Shanazji. I am 52 yrs old , my skin is very dry,flaky on hair pors by the side of the nose by cheaks,and have sensentive skin ,,,, i have use so many products but no change .... PLEASE COULD U ADVISE THE BEST OF YOUR PRODUCT TO USE,,,, PLEASE REPLY TO THIS URGTLY AS WE HAVE WEDDING COMING UP SOON
  428. nida Says:
    hi mam i m nida here would like to know if shaclear is ok to use while i am pregmant
  429. amisha Says:
    hi shehnaz! can u pls tell me what r the ingridients used in haldi ubtan which is applied to the brid on her "haldi rasam" day?
  430. Reshma Says:
    All my good wishes to u for all your endevours !!!!! U are the one, who is aspire to be............ I have very dry & tanned skin with coarse hair on my cheeks, chin & upper neck. I have been taking laser sessions to do away with the coarse facial hair & also homeopathic medicine to set right my hormonal imbalace. I was wondering, if you can suggest me to help my tanned & dry skin. Many thanks in anticpation !!!!!!!!!! :) Reshma.

  431. Dear Reshma, you have not mentiones whether your problem of hair has been cured. Use SHASCRUB for scrubbing your face weekly. After scrubbing use a good pack(SHACLOVE) on your face for 15 minutes. By repeating this weekly dry skin will definitely improve. use a SUNSCREEN 40 SPF, when you go out and use moisturizer.
  432. Shilpa Says:
    I have heard a lot of people say that if a cream is used after applying Haldi, it darkens the skin. Is it true that after applying a Haldi based face pack we should not use any cream.Please let me know. Thank you Shilpa
  433. emily Says:
    hello mam im 21,nd ma skin is normal type ..dry at some times ma complexion is dark wheatish..i would like to improve ma complexion .i strted using ur product" Diamond Skin Nourishing Cream" will it help ma problem...also i would like to knw if its suitable to use that cream at ma age...i saw "age control formula "somewer in that box....also can i leave the cream all night???or should i wipe it off before sleep? wt othr product do u suggest
  434. kanika Says:
    Hi.... I use bleach on my face once a month because i have dark facial hair. I want to know that can regular use of bleach harden my facial hair permanently? and also increase hair growth on face?
  435. Nidhi Says:
    Hello mam, i am a big fan of yous. i truly hats off to ur hardwork. we are currently residing in New jersey for 10 yrs . I have a 6yrs old daughter when she was born she was completly fair skin but know her colour has become dark , What should i apply in her skin and also about her hair is brittle and dry what are the homeremedies i can use for skin and hairs. i am so........... worried about her complexion specially in summertime. please i will really appreciate u . Pls help!

  436. Children's color change, so no need of worrying much. In summer specially , the color of skin tend to become dark. Besan and milk or Atta and milk with little oil (made like paste) can be applied and washed off before bath. Use baby oil for oiling her hair and that's it.
  437. Divya Says:
    Hi all, I have oily skin, I would like to use olive oil on my skin. Please let me know if this fine?
  438. Ashi Says:
    Hi, my skin is very rough and my face starts sagging.. which face mask is good for me.. i occasionally have pimples. I want to have a glowing skin.. Pls suggest which of your mask is suitable for me..

  439. Ashi, you have not mentioned your age. For sagging skin get THERMOHERB facial done in our parlor. It is the ideal special skin treatment for you. For extra glow use diamond mask weekly with scrub.
  440. sharlin Says:
    could you pls suggest tips for daily beauty care
  441. ruchi Says:
    hi mam, i m 25 yr old i applied fruit bleach and diamond facial on my face but it dosent glow why this is so

  442. Firstly we do not use fruit bleach with diamond facial. The diamond set of cream it self sufficient, which has a scrub, nourishing cream pack and moisturizing cream. If you do this facial every month, your face will definitely glow.
  443. jaya Says:
    hello mam mam my skin is normal i want to know ,which bleach is best for me fruit oxy gold or something else i have to attend a marriage in next week please help me
  444. Poonam Says:
    Hello mam, I am 19 yrs old. I m having oily hair type.I used to have silky and thick hair but 3-4 yrs back I got dandruff problem and I started losing my hair very badly. They are now reduced to less then 50%, become very thin and dandruff is still there. Please suggest something for a healthy growth.
  445. Lubna Says:
    Hello mam i am 27 years old and my complexion was fair before last few months but i dont know why i is getting dark day by day my skin is good but my complexion is getting darker also i have dark hands specially knuckles, However my hands were fair before 3-4 years but they have become ugly and dont know what to do also have been trying to make it fair but no avail pls pls pls suggest me the solution of my problems
  446. Zainab Says:
    Hi Mam, I am Zainab. This is the first time I am writing to you. I had a clear skin earlier though i m not fair. But lately I started getting pimples which kept leaving black marks and i got to know that it is because of cycts. I will be getting married within 3 months inshallah and I am really stressed out. I want to become a little fair and be clear of pimples and black spots before i get married. Please suggest tips how i can become fair and get rid also with my pimples and spots. BTW my skin is a combination skin.. oily in T area specially.....

  447. Hi Zainab, Since you are getting married, get a clinical treatment known as VEGETABLE PEELING sittings done. Use PEARL CREAM and also have pearl facials which will make your skin fair.
