Lips Forever!

My life is extremely demanding and very often I am meeting people for hours without a pause. I have had a very special secret that I will share here, that ensures my lipstick remains fresh and does not smudge, through the day. Lip colour fading is especially problematic in hot and humid weather and I know it can be quite a bother for most women.I apply my lipstick and then dab on either a similar shade of eye shadow or a soft gold eye shadow on top. The dry powder secures the lipstick, in addition to giving a very beautiful translucent look. Another shade which works well is a silvery pink shadow, which would give a strong lip colour a softer and more natural look. Try this sometime and you will know what I mean when I say that sometimes it is the simplest ideas which come in most handy! Lips forever!
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  1. Madiha Says:
    hello All, any one here who know about to reduce/eliminate the problem of double chin? if yes, then plz let me know. i am 24 yrs old, having weight 45 kg.

  2. Hello, try this exercise-open your mouth wide and hold the position for 10 secs relax and repeat a few more times. Neck exercises also help, push your head back and look up. Make sure that the chin is stretched. Bring your head back to position look straight ahead and repeat. Do not use a pillow. Massage chin and neck with a nourishing cream and wipe it off with cotton. You could try using a contouring powder to camoflauge the double chin.
  3. sheetal Says:
    its true.. my lips are very very much dry and i m using liquid revelon lipstic.. its gud but not stay even 4 1 hour. so u pls let me know the best for my lips keeping soft.

  4. You need to protect and condition your lips. Use a little almond oil or a paste of one almond with malai rubbed into the lips is a very good daily conditioner. Liquid lipsticks can be drying. Choose one that has a built in conditioner. Apply a thin layer of foundation on your lips before using lipstick. I will share a very useful trick to keep on your lipstick. Layer your lipstick with a powder eye shadow of the same tone. It gives a lovely effect even if it is beige and it ensures your lipstick will stay on. Repeat this procedure at least twice.
  5. tiya Says:
    well i have dark coloured lips.. wazz the reason for this? can i apply something over my lips?

  6. Use a lip sun block. Use foundation under your lipstick to protect the skin from staining and change your brand. Avoid using very dark shades on a daily basis and stick to soft tones. Nourish your lips with Olive Oil or almond oil on a daily basis. Remove all traces of lipstick at night and use a little of your night cream on them. Drink plenty of water.
  7. jabn Says:
    hi iam havin dark circles i tried so many products but not workin can u help me out,please.

  8. If you can get hold of our newest product the White Pearl Dual action under eye cream you will find it very effective. If not a good home remedy for under eye shades is a daily massage with Fresh cream ( Malai with a paste of one almond , followed by grated cucumber and potatoes ( raw) placed on the eye area in tiny muslin pouches You can also cut slices of these and place them over your eyes and relax. Make sure that the internal causes are looked into as well... Bad eye sight, over straining the eyes, illness and stress related issues can increase dark circles as can a bad diet.
  9. annann Says:
    i am having dry dark lips.pls give remedies to give color and moisture

  10. Give your lips a break from lipsticks, if you can and use just a little olive oil to give them sheen. Make a thick paste of boiled beetroot and apply it on the lips daily to bring back a healthy look to your lips. Apply a layer of foundation before you use your lipstick as a protective base.
  11. richagbd Says:
    Hi, I am having dark circles around my eyes. I am trying shaweed and Shahnaz's under eye creme, but its not working. Can u suggest me any other remedy to avoid them at the earliest.
  12. Khadija Says:
    hi,although i am pharmacy student but i beleive that using the natural things is the key answer for all of ur quesions,for example:u have to drink 7glasses of water daily.believe me i do this for myself,i have very nice skin and lips (although i live in uae,very hot area.
  13. Khadija Says:
    there is a good product for all of ur lip problem from Roc company "ENYDRIAL" made in france,but i dont know if it is available in india or not.Roc company is one of the best companies in the world that take care about beauty,i advise u all to visit its website''".
  14. Madiha Says:
    Salam Khadija, thank u so much for ur suggestion. is Enydrial available in Pakistan, as i am in Pakistan. did u use this product personally?
  15. Kadija Says:
    Hi Madiha, i am sure 100% that Enydrial,will make ur lips look very healthy.i use it for myself but iam not sure if u can find it in ur country.
  16. Khadija Says:
    Hi,i notice that mostly all the indian girl's have dark lips coz they use dark colours.if there is anyone who use it daily,she should make sure that her lipstick is for daily use.i also advise u to buy ur lipstick from Mac company,which is available in india.i really become very happy when i saw it there,coz its prize is cheaper than uae.
  17. Khadija Says:
    i want to bring ur attention for the way of removing the lipstick,which is one of the direct causes of having dark lips.the simplist way,is to remove it by applying baby oil from (gohnson's) to a peice of cotton,then rub ur lips gently to remove the lipstick.
  18. Nidah Says:
    hi preeti i lkied ur honey and shalife routine and started doing it..i want to know after how many days i can see the changes with it...and if u have any remedies to make the eyes fresh please forward it .....thanks.
  19. Priya Says:
    Hi... My lips are quite dark. Complexion-wise I'm on the fairer side, but I have no clue why my lips are so. I don't smoke. I even regularly use a branded chapstick to keep my lips soft. Is there any remedy to remove the darkness and make my lips pink?

  20. Hi Priya,use a herbal lip balm in the daytime and apply Shasmooth during night.You could also try a paste made out of cooked Beetroot and fresh double cream two crushed almonds with a few drops of lemon juice. Massage this into your lips once or twice a day. Also before you apply lipstick use a layer of foundation on your lips as a barrier. Go in for soft pinks avoiding deep dark shades.
  21. Lakshmi Says:
    Hi Just when this summer ended, I developed the usual problem of chapped lips, except that this time it was chapped liplines. For two weeks I put some ceam and it went away, but not without leaving a dark scar above and below my liplines, like a bruise scar all around my lips. I tried putting almond oil for anout 2 days, butit dint help. The thing is, when someone looks at my face, the first thing they notice is this black thing above my lips, and ask me about it. Can you suggest some remedy so that I can get back my normal looks? Thank you. Lakshmi

  22. Hi, Use quality products for your lips,do not use any sub-standard lipstick or lip balm. This clearly seems like a reaction to your lipstick. I wonder if you were using a separate lip line pencil that may have stained your lips.Always use a herbal lip balm and apply Shasmooth on lips at night. Use a paste of Almond with Malai with a few drops of lemon juice added and massage this into your lips twice a day. Use a good foundation on your lips before applying a lipstick as a protective barrier. This will help you to cover this problem also until it gets cured.
  23. bhuvaneswari Says:
    Hi; im 29yrs old.I've laughing lines at the side of my lips.Also I've open pores on my face.pls suggest me the remedy.