  448. Divya Says:
    Dear Mam, Like everyone i admire your Beauty and a great fan of yours. I am 30 year old with 2 kids . My skin was normal before but now it seems oily. But it winter it becomes dry, as i live in London i have to face the cold for at least 5 months. From the age of 22 i am using your Gold Facial and i love it. Please help me to keep my skin healthy and also to keep away from wrinkles like yours :)
  449. Ashwini Says:
    Hello Mam, im 27 yrs old and I have moved to dubai 1 and 1/2 yr back and since then have been gettin pimples on my forehead ,have used a lot of creams including olay products...but whenevr i use any cream i causes more pimples,bcoz of which i cant use any face creams...also have been losing a lot of hair is very scanty now... ....i want to have a healthy skin and hair...pls help!!
  450. nibha Says:
    u r so nice
  451. kalpana Says:
    hello i am your big fan i want to know where do i get your products in bangalore as i am new to this place
  452. Devi Says:
    madam im 23 my marrige is on 5th july.I have lot of dark spots on my face from 9years itself....tried many things but no can i cure this before my marrige
  453. shobhana Says:
    helo mam, i am very depress from my skin. i have oily skin and it became darker and dull, it always look dirty too. please help me mam.
  454. Hina Says:
    Hello mam im 28 years old i ve heard about ur self sice childhood.. im from Pakistan i havent use any kind of market products on my face.... i have fair complextion but since i start my job my coplextion is going dull. one thing my skin is oily ..... please tell me home reamdy to get rid of acne n pimple marks nn specially tell me which things 4 glowing face i want to back my glow face .. may be ur product r not available in pakistan.. so plz its request to u ......... thanks.
  455. Sumana Says:
    Hi im 32 yrs old and have combination skin is oily, dull, patchy and spots appears time to time...but my cheeks are really confused what to advise...
  456. kavita Says:
    hellow madam my name is kavita i am 23 yrs i have blackheads on my nose,dark circles near my eyes ,i have a chashma from 4yrs ,i am not fair i want to fair as soon as possible give tip that can i made home only i hair on my face tell me all the thing what can i ask you what can do dark circles blackhead please madam help me help me my skin healthy my email id is give me message as soon as possible i use EVERYOUTH SCRUB daily FEM bleaching cream my apar leaps and chin is very dark what can i do heip i am at trubble
  457. prachi Says:
    i am prachi,i got burnt when i was its been 5yrs is it possible for me to get back to my normal skin has become white at parts and the burn was severe as it caught on my dress ...i hardly survived..i hav marks on my neck and arms...suggest me can i be the same or close to that what i was 5 yrs ago...pls help..
  458. Rani Says:
    I am 37 yrs old, i think my face skin is normal type. I am in need of a good moisturiser. Oil based moisturiser results in acne, I am never comfortable with sunscreen, results in acne. Light water based moisturiser is not sufficient. Could you suggest me what should I do?
  459. azeema Says:
    Hi, I am azee golden facial is good for face every month doing, if i stop doing golden facial its harm to skin. plzzzzzz give me solution
  460. piyali Says:
    Hi Shehnaz! I am 35 yrs old. I have combination skin and uneven skin tone. I alsohave pigmentation . I would like to use your products to resolve these problems. I had hair problems which I have recovered after using your products and am impressed...please help me!!!
  461. jiji Says:
    dear mam, I am 40 yrs old and have oily skin. I have dark circles,wrinkles,lines and my skin looks tired ,dull lifeless,saggy.age spots and no glow.I have been using shasmooth, shasilk,shaface and shamask but all in vain.I want the glow and that my skin is firm and young.Please suggest some anti-ageing products which i can use at home. I get pimples on applying any cream.PLEASE HELP
  462. Richa Says:
    Hello Mam, I am 29 yrs old and i am 5 weeks pregnant. I heard that bleach is not safe during pregnancy(i am concerned about my face). Please suggest me some solution for my facial hairs that i can use during pregnancy without any side affects to baby. Thanks in Advance.
  463. candy Says:
    i have oily skin with spots.. which product and which facial i should use to get fine and fair skin
  464. payal Says:
    hello miss shehnaz, i have combinationn skin..wht facial would suit my skin type?is shehnaz gold pack gel based?
  465. AMREEN Says:
  466. Shreya Says:
    Hi,shahnaz mam,u r a goddess on the earth.thanks for the gööd work u r doing.i hv been using ur oxygen mask which shown wonder on my skin.mam,i m 22 years old girl with a normal to dry skin type,its very little sensitive skin tone is medium and hands and legs are comparatively very dark and dull than my face.please reccomend me the skincare routine and products consisting of cleanser,toner,moisturiser,mask,body lotion etc.what u think is neccesary to make my skin glowing,clean and fair. And plz b kind enough to reccomend me some care and ur products for my normal to dry and fine,thin hair type which is lacking volume and has a very serious problem of breakage in between length of hair. Day by day i m getting dark and ugly. I really keen of good advice frm a gud lady which is u.waitin....thank u.
  467. nikki Says:
    as salam wala kum i am 30+ my skin is very dry dull and some wrinkle around the eyes so pls suggest me a very best cream for facial and daily care now a day i am using olay range products allah hafic
  468. pinky Says:
    if honey is applied on face , will it turn the eyebrows grey?
  469. Navdeep Says:
    Hello mam , i am 20 year boy from Punjab . i have dark/wheatish skin complexion from my childhood.i get tried by using fairness products with no noticeable results.As i am the only child of my parents so i have to stay outside for many hours.So,please suggest me some products or home remedies which really works and can give me permanently noticeable lighten and fairer skin tone results with no side effect..........pls help
  470. Satwinder Says:
    Hello mam , i am 20 year boy from punjab.this is my first time i am writing to you . i have a problem of dark/wheatish skin tone from my childhood.I have a skin type which get dried in winters and oily in summers.please suggest me any good products according to my skin type which can give me permanently noticeable lighten ,fairer and sexy punjabi type skin tone with no side effect................Help me as soon as posible..Thanx.....
  471. sheynaz Says:
    hi mam.. thanks for all your advice and tips i have purchased gold facial kit and want to know what is a right way to use? i am confuse regarding gold radiant gel which you suggested to use at night for glowing skin am i suppose to leave overnight or have to wash it off with water please help so that i can take full advantage of gold kit. is its safe to use your product after expiration date? pls help!!
  472. Chandani Ray Says:
    hello mam i am big fan of you,i live in kolkata & want to join your beaution classes.pls help
  473. Priya Says:
    Hai .. I am 24 yrs old .. am in normal colur. i have dry skin n darkness around mouth. even i dont knw what i have to do and where do buy those products .. so plz advise me n tell me any home remedies.. thanks in advance...
  474. Tanu Says:
    I have Oily / Combination Skin ,Which facial suits my skin texture and what do i need to todo to keep my oily skin to look fresh
  475. reshma Says:
    hi mam,am in USA , 26 yrs old. i have dry skin and lots of white heads and black heads in my face.i have hair loss and dark circle in my eyes.How can i get a glowing skin.could you please suggest any shah products suitable for my skin. thanks reshma.
  476. Seema Says:
    hi mam hope u doing good, m 23 years old and m having oily skin dueto which i had acne prob , m using seba med soap suggested by dermatologist which really worked for pimples but m still hvng pimple marks on my face though it is nost so much (only 2-3 marks ) but so dark .pls suggest me some tips or cream or medicine for getting ridof from these marks as early as possible nd as well want to knw olay cream how far useful for me.... waiting for ur resp.....thanks
  477. monalisa Says:
    my skin sweats terribly in summer and is dry in winter. i am thirty. please suggest your products to use daily to give me a glowing younger looking skin.also suggest a facial for me.
  478. shahnaz Says:
    hello hi i have a question about the shabase sandalwood protective base..i am a 13 year old girl and i was wondering if it was okay to use this product for my age ..and also when you use this you have to mix it with shahsilk..thankyouu so muchh
  479. nida Says:
    what age do u prefer for ppl to use this product..thankyou verry much and please respond back soon thak u :))
  480. vidya lalwani Says:
    hello mam,like everyone i am also big fan of u.mam i am doing mba. my skin is oily and it is going dull day by day .and after one month my di marriage is fixed.mam plz give me some home facepack for shining and glow of my skin.
  481. suzi Says:
    both side of my nose are black and i have dark spots on my face too... what should i do o get rid of it
  482. Sweetie Says:
    Dear Mam, I am 26 years old & having oily skin. Whenever I use any cream I got pimples. Finally, I stopped using creams & only apply Astrigent after bath & it has controlled my pimples. But, I knew that & need to nourish my skin. Can you please guide me? It throws heat when I clean my skin with cleanser & scrubber. I do it once in a month. I have some deep holes on my nose which developed due to pimples. How can I fill them & make my skin look healthy & shiny?? Please advice.
  483. azmath Says:
    hallo mam im 27 my skin was very healthy when i was its looking dull. i want to healthy and youngest skin. plz mam suggest me what i have to do
  484. sriya Says:
    hello mam... im havin severe hair loss...hw can i get rid of dat?can u suggest some of ur products for dat....and also for dark circles....plss.....
  485. asra Says:
    Assalamalekum mam my gulf me hu age 27.i have two doughters.mam my 27 ki hu mere face par glow nahi hai aur kabhi pimpls bhi hote hai to mark pad jata hai aur bhot din tak nahi jata madam kuch aysa bataye ke mere face par glow ajaye aur pimples na ho apki meherbani hogi allah hafiz
  486. aishwarya Says:
    hello mam.. I am 22.. i got little hair on ma face and also on ma body.. though it is not seen very much.. i wish to take off.. can u suggest any u have any product? and also tell me if there is any home remedies
  487. Nisha Says:
    Dear Madam, I have brown spots on my forehead and rest of my face. Please suggest what I can use to even out and bring a glow to my face. Also, my hair are falling any suggestions on that? Thank you for your help.
  488. karam veer Says:
    hello mam,i m male my colour is dark now. Bt few years before it is fair. my skin is oily . pls suggest me that how can i make my face fair and glowing. pls mam , i m realy very depressed. My email id . i will b very thank full to you.
  489. Madhusmita Says:
    Hello Mam, recntly saw you in the interview in Aaj Sarere in Nation TV Channel and now becme a great fan of yours. I am 25yrs old. my skin is normal, wanted to know some regular home remedy for keep it healthy and glowing. Am also in diet. so suggest smthing so that my face will not effected by this diet control. my skin aruond mouth is comparatively black the d other area. please suggest smthing. I have split ends in hair since 7-8 yrs. please suggest some oil, shampoo,conditioner and home remedy.