  24. Hi,For your open pores try this home remedy-mix tomato juice and butter milk in equal quantity and apply it on your face as it dries wash it off.Give massage on your laughter line with a nourishing cream in upward strokes everyday.
  25. Dani Says:
    My lips is almost all time cracked specially on winter, I put lip gel but the effect last only for few hours (max 1hr)

  26. Use Shashine whenever you go out in the day time.Apply Shasmooth on your lips at night.Drink plenty of water.
  27. Dharmista Says:
    hello madam, I have spit mark on lips end. its a dark in colur from 1 1/2 plz hepl me for this.

  28. Hi, use Shasmooth at night on your lips and massage with it using your finger tips.Massage lightly and leave it overnight repeat this everyday.You can also apply a little olive oil or Almond oil. Massage it into lips and twice a day. Paste of Almond with a few drops of lemon juice and fresh Malai is also a wonderful recipe for dark lips.
  29. MJ Says:
    hie.. , i hav dark lips.. i wanna giv them a natural pink color tht lips have without the help of ne lip color or balm.. is there any way to get a permanent natural pink color for the lips.. over time..

  30. Use Shasmooth at night on your lips .Use a herbal lip balm like Shashine in the daytime to get natural lip colour.Try a paste of cooke beetrrot massaged into your lips this will give your lips a healthy glow.
  31. kavita Says:
    hello ma'am ,I heard of any kind of artificial product makes the lips dull.Is your shashine lip balm is safe enough to use on the sensitive skin of lips.

  32. Hi Kavita, since Shashine is from the herbal range you can always apply it without any hesitation.
  33. purnima Says:
    hey hellooo my lips r geting darker day by day i m a teenage girl cn u help me out of this prob n plz sugest me smthng easy n quick

  34. Please do not use any sub-standard product for your lips. Use a herbal lip balm and also use Shasmooth for your lips at night after cleansing. As a home remedy use fresh cream with cooked beetroot paste to give your lips a nice healthy tone.
  35. shalu Says:
    hello ma'am i have developed a very small pimple on the upper line of my lips since long.I have many treatements but it is not getting normal.Please suggest some remedy.

  36. You will have to consult with a doctor since it might not be a pimple since a pimple cannot stay for so long. Good idea to show it to a dermatologist.
  37. shaheen Says:
    as salam i have dark skin i cant spend more please help all are teasing

  38. Salam Shaheen.Use a scrub weekly.You can make it by mixing orange peel powder (1 tsp), oatmeal powder (1 tsp), Besan, 1/2 a spoon honey with 3 drops of lemon juice mixed in fresh cream ( Malai ) to make a thick paste and apply for 20 mins on your face. Use of this pack regularly and your skin will shine. Also make sure to use a sunblock whenever you go out. This is most essential.
  39. sushma Says:
    my skin colour is black my husband hates it, is there any way to make it fair,please help

  40. Hi Sushma, Avoid sunlight and apply sunscreen with high SPF 20 min before setting out. Mix oat meal and raw milk with a pinch of turmeric powder. Rub gently on the skin using circular movements. Leave on for 10 minutes and then wash off. Splash cold water. Don’t apply on acne on pimples prone area. Secondly mix wheat brand, raw milk and egg yolk to paste. If your skin is dry use only egg yolk. If oily use only egg white. Rub gently on the skin using small circular upward movements. You can even use figure of 8 movements. Leave in for 10 minutes and then wash off. Splash cold water. Do not apply on acne of pimple prone areas. Drink a glass of milk to which saffron has been added for lightening skin tone. Remember protection from out side and nourishment from within.
  41. archana Says:
    hi, iam too looking too lean also my lips are not pink in cloour suggest me a home remedy.for both

  42. Hi Archna, I hate to advice u the unhealthiest diet. But, to put on weight introduce carbohydrates in your diet and if you have a sweet tooth have lots of chocolates, cakes, ice creams and fatty foods. A glass of banana shake in the morning with a bowl full of french fries will work wonders.
  43. mehwish ahmad Says:
    hi i live in pakistan my lips are too dark but my complextion is fair tell me something i want to get rid of this problem tell main the name of lip balm which are available in pakistan and also tell me what is shasmooth is it available in pakistan thanks

  44. Hi mehwish, As your lips are dark you can improve your lip colour by gently massaging with pure ghee/butter cream at night before going to bed. Pure ghee/butter cream nourishes repairs and protects the lips making them look really beautiful. Also u can boil little grated beetroot for 5 to 10 mins and rub the residue on your lips. Gently massage for 5 mins and rinse your lips with the beetroot water. Apply a light pink shade lip shine or gloss. On daily massage and regular use of pink lip shine on the lips will result in natural coloured luscious and smooth lips. Glad to know that you have a fair complexion but having a good beauty routine from the start goes a long way. You can use a lip balm of any natural branded company Shasmooth is an almond under-eye cream.
  45. Ankita Says:
    Firstly a big thank you to you ma'am for all those lovely tips and inspirational observations.I have a query..I'm in my late 20's but already I can perceive some fine lines on my forehead,Will applying coconut oil on the affected area help?My skin is extremely dry,patchy and lacking in glow.I'll be very grateful if Shahnazji helps me out.
  46. ruhi Says:
    hai shehnaz ji,i want only home remedies to cure my moles.i wanna get rid of them makes me feel incomplete in myself as i have many moles all over my face.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz suggest some useful tips,i will really remain thankful to u.
  47. Neha Says:
    hi, ma'am my lips are turning black from the inner line of the lower lip.please suggest some tips.
  48. raju Says:
    My wife's lips are dark in colour from childhood. Please advise her to return back pink coloured lips.
  49. Suaad Says:
    Hello Mam..i have some skin problem.i have fair complexion but below the nose and upper area of chin curve are darker and i dont know the reason why? pls tell me the reason and suggest some home made remedies...also pls help me out from pimples..when pimples leave stain on face they look so bad..tell me to get rid of it....thanx.
  50. NEHA Says:
  51. aman Says:
    my lips are getting dark especially th elower lip -outer corners!!. I always use good branded lipsticks. I will use olive oil/ghee for cure as shahnaz suggests. I use shahnaz products. they are very good. aman
  52. renuka Says:
    what is mean by malai.. which is used in face pack
  53. Priyam Says:
    Hi, My lips are discolored as in the upper lip is slightly darker than my lower lip. plus it gets chapped very easily. I spend almost the entire day in air conditioned office and i just cant tolerate the stickiness of a lip balm. My lips are very soft though yet they have folds. I want smooth lips. What shall i apply ?
  54. Urooj Says:
    from where i can get ur products in al ain UAE?
  55. chuni Says:
    Hi! I want some remidy for my hair fall & dry skin.
  56. Bhawna Says:
    if you have any solution for removing dark spots..i have tried almost all the creams and medicines nothing is working...plz give me any solution
  57. sameena baig Says:
    salaam........ my complexion was wheatish,but now it became fair but my lips are black since birth my though i use the lipstick occasionally. i am a dental student and my batch mate boys always laugh at me by caling me a smoker.. as u have recommended to many people not to use dark my lips are black if i wil use light lipstick it wil not suit on my face.even i am have consult the doctor also.but that cream also didnt work on my lips.. please suggest me any effectiv cream to make my lips pink.i wil b thank ful to u
  58. sameera fatima Says:
    salaam ....... i am dental student .my lips are black since birth and i had consult a doctor ,he ask me to apply elovera on my lips every day ,but day by day my lips are getting more black than before,and my complexion waz wheatish but now it became fair but my lips are still black n my batch mate boys use to tease me by caling me smoker. i feel very bad for this.please help me n prescribe me any effectiv cream to make my lips pink.maam as u hav advice many gals who hav got the black lips not to apply dark lipsticks,but light shades wil not suit me on my dark lips.please me which colour lipstick i shud apply as i hav got the black lips.i wil b thankful to u maam
  59. sameera fatima Says:
    sallam maam .. i am a dental lips are black and dry since birth.i hav consult a doctor also.he ask me to apply elovera,after using this cream my lips are getting more black day by complexion was wheatish before.but now it becam fair but still my lips remain black.n my batch mates use to tease me by saying me smoker, i feel very bad for this.n i use the lipstick occasionally n i use dark colour lipstick bcos light shades doesnt suit me on my face. my upper lip is too black when compare to the lower lower lip is pink in the middle and black on the border lin of my lip.pls help me mam i wil b thankful to u plz
  60. vaibhavi Says:
    helloww ma'm.. i hav der skin of face n hair both,m 19..n m having dark circles,wrinkles on forehead,n my skin is nt having any charm...m even suffering fron heavy hair fall n complection is nt very fair..but itz nt even wheatish...i want fair n glowey skin...plzz...suggest me some of ur products...i live in hostel dat'z why i can't use home made products...n the strenght of my hairs is weak n nd gradually becoming weaker...m haing hairfall since 2 1/2 years...
  61. khushi Says:
    hi area around my lips much darker then my face and my nose sides are also dark i have oily skin and many pimpels plz give me some solutions to remove all this thanks
  62. kanishka Says:
    hello mam..if shasmoothis a under eye cream then y are you sugesting us to put shasmooth at night on lips plzz reply soon mam thanku
  63. moona Says:
    salaam shahnaz ji! my elbow are much darker then my skin colour so plz suggest me a home remedy. thankx
  64. Indi Says:
    Hi Priya, where can I find beetroot and what is fresh double cream.
  65. lakshmi Says:
    I have a fine lines under my eye and my age is 23 year .So give me the homebased tips to remove these lines.
  66. nicky Says:
    my lips are darker and does not have shine.they are chapped too.please give me advice.
  67. Nikhil raj Says:
    Hai madam .my skin is going to very dark .then my friends trying to avoid me .how i can in crease my skin colour naturally?with in few days
  68. Rohith Says:
    Hai mam my skin is very i can avoid darkness of my skin
  69. shikha Says:
    hii mam !!! my upper lips portion is darker than than my normal complection ... and it highlights adn is very embarassing... what should i do to make it fairer ??
  70. San Says:
    Hai Mam, Naturally i am black in color. So, my lips are black. I dont use any face packs, dont like make-ups. But sometime i feel that my lips are black. What i have to do get soon lips are bright.Give me a remedy
  71. soniavagish Says:
    my 6 months baby was fair at birthtime. ihad keep her in direct sunlight because she was suffering from piliya so she has now dull colour plz help me for her fairness.
  72. sameer Says:
    i have very bad dark pimple marks on my face please help me i look very ugly because of tat n i apply olive oil mixed wit coconut oil is it a problem reply soon