  490. Sushma Says:
    Hi Shahnaz ji, I am 25 years old. I think I have a unique problem of dry skin with acne, dark spots caused due to acne and on top of that i noticed that my face has uneven skin tone which was not there earlier. I am wheatish in color. But, due to this uneven skin tone, my face looks dark. Please help me in evening out my skin tone and reducing acne. Can i use shahnaze pearl cream to mosturize my skin and also to even out my skin tone?
  491. ASHU Says:
    m fair but my face is very dull nd i do have dark circles around my eyes so please suggest me
  492. Anjana Saxena Says:
    Hi Mam, i am using yours "Shahnaz hussain peral cream" and i have combo skin...should i contineu applying pearl cream? or Diamond cream good for my skin? I have no pimples at all....plz suggest me
  493. Jennifer Says:
    I am 58 years old and have a patchy complexsion - dark spots uneven skin tone - especially around my mouth and chin - Ialso my cheeks and forehead - have tried a few creams for this dark spot pigmentation - at the moment I am using GARNIER FAIRNESS + DARK SPOT PREVENTION CREAM - can you suggest and advise how I cud achieve an even skin tone fair complexion - I am really desperate to have a healthy skin tone on my face - pleeeeeeeeeeease help me
  494. salma kabir Says:
    hi mam,my skin is so dry.nowadays i use it good for my skin?can i use shalife+honey and what type of mask should i use?plz suggest.
  495. hi Says:
    i am 29 year old skin is dry which produt sholud i apply daily in themorning
  496. sheeba Says:
    aslamualaikum,i,m 37yrs married women staying in skin is very dry and acne spots due to constipation.i do hv very eye dark circles.plz suggests cream and facials which i can follow face doesn,t hv i use shamoist n massage sometimes with shalife n shatex times i do ur gold facial at home.and what else i should do to hv very glowing and spotless skin.i,m coming to india in second week of july2011,plz suggest good and reasonable facial to be done in ur saloon as i,ll stay for 20 days
  497. Nikita Says:
    Hello Mam, I have dry hair. early its volume is too much but now the level hair fall is so much that anybody can my scalp. I use Coconut oil with camphor & Ayur as a shampoo. Pls suggest me to prevent hair fall.
  498. nikita Says:
    I have a Combination Skin, My complexion is dark. Because of the wrong use of Gold Facial I also had the problem of pimples & moles on the face. Before that I did suffered from any kind of pimples & moles. Now what I do to vanish these pimples & moles. Pls suggest me
  499. Ambarin Says:
    Hi, I m 27 with combination skin and occasionally break outs and scars on my forehead and cheek, want to know that Which Face Mask will be Suitable for me ? What should I have to apply to get rid of acne and scars. I m using shaclove and sharose.My hair is also dull and rough,I regular use Henna. Thanks & regard.
  500. Mona Says:
    Hi, I am new to your products and just bought your veg peel. The guy at the counter told me to mix it with white of an egg and use it but that just felt very weird on my skin. Is that the correct way to use it? Please advise. I have a skin which is neither too dry or too oily(except the area around my nose is oily) Thanks!
  501. sudeshna Says:
    hello mam, i am 25 year old and i have a question about shamoist plus. i wanted to use your product, so i went to a cosmetic shop. there i was suggested by the sellgirl to use shamoist plus.twoo weeks before my skin was became very dry and some skin flakes came out. i am not satisfied totaly. i want to use your gold products. because i want golden glow to my skin. i have got some rashes problems very frequently. pleeeaaase suggest me your suitable products for golden glowy and rashes free clear skin.........................
  502. Manmeet Says: skin is little bit sensitive. sm years back it was too very oily bt now its like combination...and have become too dry with too many acnes and scars...dryness is soo much...its sum sensitive too...i avoid using soap bt too dead skin on my have natural glow bt i want too improve my becomes too blacky sometimes...ant its too irritating....plz suggest me good facial kits....i m 21 years now with dry skin...plz suggest best for me......
  503. Riyanthra Says:
    Hi mam, I have used pearl cream and saw remarkble results in just few days. Recently, I have upgraded and bought diamond nourishing cream and platinum serum (no more pearl cream). I also bought rose water and shabase. How do i use them? currently i have stoped using hm cause i had some pimples on my fase after platinum facial. Now im treating the pimples. I also notice that my skin is darkening now :( Pls advise my me how to use this product?
  504. Anju Says:
    Hi Mam, i am a very big fan of yours and your beauty products.Next month i am going to Philly, USA. what daily routine with your poducts i should follow according to there very cold climate as my skin is oily and of wheatish complexion. i want my face fair and with natural glow.
  505. shainy Says:
    Hello madam i am 20yrs old i hv pimple scars on my face and my skin has become dark plz gv me some advice tm hv a clear skin
  506. shajia Says:
    hello mam...i have an extremely oily facial skin and a lot of hair as well..i cannot void sun exposure but i cant apply ny sunblock either because of acne...please can u help me out..i have a dark complexion. can u please please suggest some easy and effective remedy for removing my tan and improving my complexion and reducing the hair growth..besides there r dark spots at the base of all hair especially in my legs and underarms nd face..what can i do?? pls help!
  507. shajia Says:
    hello mam...i have an extremely oily facial skin and a lot of hair as well..i cannot void sun exposure but i cant apply ny sunblock either because of acne...please can u help me out..i have a dark complexion. can u please please suggest some easy and effective remedy for removing my tan and improving my complexion and reducing the hair growth..besides there r dark spots at the base of all hair especially in my legs and underarms nd face..what can i do?? pls help!
  508. raman sidhu Says:
    hiiiiiiiiii mam i m ur big fan i m frm punjab 15 yrs old girl i want to know frm u that how can i remove my pimple darks by home made product i use multani mitte with milk so plz u tell me what i can do i m very vary about my sikn i thank u frm my heart
  509. Revathy Says:
    Hi Shahnaz, I am suffering from dry flaky skin all over the face. Also am obese undergoing thyroid treatment. Initially started with black heads now flaky itchy white dead cells is spreading all over the face.. Having a combination skin, i guess Kindly help me.
  510. Anju Says:
    Hello Madam, i have oily skin can i go for diamind facial?
  511. sonika Says:
    hii im having white patches on my face could u plss help me how i can remove that onee
  512. swati Says:
    Hi mam I got a shanaz diamond facial done for bridal purpose, i dono what happened i got allergic to it and developed pink rashes on skin. i need a solution which can solve it immediately as my wedding has arrived and am petrified mam.. need a help badly.
  513. SUVOMOY Says:
    Respected Madam , I am Suvomoy from Kolkata. My age is 36. Since my childhood I have been facing problems of pimples & acne. So many scars & spots ( dark & light ) are there in my face. My face is too Oily. For last two years I have been using your product. I use Neem based cream at night & shaclear when pimples occures. Now problems of pimples have come down. I want a fair and glowing skin. To reduce spots on my face what should I use. Waiting for your kind reply. Stay well . Regards-- Suvomoy
  514. Harini Says:
    Hi I am a 29 yr old living in the US. I think my skin is of combination type (the t-zone is oily all year long but rest of the face is normal during summers and dry during winters). Also, my skin is not fresh/soft/glowing/healthy looking. It looks dull and lifeless. I have never used your products until now but i have read a lot of good things about you and your products. Can you please suggest me a routine that can help make my skin look and be healthy, glowing and youthful ? Thanks in advance!
  515. SAVITA Says:
  516. jaspreet kaur Says:
    hello mam i m only 23yrs old m unmarried mam i have a lots of pigmentation on my face and many pimples. plz give me some beauty tips
  517. Zara Khan Says:
    HI Shahnaz, hope you are doing well. Well I have problem with my face it is oily, sensitive and even dark too but my body color is fair and specially I have dark skin around my lips And I have tried my product but nothing really worked out that great and even I have done my skin treatment(face) from skin specialist but even I tried in vain and I request you if you can help me for this problem I will be really thankful to you
  518. soni Says:
    Hello mam im 20 year old...and i have a combination type of skin...i want to have a white and fresh please suggest me some tips
  519. meghana Says:
    hai how to become fair and which is the best beauty products for age;13to15. thankyou
  520. monica Says:
    hello shahnaz i heard good about your products mine isa combination skin, my problem is im wheatish colour, i want my skin to become fair, and its my marrage in 3months can u plz suggest me which is the best cream of urs to my skin and even the facial to make my skin looking fairer plz reply 2my problem having lot of hopes on u.
  521. nishtha Says:
    mam i have black spots on my face due to acne. my skin is oily please give me solution to remove marks from my face
  522. neenu Says:
    mam i am u r great fan ..i have a problem my under eyes are dark how to remove this and pls tell any creams ... ........
  523. Binny Says:
    Hello mam, i have lot of pimples on my face as well as dark spots which have been coming past 1month. i have showed to dr. batra she has been saying i have all of these problems due to excess of dandruff. due to that i have acne on my back too. please suggest remedy or products to me.Thanking you ! :-)
  524. mukta Says:
    hello mam i m 24 years old. i m suffering from acne problem from last 10 years. these days my pimples have reduced but they have left dark spots and dents on my face. somebody told me that vegetable peel is good for dents and spots. please advice and help me...............
  525. Indirakumar Says:
    Hello Mam, so nice to see ur great beauty treatments. I am 27 and living in chennai. My skin is oily. I have many black spots on my nose and much hair on my hands and legs. Please suggest me any home treatments or shahnaz products for these two... thank you.
  526. karishma Says:
    hello maam, from past 2 to 3 weeks i m using tomato juice with lemon in morning and in evening i rub fresh aloevera gel on my face and after one hour papaya and before going to bed i use honey and lemon and smtmes my face is dull and sometimes it looks fair . i had fair skin but because rays my skin has got darker .i m first time asking you plessssseeeeeeeeeeeeee rply me what shall i do 2 make my skin fairer again , i even sometime use orange peels with besan ,haldi and lemon before taking bath and i have a normal skin. plzzz rply me thank u byee
  527. lily Says:
    My buttocks and underthighs have turned dark with boils coming ,plz give some tips to get back my fair colour like of thighs,and smoothened it.
  528. janani Says:
    Respected madam, i had tan on my arms, back side of neck and mildly on face ,iam having this more than 4 years ,plz give me some tips to remove tan plz
  529. Preet Says:
    thr s sm pimples on my face ,so plz suggest me to use a perfect lotion or cream on my face?????