  73. fiya Says:
    Hi ma'am. Me has learnt a lot abt beauty from you..want to know some home made remedies to have long,strong and shinny nails. Thanks a lot.
  74. soniavagish Says:
    hi my 6months old baby's legs are very dark. plz tell me some home tips
  75. zara Says:
    hi my 8 year old daughter has discoloration on the corner of her lips. which is darker than her natural skin Please help us. thanks
  76. manju Says:
    hai this is lips are dark....can you help me out to change the colour with out using lip sticks
  77. nicky Says:
    hi,i am a teenage girl. my lips r very dark. give me some home made remedie for my lips.plz,give me some working remedie because i have tried many remedie but they don't work. so, can i trust u for my lips.?
  78. rupali Says:
    i am very sensitive to sun recenly i had stay in sun for hours together for a project in college n i got tanned badly i can even see my skin is wrinkled (mayb due to d sun ) any remedy?
  79. swapna Says:
    hi madam, from many years i have an ugly habbit of eating my nails,due to which the length of my nail is very short and it looks horrible,i want to increase the length of my nails and make them look great .please give me your suggestion and recommend some product for nail growth.i am dying to have beautiful nails!
  80. sweta Says:
    hello shahnaz ji,i have dark skin ,first it was not so dark but now a days it is becomeing more and more darker,i am staying in bangalore from last 5 years so i think becose of the south water and climate,plz give me some homely packs tips to make my skin fairer,my marrage is in febuary 2009 and i have less time with me.plz help me.
  81. juhi Says:
    hi shahnaz,i have wheatish complexion and my lips are slightly darker...i need a herbal remedy that ll turn them pink and look healthy...please suggest one...and i also wanted to know which is the correct age to start using anti aging creams???
  82. meenal Says:
    hi....i have developed dark line just below my lower lip ....this has happened just in this one month...i m having a clear complexion...n i dont use lipsticks... i just use ultra clearsil for pimples...n a good plz tell me the remedy n the reason...thanku
  83. SAM FATIMA Says:
  84. RUBINA KHAN Says:
  85. Kiran Says:
    Hi I dont know if you will read this or not but I hope you can answer a querry for me. Is it ok to use fresh double cream on my face? I have dry skin which is prone to flaking. ca I use fresh double cream on my face to combat that? please do let me know, thanks
  86. ashi Says:
    hi, i just read everyone's comment and decided to leave one myself. because i have similar problems myself. i have dark lips, i don't exactly remember how i got it...but its been almost an year and it really bothers me and i am trying to get rid of it but can't find a way! its very frustrating. i just started using honey and olive oil (mixing them 2gether) and now i was wondering if that really works? i don't use any types of lipstick or anything!
  87. Punitha Says:
    how can i reduce my belly? is there any diet to follow? is there any exercise to do?please help me out
  88. shaista Says:
    hi mam! I am 22 and i am having dark circles, i read about white pearl dual action under eye cream. I cant afford an expensive cream pls can you let me know the price of the same i am very tensed everyone tell to do something in the early stage pls help mam!
  89. ramya Says:
    hi ma'am i have a long hair but its think its not thick i want a thick hair which's healthy... also i have an oily scalp.i mean if i take head bath 2day hardly for 2days u can c like a dry hair on the 3rd day it becomes like an oily hair especially the scaalp.could u pls suggest me wth a remidy?because i use henna and amla powder to grow my hair mainly in the scalp region .but its not working out ramya
  90. adina Says:
    hi Shahnaz, is there any remedy you suggest for me. i have dark stained lips due to smoking and i don't know if there's any remedy for that. i apply petroleum jelly on my lips every night, it makes my lips soft and hydrated but unfortunately the dark color stays. i'n interested in trying your shasmooth cream but i'm not familiar with that and i don't know if it's available here in my country. by the way i'm from the phillippines, i also have problems regarding dark circles under my eyes and dark underarms too. please help thanks very much
  91. amnah Says:
    asalam a teenage girl from Africa. i read ur advise they r all really useful. plz help me out in my dark lips and im fat. do u hv any advise in getting slim in abt 2 months??.. and wat is BEETROOT? thnk you.plz reply meeeeeeee
  92. angel Says:
    hi ma'am my hair is fluffy and wavy but smooth how to decrease fluffiness plz help~!!
  93. manaf Says:
    hey i m a boy of 24 year having a under eye dark circle, please can any one say me how to remove it. thanks a lot!!!!!!!!
  94. sangeetha Says:
    i have too dark lips... so i wanted my lips to recover soon as possible
  95. purnima Says:
    Hi Shahnaz, was just reading thru your article in todays metroplus paper. I have a kind of black mark in my nose and under my lips just near chin area, doctors say its because of too much oil secretion, please help me out in getting rid of the same.
  96. AMIT SAYS Says:
  97. yesha Says:
    for dark lips i apply olive oil/almond oil every is very effective in turning the lips pink.
  98. sejal patel Says:
    Hi! I have black lips and upper lips skin is black to anything to used for that. let me know please..............
  99. nisha Says:
    salam, i am 24 yrsold,i am in wheatish in complexion my husband want me to be fair what should i do please help me maam
  100. sorbet Says:
    Hi, i have dark lips, altough my lips by birth were pink, i want to make them pink again or of alighter tone like skin or peach colour. the skin at the corners of my lips is also dark, and skin on the upper lip is a bit green, wot should i do
  101. ankit Says:
    hi i am a22 yr old boy... my upper lip is very dark brown,how can i turn it in to pink.. plz tell ,iam waitng fr yur reply...
  102. Mary Catherine V Says:
    Dear madam, I am having a bit pianul problem aroun my lips, its been darker than by skin colour and very dry. if i try to open my mount i can feel the strechness in the skin it looks so awful. I do have upperlip hair and do threading too but this thing making me really full of pain and ugly. Please help with a home remedy. My skin tone is whetish and T zone oily. Thank you !
  103. mau Says:
    for dark lips apply olive oil every is very effective and make the lips pink.
  104. saif Says:
    my lips getting black. i want 2 get my lips as before (pink) any remedy ..
  105. kevin Says:
    hi i am a 16 year old boy .my skin is dark brown.please tel me what can i use to make it become clear and smoth.
  106. Urmi Says:
    Hi! mam,I want to know how to remove moles without surgery with in few days.can you suggest me some quick removal remedies.
  107. lala Says:
    hello, my hair very dry and weak and i m facing hari fall problem for 5-6 years.plz tell me sto stop hair fall and re-growth of my hair.thanks
  108. kriti Says:
    maam plz tell me what should i do for glowing skin. my face complexion is wheatish or a little bit fair then wheatish n also very clean, but i want to make it glowing. plz help maam.
  109. sargam Says:
    Im a teenager. My skin is oily as well as sensitive and it lacks glow. Please help. Also the area below the nose and upper area of chin curve is darker. please help. im looking for some home remedies.
  110. reshma Says:
    hello madam,I m 20 years old .I m wheatish i n colour.I have pimples on my face.these pimples will grow more sometimes and sometimes they seem to be less.when i go out in sun and come back my ace looks so black and hands,elbows are hair becomes dry often.pls suggest me a remedy for this.thank u.
  111. sakina Says:
    my lips are very fat n my family membrs keep on advicing me for some or other things..plz give me any remedy or medication to make it thinner...plzzz
  112. rajashree Says:
    my forhead is very dark pls advise me any home tips...
  113. riya Says:
    hello its true my face color is dark and my lips is also dark so please give me a best tips .
  114. ankita Says:
    hi ma..i hav darkness on the area above the lips and below the luk so bad..plz tell me a home-made remedy..
  115. reshma Says:
    as salam shanaz ji , i have dark complexion so naturally my lips are dark in shade. which lip colours can i use for lipsticks... suggest lip colours and lip shine and also how to apply them
  116. azra Says:
    am 19 yrs lips sometimes bcm white in colour by which som people ask me tht do i hav white patches weak so doctor prefer me to tak heamoglobin tablets n i do tak might b coz am week.i need a so.ution to keep my lips res..i dnt apply any cosmetics n lipsticks... am normal fair girl vth a gud prob vth my skin.but this lips sometimes spoil my beauty coz as it bcms white....plz suggest me a suggestion to mak my lips read.inshallah it vl increase my beauty.
  117. afreen Says:
    Aslm shanaazji im afreen i have a fair skin which doesnt come under wheatish or the very fair skin tone n i dont have any prblm of pimples n all dat . but in my personal life my skin tone is becoming an hectic prblm as i jus want to increase my skin color from fair to veryyy fair . so please can u help me by saying the exact diet n the products which i can use n to get instant fair skin . i dont have much time shahnaaz ji plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz quickly reply me with solutions....ill be thankfull to u mama...
  118. kanwal Says:
    my belly is darker then my rest of the body .. plz help me .. any homemade tip?
  119. tina Says:
    hello mam...i am 22 belly skin is darker than my body.n its not smooth...even the dark parts are not same allover...some parts are dark some are lighter....i am not fat ...but it seems under my belly skin their is some fat...n its no all over,it looks like some small balls of fat under the skin here n looks so bad...i love to wear sari but...but i feel ashamed for this ...can u give me soem homemade remedy...thanks
  120. surbhi saxena Says:
    hiee! i am 17 yrs old gurl and i having dark lips.i dnt smoke and not using lipstick so whts d reson behnd dis? newaz pls give home remedies to give natural color
  121. kavya Says:
    hai mam i am 17 as my colour is black i could not mingle with others casually please tel me some tips to become atleast wheatish in colour
  122. anitha Says:
    Hello, I have read this article and i have observed suggesting SHASMOOTH for lips.As per my knowledge,SHASMOOTH is a under eye cream.Can this be used for lips??? If yes,will it be helpful in lightening the lip color.Is there any hany tip for reducing suntan on lips.Please respond.
  123. teja Says:
    many moles keep arising on my face and on body too. do i have a harmonal problem . could that be curable? plz mam u could suggest some home remedies if possible
  124. anu Says:
    hello mam i have dark lips.i do not use lipstick so whts d reson behnd dis? pls give home remedies to give pink color.i will be getting married in two is there any remedy which can b fast and more effective. i have observed suggesting SHASMOOTH for lips.As per my knowledge,SHASMOOTH is a under eye cream.Can this be used for lips??? If yes,will it be helpful in lightening the lip color. and what is SHASHINE.
  125. teju Says:
    i liked the way of solutions,i got to know some satisfactory tips for healthy lips,thank u mam....i will try it..:-)
  126. gunnu Says:
    hi mam my lips are very dry all the time even in summer occasionaly i use lip gloss of chambor i want my lips naturally pink n soft plz tell me wat to do waiting for ur reply
  127. neha Says:
    My skin is very sensitive to sun it gets tanned very fast so I use your SPF 55 sun screen but the major problem is that since the sun screen is pink in colour I look very dark after application aven applying powder does not help can you suggest me some good option.I have being using your products isnce years pl help me in the earliest.
  128. Mann Says:
    hello mam, I have few problems, so pls suggest me some home remedis without using egg. I have thick and black hair on my face and my skin and neck is getting dark, patchy, dull and i dont look even fresh. How can i get good glwoing skin. Regards
  129. mann Says:
    Hello Mam, My hairs are getting very grey and dull there is no shine. Pls advsie some home remedies Thanks & Regards
  130. shuzi Says:
    hi mam, latley i hv bin getin a lot of pimples n its leaving lots of scars on my face, plz i hv tried everythin frm honey to lemon. nothin seems to work.n to make it worse wen i use them i get more pimples. plz help
  131. SEHAR Says:
  132. sneha Says:
    hi my lips have cracks$also dark . i am fair but my lips and surrounding areas are dark.plz tell me any homely method to avoid this
  133. Nisha Says:
    Hi, can someone advice me how does slimming oil work ? Should i believe on the result that product promises and what are the possibilities of re-gaining inches
  134. archana Says:
    hello madam iam a 21 year old my complexion is black my husband hates me plsssssssssss give me some home made remedy to increase my complexion and so iam a newly married girl iam facing so much problem plssssssssssssssssss help me madam plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  135. Anu Says:
    Hello........ Im over weight!! m 70kg!! m 20yrs old!! Some solution plzzz!!! Even though i go to gym its not working!! Dr says its coz of harmone imbalance!!
  136. NIKHIL Says:
    i have dark lips .how i can change my lips colour to red.can u help me ?
  137. Deepak Says:
    hi mam,i hav darker lips by birth,it gat always dry.but face skin is oily to dry.pls tell me home therapy to make it lighter.plz help me.
  138. xyz Says:
    i have dark circles . cant find a way to get rid of them. i have to sit continuously 8 hours in front of pc
  139. Kabir Says:
    Hello Mam, I am a 20 year old boy. I have quit smoking but my lips are dark. there are dark layers at the side and in the middle, its pink. Please suggest me something which will remove these darkness.
  140. mumtaz Says:
    on my upper lips have some brown patches ,how many times i m asking solution for this but didnt fing any answer forom you plzzzzzzzzzzzzz this last time give me any solution .shahanaz ji thanks