  530. ARCHANA Says:
    hai iam 11 years old. can i use your products in this age?
  531. ritubarna Says:
    i am 24 yrs old n hav puffy eyes.i use shasmooth at nite.can u pls suggest me how to massage it around the eyes?in circular motion or inner to outer?can shasmooth b usd in summers also?what else eye care cn i do?pls help.
  532. Reshem Says:
    hello my skin is normal can u pls suggest me nay home remedies were my skin glow naturally
  533. shiny Says:
    i am getting marriage in next week, my skin is oily which facial suitable for my skin, and my face is very dull & pimple marks is there how can i get glow in my face
  534. arti Says:
    hi shavi i m 26 year old and im using all ur hair products shatone , shaheena . shalocks n all but now i m having dandruff any suggestions pls
  535. Mrs smita Says:
    hello mam, i am a 42 year married woman with twins baby boy, after my marrage , my skin become darker and oily, and during my rest period before one week I had a pimple problem also, now i am using ur product ,morning shezma after that sharose and shagrain, and night i am using shalife cream but on my chain i had a small pimple , so kindly give me a good remmidies of urs , Thanks regards
  536. Maria Says:
    hi actly i want to ask smethn abt foundatn fr bridal.i hve no idea abt foundatns.wht kind f foundatn i hve to use fr my wedding skin is wheatish. can u gve me a suggtn?
  537. sumaiya Says:
    Hi, I am one of your greatese fan.. a want to know how to reduce my dark circles, i am 23 yr old, plz give me the solution i am going to get married with in few months.....
  538. Pinki Says:
    Hello mam, i am of 22.. since class 7 i started hair loss because of tyfoid. i did many treatments.. but no good result have came out.. though i feel my hair loss is now at control a bit but no new hair growth is seen.. it rly givs a vry bad look as my hair is too less.. me nd my parents are vry tancd. mam plz suggest me a good home remedy to grow new hairs..Thank you mam!!
  539. suman Says:
    Dear shahnaz kindly suggest me I am 36 and I have oily skin .I get sun tan and sun burn eaily and no sun screen suits my skin.So kindly suggest which sun sereen I should used. And i have dull skin .Which facial kit should I used to remove winkle, dark spot and pigmatation and to get fair ,glowing youthful skin.i have read about u but never used ur product but now I want to use now.
  540. anitha Says:
    hi mam, im 26 yrs old i ve open pores and pimple marks on my face so it makes me look very dull. what is the best home made remedy or what i have to do for getting healthy look...thank you
  541. pattu Says:
    hi mam, i am 25yrs old do i use alovera daily for dicourage my pores
  542. sowmya Says:
    hi mam,i heard a lot about u,im thinking to use ur products i have pimple marks on my face im 26yrs old,im confused abt my skin type bcoz my body is dry nly my face is oily suggest me a good product
  543. sharmistha Says:
    Dear mam have thyroid.i am suffering from i want to regain hair ?what type of product should i use?
  544. seema Says:
    hello to remove blackheads from legs
  545. Diya Says:
    hello mam, i have a oily skin,pimple keep coming and going because recently i came to dubai and the heat is 45, so pls suggest me any home remedies, now iam using Pears green soap, pl suggest wat should i do
  546. Jyothi Says:
    Hi shahnaz my question is for my 6 year old son who has extremely dry skin.Can you recommend a moisturizer suitable for his age and bathing tips for him.
  547. sajida Says:
    m 20 yrs old. i have a flaky and dry skin.. i m going to get marry after 6 month.. please suggest me some product name to get rid of it.. my skin go es dark in winter.. please suggest me ....
  548. suvra paul Says:
    my face is full of dark spot and there is no glow in my age is 45.....and there are many wrinkles that has occured besides my eyes plz suggest me something so that i can get rid from these problems.....
  549. neha Says:
    hi..dis is neha.. I hve a little dark complexion My body is fair enough bt my face is a bit dark..plz guide me wit some of ur product N my age is 20..plz recommend me wit sum gud facial Shahnaz cn u plz guide me...hope an eager reply
  550. nida Says:
    hello i have no idea about my skin i often have small acne with pus and strongly affected in summer i usually use multani mitti but it only work only for small duration , what should i dooooooo.
  551. mehru Says:
    hi shahnaz my skin is sensitive and combinition skin i want fair and glowing skin some blemishes r on my face aswell.
  552. roshan taara Says:
    hi shanaz madam, pls suggest me home remidies to cure pimples and pimple scars...
  553. Neelu Says:
    hi, any one have the remedy for my problem..I am 30 yrs old and I have unwanted hair on my colour is fair with oily skin these hair make me darker.i dont want to use any artificial products ...pleaseee if any one have the remedy for it ..share it.thanks.
  554. czarina Says:
    hello mam, I am 51. I had clear and fair skin . since last 3 years after moving to mumbai, I am getting pimples & black heads. Brown patches and spots also appear. Can u please suggest a home remedy and ur product?
  555. jai Says:
    hi mam my name is jai .jai kashyap.i am 21 year old...i have prob with my my face in summer always pimples comes...and i have some red spots and dull skin also...when i wash my face look so fair and so smooth but after some 15 min he become again Oliy and some dull... :( i use lakmee strawberry face wash...and using so many products on my face but no perfect result.can u suggest me some tips pl z...and plz tell which facial kit i used for my skin fairer and clean all spots on my face....plz reply me soon plz ,,i am waiting ...and in acne skin i used any scrub on my face ...?