  141. Meera Says:
    haii mam, my lips are quite dark and dry... can u suggest me to change this darkness ?? Is there any remedy to remove the darkness and make my lips pink?
  142. abhaya Says:
    hello maam, actually i have got these chicken pox marks on my face.i got my chicken pox way back 6 years these marks look very can u help me how can i remove these marks?
  143. honey Says:
    madam, I have a fair complexion. But my chin area frequently develops small pimples and that area has become black when compared to rest of the face. Can you please advice on this
  144. sini ajith Says:
    mam plzzzz give me a homeremedy for loose skin.........i will do upper lip thrading...i am not sure bcoz of this my skin become very loose a slight dark colour come to that area........small brown spots are starated in my nose and cheekz.............plz give me the reply for my problemz...........and give me a solution for hard foot skin
  145. josephine Says:
    my eyes are very dull give me some home remedy my age is 38
  146. rana Says:
    as salaamalikum im weatish in clour n my problem is tht im having blackish clour around my lips n my lips also in black colour and some time i get black around nose and im having oily skin sply sorrounding nose area.. plz tell me any cream or homeremedies.. and permenant ger rid of dis problem.....
  147. Darisha Kumar Fiji Says:
    Hi there, try using a mixture of glycerine ,rose water and almond oil at night time or before going to bed. Its really helpful in getting rid of dark lips. Also during day time apply vitamin E cream on yur lips to retain moisture of yur lips....try it coz its working and M telling u from my own experience. avoid licking yur lips and follow my advise , u will see the difference within a month. Also try to have mutivitamin tabs which has a powerful antioxidant like vit. C. any further quetsions then feel free to email me at . cheers!!!!
  148. puja bansal Says:
    hello maam i m 21 yrs n my lips r dry and upper lips r darker than the lower one.i rarely use lipsticks or glosses...please tell me simple home remedy method..also the area below nose and above chin(whole area surrounding lips) is darker than my other area of face. and because of this, lipstics does not suit much on my face....i have been applying olive oil after waking up but i dont see any change..and for the fairnes i am using almond oil but its been about 2 months,,no such glow has come ....please maaam help me ..........please mam ,,sincerely yours ..
  149. Arlene Says:
    Hie........ i am 16 yrs old and the protion above my upper lips is dark........ i also hav upper lip hair.i dont want to bleach thread or wax........ please suggest me a home remedy.........
  150. nisha Says:
    Dear Mam , My lower lips are so big that sometimes i feel as much large while speaking to others . My lips are also very dark . So , Kindly suggest me some remedy
  151. tina Says:
    hello my lips are so fat and healthy .i want thin and normal.plz telme some soon as possible. thankx
  152. alka Says:
    hi, my lips r to much dark without liptick i m lookinf horrible pl tell if any cream or perment lip color
  153. afraa Says:
    aslam alaikum,i m 19yrs old my lips r becuming darker nd its dry,i dnt use lipstick since i dnt lyk it,plz tell me ur product which i can use it n home
  154. prayatna Says:
    hi i have a mid dark complexion pls suggest me a natural way without havein any side effects home remedies to get a clear a nd fair complexion and pls also suggest me how to get rid of dark lips i am 14 yrs old
  155. neha Says:
    hii.i hav blackheads..any natural cures??n if possible home remidy!!
  156. natasha Says:
    hi maam i m 20years old my complextion is getting dark .n also having dark circles.plz advice me something for skin is also dry....plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz maam suggest me facial care n 4 my lips plzzzzz choclatey lips
  157. soha Says:
    hey..i have dark stomach, back, neck and little of thigh area...though my face, shoulders and legs are wheatish in color....plzzzzzzzzz suggest me home remedies to get fair complexion...i dont get marriage proposals for this reason...plzzz help me out....
  158. naina Says:
    hello Mam, I have following skin problems: 1. Under eye dark circes - I have very dark under eye circles. I have used many under eye creams like garnier, avon, joves. also, I have had sittings from kaya skin clinic. but all this has not helped. Please suggest a shahnaz product for the same and whether it would be effective. 2. My complexion is uneven like my forehead is very dark as compared to rest of the skin. Also, the area around the lips is darker. Not sure, whether this is sun tan or pigmentation. Please suggest a product to tackle this problem as well. Thanks.
  159. mary mathew Says:
    hi madam, i am having medium complexion and oily 33 years old.i am havingdry & dark lips.i would like to know which products i should use for my daily skin care?suitable facial for me and also about lip care? waitg for your reply thankyou
  160. pooja c Says:
    hello mam, my age is 24 and since few months my UPPER LIPS are darkening, they are getting darker day by day. i dont wana do upper lips(threading) plz help me n suggest me some home remides...
  161. renitha Says:
    my lips are turning black day by day.plzzzzzzzz help to rectify that..
  162. naomi Says:
    inside my lips there is a dark line, also my lips are large, how can i use lipstick or other products to give a nice look on it and prevent lips darkning
  163. sneha Says:
    hi mam ,plss tell me how to get pink lips.......i have tried using all remedies???/
  164. sreeja Says:
    hai madam, am dark and i feel to improve my complexion..s dere any suggestion?
  165. Antika Says:
    respected mam, my skin colour is normal indian but around my lips its bit darker i mean i have a problem of uneven skin tone..plzzz suggest me some home ideas for this..
  166. nelago Says:
    hai i am a black lady aged 28 and leave in Namibia africa my lips are turning pink loosing their natural color what can i do to retain mu color?
  167. sana Says:
    salaam mam,i have a wrinkle problem plz plz help.
  168. reeraja Says:
    its easy,just apply milk cream ,honey and glycerin 3times a day also apply vaseline before sleep.
  169. Nazia Says:
    ASAK, me under arm is a dark and i feel to improve my under arm. plz suggest some gud home made remidies
  170. aruna Says:
    hi madam i have white spots on my lips can u suggest me how can i get rid of them.......
  171. sameer shah Says:
    I have Black black Lips before i used to smoke give me a product remedy
  172. sumaira Says:
    i am full dark and i need to improve my complexion there any suggestion?plzzzzzzz answer me because after few months i am getting marraige
  173. arshia Says:
    i need to improve my complexition, i am 23 yrs old female.....plz suggest some gud home made remidies
  174. shan Says:
    assalamwalekum...i hav dark complextion n i hav pimple also on my face. how can i getrid of this problem or parmanently.p plz suggest me