  556. sheetal Says:
    hello mam....i m bug fan of u....mam mere shaddi nov. m h,,,,or mere face p small small black mole h bhot jyada,,,can u tell me some home remedy or some medicine jisse ye chale jaye....pls help mee...
  557. hi iam mujeeb Says:
    im 18year old..i wash my face with pears oil control soap atleast three times a day,and when i wake up in the morning my skin is oily i do not use any cream,and if i wash my face with soap my face becomes dry and white patches appear on my cheeks.... i wash my face with hot water, so can u suggest any cream for my ace which is available in store....
  558. sirisha Says:
    hello mam iam 24 years old i have oil skin and acne and scars also for what type of product are used for my acne ,scars control.pls suggest me what type of treatments aer used.pls suggest me.what type of facials are preferred for partyware
  559. surajit Says:
    hi mam i m surajit m frm kolkata i hav a lot of acne scars which r vry vry makes my face luk vry ugly n uneven.plz tell me how cn i gt a smooth it possible?i m 33 yra old.
  560. sujatha Says:
    Hello my name is sujatha , my problem is that i tried a lot of daily fairness creams on my face but nun worked . Now i am in great confusion and great dis-appointment of using the best cream which gives the best results on my T-zone normal skin . So , plz plz plz help me by suggesting me the best resulting daily fairness cream or procedure . I hope u would write me back as soon as possible .
  561. Tayyaba Zagham Says:
    Dear Sis, I have lots of pimples on my face, will you please give me a solution to get rid of these pimples, My skin is oily. Regards,
  562. Farah Says:
    Could you please tell me an effective way to get rid of wrinkles under my eyes.
  563. Shalini Says:
    My skin is oily kindly suggest which facial is best for oily skin.
  564. Shilpee Says:
    Hello Mam ,THis is priyanshu writing to you with the concern that i have a dark skin tone and i m going to get married within 6 months.I am using your shahfair at night,as i m working in shifts i.e i have to go in morning and night shifts to my office ,so it became difficult to take care of my i want some home remedy for lightning the skin tone...and also suggest me some scrub which may suit on my skin...I am 24 now.Thanks in advance mam for ur ucoming suggestion..
  565. dona Says:
    hello mam...i hav a pigmented skin with pimples sometimes but tiny skin is dry mostly and gets tanned very skin is also very sensitive.Any cosmetics available in the market doesnt suit my skin.i get rashes or small pimples.plz suggest me a full time tratment to it by using your products as well as a homemade treatment to it
  566. Shazam Says:
    Hello, I am 24 yrs old college student. I breakout a lot and my acne is getting worse day by day and have scars. My skin is very sensitive which is why i do not apply any products/cleansings etc. I do not apply any make up whatsoever. I used to be light skin but over the past 2-3 years I have been under so much stress that my face skin color has gotten darker as well. Can you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me what to do as this is getting very disturbing and i do not want to apply any random products. Thank you, Shazam USA
  567. NaIna Says:
    Hello mam, I am a 19 years old college going girl, m a big fan of yours, i have quit fair color on my face but my problem is that my hands are of dark color,specially fingers of my hand and leg.......... please give some home remedy...........
  568. Niharika Says:
    Hello mam ,i m 31 year old i want to know wat should b the natural way to have a glowing ageless skin at home ,& for which facial i should go.My skin looks very dull .
  569. arpita Says:
    hii i m 28 years married lady.i hav the prob of pi mplesand pimples scars skin als so oily.kindly suggest how can i make my skin pimplefree,scarfree.
  570. Sangeeta Says:
    I am 6 months pregnant, Can I use Bleach on my face? Would that affect baby?? Please reply.. I have baby shower function next month.
  571. neha Says:
    hi i m 23 years old. meri oily skin hai mujhe konsa facial karana chahiye.mere dark circle hain aur mouth area bhi black hai. plz give som suggestion.
  572. purnima Says:
    hi, i am a biggg fan of yours..i have a query.i have dark patches on my skin especially near the mouth.i never use any fairness creams.i just use a moisturiser twice a day however the patches are too stubborn.once a month i do have shahnaz honey facial.the effect is good but lasts for some days.i frequently go out for work and i do indulge in lots of travelling.could you suggest me some do during weekends at home to keep my skin glowing and healthy.m going to get engaged in few months and my skin is damnnn sensitive. thank you :)
  573. priyanka Says:
    hi,i am 28 years old & i am in us.after pregnesy i have pimples & ace spotson my face,my skin also dark.i have combination (oily & dry )skin .when i use any moisturizing cream on my face then after 2-3days pimples comes out on my face and i have so much blackheads 7 whiteheads. so can you tell me which shehnaz product i have to use as day moisturizing cream/lotion & also sunprotecion lotion for glow
  574. john Says:
    Hello madam, i use to have fair skin, no my face and neck is much darker than before, what should i do to get my skin lighter.
  575. priyanka Says:
    hi,shehnaz i am 28 years old . i have a combination skin & after pregnansy pimples comes out on my face so, i have acne spots ,blemishes,blackheads & whiteheads & also blackness on my face & neck.when i use any type of mosturizing cream pimples comes out.i use shehnaz gold kit for can you tell me which product of shehnaz i have to use as day and night moisturizing cream/lotion on my face for farier & clear skin . what i have to do ? my email address is
  576. bharathi Says:
    Hi mama, i am 28 years living in chennai and have oily skin(and sensitive skin), if i started using any creams in my face,its leading to pores. Not only in face but also in my hands/legs, wherever i apply any cream, its leading to pores in my face(because of the fragrance from the creams -i guess). so suggest me a cream/lotion (please do keep my problem in mind)that will improve fair complexion and nourish my skin and make it glowing(for my face) Also suggest best cream for my hands and feet.
  577. preeti singh Says:
    mam my skin is very fair like americans my skin is senstive too i have pigmentation since my child hood and now iam having whiteheads and small white pores on my face my face color is also gettiing dark as compared to my body color which facewash and which lotion or cream should i use pls suggest iam 22 years old live in uttarpradesh india
  578. mamatha Says:
    namaste mam im 21 years facing hair fall sice 3 years.please suggest some home remedies to over come this problem and day by day my face,neck and becoming dark.plese suggest some home remedie.i hope i vil get message from u
  579. Shalini Says:
    Hello madam, How frequently should I use gold scrub from 24 karat gold facial kit ?
  580. priya Says:
    hi mam,i am 24yrs old and i have dry skin.after my delivery my colour changed. none of the cream suits me .my face became very dark. i dont know which cream gives me fairness. pls give me some solution.
  581. katrina Says:
    hello mam ur such a wonderful person mam am 22yrs old i got a yellowish complexion coz of tanning my face turned brown can i go for gold facial to get back my colour?
  582. Madhura Says:
    Hi am 29 year old and facing a problem with my nose. i have a black spot on my nose like: it is half circle on my nose and getting darker day by day. because of it my nose looks very bad and am unable to hide it. please let me know if you have any home remedy for permanent cure. it is there from very long years where i did not took care of it. but from past 5 years am trying but no sue. please suggest.
  583. Ankita Behera Says:
    hello maam i am a big fan of urs .actly my skin colour is fair a bit oily but have thin dark hair on my face...i dont want to use any artificial product.please suggest some home remedy to remove facial hair..
  584. Sona Says:
    Hello mam, first of all thanks for ur grt guidence,i m writing u fr the first time. Could u plz help me to get rid of my dark hands, knee and elbow as their skin tone is very much darker than facial skin tone and this darkness is lasting from many years, plz help! thank u.
  585. preeti Says:
    hi mam! i m 20 years old. i hv a dull and acne prone face. i hv too many facial hair as well. wat should i do to make my face glow? i bleach my face after every 15 days. Is bleach good for me? plz suggest some home remedies for a glowing face.
  586. tanju Says:
    hai mam, i am 27 years old, i am from bangladesh, my skin is oily, i have acne problem and it is dull too, please can you suggest some products and daily routine from your range
  587. Sukrutha Says:
    Hi.. Which is the best method to bleach my skin.. I have wheatish normal skin..
  588. Tanu Says:
    Is it safe to use gold facial in preganancy?
  589. shany Says:
    hi beauty of the world madame shahnaz husain. yellow teeth HELPPP. geting married on the 3rd sept
  590. Smiley Says:
    Dear Shahnaz, Thanx for making wonderfull ranage of products. I need your help as i have combination skin. t zones are oily and rest skin is dry and i dont follow any regime now i am 28 and i want to religiously follow to hv glowing skin. i dont even take facials i took twice in my lifetime. please advice what shoul i use and also my neck is turning dark .
  591. bunty Says:
    hi mam,this is bunty from blre,i have slightly oily skin& have acne scars on my face,also i have too much facial hair especially on upper lip & chin,plz suggest wot to do for scars & wanna have a clean & clear skin wit bright complexion.....plz suggest also remedy for facial hair awaiting ur response asap
  592. Sonika Says:
    Hi! I m 37 years old. My skin is very oily and tan. Every time oil looks on my face. My skin is very sensitive. If I use any cream on my face,next day my skin looks rashy. Please suggest me a good facial.
  593. Sowmya Says:
    Hi mam, I am Sowmya. This is the first time i am writing to you. I live in US after i came to US my skin colour changed to dark. I am 34 yrs old i am doing Shahanaz gold and diamond facials once in every 2 months. One of my friend suggested that dont do gold and diamond facials everytime as those are chemical based ones, do it only when u have parties. I am in a dilema now which facial i have to go. As i have a combination skin, i dont see any oilyness on my skin...may be i can say i have normal skin. I want to know which facial is good for me. Can I try Pearl facial or go only herbal facials, I sincearly appreciate your reply
  594. Durba Says:
    I am 34 years old and i have acne and acne scars which becomes very prominent at time and fades slightly at times but never disappears. Please let me know if there is any product that i have use to reduce this. I have a very oily skin.
  595. Tabassum Says:
    Hello Shahnaz Mam, i have an oily skin which resulted into Acne..though the Acne is gone now but i am left with scars on my doctor suggested me to go for veg peel treatment and i got Veg/Diamond peel at one of your parlours in delhi..i didnt see much of a difference in 1 sitting, could you please suggest me if i am following the right track and suggest some good treatments/prodcuts for glow and getting rid of scars.