  175. Shan, your skin is oily, that is why you are suffering from pimples. Use SHAZEMA which is a face wash. Keep your skin clean and use SHACLEAR with the help of cotton on your pimples. Take oil free diet too.
  176. lady t Says:
    hi my bottem lip is turring pink or white in the middle an i find my self bitting my bottom lip to hide it and this is hard cause when people come around i be trying to hide it please tell me what i can do and what dose this come from?
  177. Bindu alwyn Says:
    hi madam, I have white colour above upper lips.what is the reason.Is there any remedy.Plz help.

  178. Hi, Is it a patch or Leukoderma. Get yourself checked from a dermatologist. Without checking it one can not give any suggestion or remedy.
  179. megha Says:
    Hi madam,i am a big fan of yours.i am staying in us now.i bought shahnaz golden facial kit from india.can pls explain the procedure of doing facial.and i also i would like to know u have any institutes in california so that i can join the courses.thank you and awaiting for ur reply.
  180. kukku Says:
    i am a boy .my lips are black how can i make my lips pink
  181. DARAKHSHAN Says:
    hello madam .i m 30 yr old and having normal to oily skin .my prob is that the area between my nose and upper lip is darker(blackish) in colour actually area around my mouth is much darker than ather part of my face .pls help me to get rid of this . I M WAITING FOR UR REPLY EAGERLY.I know u only help me for this. thanku
  182. soniaa Says:
    i have dark lips, could u plz tell me how do i lighten the color of my lips to pink and the area under and around my eyes is as well very dark could plz gimme some remedy for it.
  183. jai Says:
    Hi, madam I am so glad to ask you this, My skin is not so dry, not so oily, i have a light dark completion I have a problem with my skin around my nose,it is like always dry and i can peel a flake every morning,i tired almost all the things,like scrub and apple , orange face pack, but nothing gives me a good result, it comes back when i stop it, I went to a doctor but it was also temporary i cant use that ointment life long, can u please advice.. i am waiting for your reply
  184. aju Says: having a dark skin above my upper lips... i could find some hair growth not interested in doing upper lips... suggest me some home remedies as soon as possible...
  185. avinash Says:
    hi madam, i am having medium complexion and oily 33 years old.i am havingdry & dark lips.i would like to know which products i should use for my daily skin care?suitable facial for me and also about lip care? waitg for your reply thankyou.
  186. sonia Says:
    hi madam,I have oily skin and a blemish on my face.When i use sunscreen my face get so dark.Plz help me.
  187. khan shamim Says:
    assalaam -o-alekum ,i am 24 yrs old , i have dark circles , my skin become blackish and my lips also not a pink .for the skin i am using the some unknown cream and bad luck it not suit me .icant go to out side also because of the rules and regulation of the family .so plz give me some tips what can i do ? for the skin . and the proposal will also come for the marriage .for the skin i was used the turmeric and lemon juice.some time also used the gram powder and the turmeric powder. plz help me.
  188. Lakshmi kant Says:
    hi sir, i m 23 yr old guy, i hv wrinkle on my face, sir gv me some gud treatment to remove the wrinkle and shining on the face
  189. Anuradha Says:
    Hi Madam, Me 35 yrs old & using lipstick since 13yrs. Suddenly I hav developed allergy to lipsticks. The lips & area surrounding lips turning itchy, red & finally black. Which lipstick should I go for. Moreover, I have a oily skin & enlarged pores. Pls help me.
  190. sobia Says:
    hi madam plz help me i have too much problem i had fair complection but now its gets dark and under arm hips and knees get very dark and dull i tried too much mask but its get lighter but its not remove comletely
  191. neeli Says:
    i ,ve dark lips and open pores white skin
  192. varsha Says:
    Hello mam,My lips are dark,my skin complexion is face looks bad due to my lips.Plz suggest me a home remedie for lips to reduce the darker shade and should look little pinkish naturally.
  193. Revathi Says:
    Hi Shahnaz, i have been using Pearl cream from over a yr and half now, and was excited with the results. But offlate, my skin has turned out to be darkening, problematic, oily with pimples, scars and boils. Pls let me know the best product to choose frm. But again i have extremely dry skin, and only my face seems to be oily now. Pls help i would like to subscribe online. thank u.
  194. geet sharma Says:
    hey ma,am m from himachal and here the progress is li,ll slow i would like to know which products should i use for my face wash and cream ?
  195. karthik Says:
    hai mam, i was a heavy smoker .i used to smoke 6 packs a day .now i quit smoking completely for past 9months but my lips are very black .pls help me to turn them pink.thank you.
  196. safi Says:
    Hello madam,salamu Alaikum, I have affected from dark lips not from birth suddenly caused from my teenage ,somebody said that is heat problem because of night study..can u suggest my problem and what i need to do for removing darkness? thankyou and waiting for reply
  197. Madhumitha Says:
    Hi madam, I have blackness at the end of my lips. How to get reduce of that???
  198. zareen Says:
    mam, please i want shalips in kolkata. its only available in delhi and chennai. and i also read about ur vitamin henna lipstick pen, but in kolkata its not sold. i dont know why? its waxfree and i love it for that reason.
  199. begum Says:
    hi assalamu alaikum, iam 27yrs old, i have more wrinkled skin on my hand and feets, i feel very aged bcoz of tht,please help to comeout from this problem
  200. begum Says:
    hi assalaimualaikum, my under arms and all joints pleces like knee,thighs are so dark, pls give me the remedy n palms are very rough n hard both feet n hands
  201. fiza Says:
    hi,madam, i was fair in colour but now my colouring is becoming dull in colour summer season my skin become very oily and pimple i daily rub my face with tomato slice after that i apply lemon juice mix with cucumber and tomato juice will it works on my skin.i want to become my skin fair .iam also using clean and clear as face wash
  202. Aqsa Says:
    Please help my 2 year son has a nappy rashes and it bleeds as well give me some suggestions
  203. mehreen Says:
    hi i need help i have different body color my hands ,feet ,,arms r birght but my neck back area n buttocks r really balck n grey in look it looks yuck to me n i hate me ,,my face is fair likewise hands n feet n arms n front part .can u help
  204. kavita kumari Says:
    i have in the face nose is oily and it makes in nose pimples plzzzz you are give some treats and cream.
  205. preeti Says:
    mam i hav dark colour in my upper lipes i m now 20 yeras old....what will i do for reducing the darkness of the upper lips...plz mam give me any suggetion...plzz help me
  206. suno Says:
    hi,i am 17 years old and i have dark lips from my birth.from one month there is black skin around my mouth which looks very odd ,please anyone suggest me a home for removing than black me from this and i hate to go out bcoz of this .thank you
  207. raman sidhu Says:
    hiiiiiiiiiiiii mam i m ur bigfan plz u tell me that how can i remoue my darkspot of pimples by home made product i m 14 years old plz i requert u i thanks u frm my heart
  208. Monika Says:
    Hii mam, i hve put on ma wgt.. im 5.7 can u tell me any tips to reduce my weght. n also home remedies to reduce hairfall.
  209. priyanka Says:
    hello mam, i am 16 year old. i have extremly dry skin. i have dry red chapped skin around lips and mouth.please suggest a home remedy and permanent solution.please...
  210. akansha Says:
    heelo mam i m having a dark circles under the eyes plz gve me a solution to rmove it quickly
  211. mrs rajni kumar Says:
    hi maam my eyes look dull , weak and unhealthy look like aged,i m 30yrs.please suggest that i could do at home itself and some cosmetics.thank u
  212. sandeep anand Says:
    Iam looking for a cream which makes my lips pinkish please help me out
  213. Richa Says:
    hi........ can you pls suggest me smthng .i m having dark colours lips and they get easily dry .i want 2 make my lips colour lighter . pls suggest be some remedy it .
  214. mannat Says:
    Hello mam .. I m 24 years old and going to get married in 3-4 months but I m afraid as my back and thigh area is very dark although I m quite fair. Please advice..thnx in advance
  215. payal Says:
    Black dark lips to pink lips
  216. payal Says:
    Hi madam i am stay in navi mumbai my skin complection is very dark and my lips is black can pls explain the how to use for cream and tipa of black lips
  217. Deepa Says:
    Hi madam, i have thick lip and now days it become dark so what home base remedy i do plz give me any suggestion.
  218. monika Says:
    hi mam, i am 14 years old,my face has a dark tone because my delivery was done earlier. so i want to look fairer so please can you give me any effective ways to become naturally white as soon as possible!
  219. neeti Says:
    Dear Mam I am a 23 year old gal with wheatish complexion..However, my lips are very dark since childhood..and this has caused me a lot of embarrassment.i have never smoked in my life; I tried applying almond oil regularly, but this has only darkened my lips further.. Kindly suggest me remedies for it
  220. abbi Says:
    hi mam,some extra skin growing on my upper lip. and when ever i cut or bite it still growing on . so wht should i do now will i get any medicine
  221. aman Says:
    i m male and my lips cliour dark so i m vry sad plz tell me how improve my lips colour
  222. Shalu Says:
    I have black lips so i cant use any lipstic is suite on my lips wht can i do to avoid darkness of lips plz help me and suggest some useful product
  223. soni kumari Says:
    i have black spots above and below the lips i.e the chin portion and the end portion of the lip i.e side of the lip .it is becoming too dark day by day.i am very upset and depressed by this skin complexion is not so skin is dry.and i have pox marks in my face plzzzzz help me out of this.i will be waiting for your reply eagerly.
  224. anitha Says:
    hi madam, i have pimples and blackheads all over my face.i have tried so many creams and face washes but its not going. please help me. how can i get rid of this permanently . suggest me a best product.
  225. Hovin Says:
    I am male 23 yrs. My problem is that my lips becoming black n dark becoz of smoke so i want remove this black dark color from my please help me in this matter....
  226. Rashmi Says:
    Hi Mam , I am a big fan of urs products ... Bt can u help m wit my skin my skin is combination of dry n oily, I have vry sensitive skin ,dark complexion which gets more dark even if I change place or so...also m having open pores on my face, m vry upset with my skin pls help m out...I want clear glowing n fair skin ... All r teasing m being so,also I lost my confidence to face ppl wit such face... Pls help m
  227. rubeena Says:
    thanx mam.......ur so nice lady.........thanx for ur precious advice......
  228. krishna Says:
    mem mere hont bahut kale hai iske liye main bahut paresaan hu koi bhi upay ho to aap pls bataiye
  229. EKTA KIRWAL Says:
  230. pratik Says:
    my skin is very very oily and have pimples frequently,everyone hate my face plzzzz help me
  231. samreen Says:
    around my lips it became black plz advice ewht shld be done .......plz plz its looking ugly.............
  232. ashwini Says:
    my skin is darken on upperlips and below the lips and around the nose plz tell me somthing for this
  233. kaamini Says:
    hi mam, i have dark comlextion around my lips in comperision to my face.what is the reasion behind this i just want ur solution so plzzzzzzzzzz suggest me.
  234. Jyoti Says:
    Hi mam, I have dark complexion with dry skin. Mam could u help me with remedies as i stay in town where ur products are not available. In our town i asked in a polour for shahnaz facial but i am not satisfied with it as the product was not within the expire date. So pls mam help me out
  235. Seeuli Sinha Says:
    Hi mam,i have dark spot on my lower lips can u give me some suggestion or remedies so that i can get rid of it
  236. kiran singh Says:
    mam pta nhi kyu per ek rat ko mai lipstik remove kare bina so gae subha mere lipsblack ho gae aur abhi tak hai mam give me 1 solution k mai kya kru k mere lips pehle ke tarha pink ho jae plz mam help me
  237. rubina Says:
    hello mam my upper lip is so thin n also a double white line on it n it look so ugly plzzzz help me mam
  238. himani Says:
    hi mam, i have thin lips problem. so mam give me some home solution and exercise for get rid this problem. plz help.
  239. zaakh Says:
    hi mam i am zaakh male 27,my lips very dark ,i dont use smoke . pls tell me how to make naturally red lips
  240. zarish Says:
    mam i hav darker chin n lips..dats make my complexion so dull.plz give my soloution:(
  241. shar Says:
    how to get rid from the dark skin in under arms and thigh
  242. soni Says:
    maam is ur product available in india