THERE IS so much more that I want to do, but the most precious commodity is the one thing of which there is a tremendous shortage in my life... and that is Time. My time is not my own. One feels bound by the shackles of success that are man-made, but must be honoured at any price, because the public in their extreme trust, love and admiration for you have put you on a pedestal and you dare not fall.

There is this huge Amaltash tree overlooking my bedroom window. It blossoms once every year, with the most beautiful yellow chandelier flowers. Once I saw them by moonlight, looking almost ethereal. I thought it would be wonderful to have dinner there one night. Just when it was being laid, an unexpected visitor arrived. So, I decided to postpone it to another night, but it was not to be. When I happened to notice the flowers again, I realized that a whole year of 365 days had passed by, because it flowers only once a year. Time is such a precious commodity that I could not do a simple thing like enjoy the beauty of those flowers, Perhaps, one evening, after eight, next June, I will do just that - enjoy the spectacular sight of those flowers, which are within my reach - so close that I can actually touch them! Till next June my dream will remain a dream!

I always say that my work is not merely my career; it is the sole purpose of my existence. So, there is no specific time when my working day ends. It may extend way beyond eight. Very often, when our foreign buyers are in town, I have them over for dinner. My business commitments are such that I have to combine work and dinner invitations with foreign business delegations. Of course, I love to entertain anyway. Sometimes I have a small group of friends over. I particularly enjoy spending evenings with family, going out for coffee with my son or daughter or for dinner with my family, catching up with each other. It's usually an informal, relaxed atmosphere, with carefree, lighthearted chatter, sharing jokes and laughter with my children and grandchildren. I am almost obsessive about Barista for a family outing after a long day's work. It is literally behind my house, but the pleasure of just getting out of the house and relaxing in the Barista ambience is fine for me. Sipping iced coffee, with almond muffins, in the company of those I love, I can relax and simply be myself. In every city I manage to find a Barista. I remain their most their most ardent follower!

If I am working late, "Delhi oh Delhi" at the Habitat is my favourite, along with dinner and ghazals by Mr. Inder Thakur, who sings my favourite ghazzls. What I really enjoy is just relaxing and listening to music, soft melodies in dim lighting. It has always been my typical style of functioning, whether it is in India or abroad. Even in Paris, I work very hard during the day, with great intensity, putting in many more hours than I can handle, and than spend the entire evening walking down the romantic ChampsElysees, or just sipping coffee at wayside cafe at midnight.

If ever there is an evening of leisure, I love to paint, expressing my thought and feelings with a riot of colours. Writing poetry is also something I love. Painting and poetry are ways by which I can translate my ideas, emotions and creativity. I believe that life is actually measured by our emotions and creative expressions. I often feel that my career is no less than a beautiful painting, because I have brought all my creativity and ideas to my work and the formulation of my products. In fact, my work is a magnificent expression of my dreams, hopes and aspirations.

For others, a good life may be living for a hundred years, but I live a lifetime between the rising and setting of the Sun. There was an advertisement in the "lost and found" section of a newspaper. I found it really eloquent and it is very close to my heart. Perhaps, this is the way my life is moving - "Lost... Somewhere between sunrise and golden hour encrusted with 60 silver minutes, each studded with 60 diamond seconds. No reward is offered. They are lost and gone forever." I am trying to make every minute, every second after eight, worthwhile... A memory imprinted on the sands of time.
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  1. ranjit kaur Says:
    Dear Shahnaz ji i read this blog of yours quite frequently and although i have read about you in magazines and newspapers and have come across the example of your generosity from my personal experience i still get to knwo more about you through this channel. long time back you may not remember one of my aunt came to your saloon in delhi she had lost her husband and been robbed by her own lacking financial resiurces and being illeterate you offered her help by providing her help as she was also physically challenged . you offered her the training and she came up with her own saloon in punjab and gradually started making a decent living and today she and her son are well settled so much so that she does not have to stretch her hand in front of anyone for help. i have heard about this story from my mom and my aunt and the ladu belonged to patiala in punjab . so thanks for just being shahnaz hussain because their are very few people who may touch the lives of people this way. khuda aapko hamesha salaamat aur khush rakhe.

  2. It is your good wishes and positive thinking in life that makes you /me /us to reach the greater heights .Thanks and Wish you all the very best.
  3. Chand Says:
    Thats one thing I have in common with you mam. I am a die hard Barista fan. But never thought I had the hope of meetimg a celebrity like you at my cofffee hang out. Hope we meet over coffee one day.

  4. That’s a great idea. I look forward to it. Thanks.
  5. GYATRI Says:
    I am a real fan of you.One thing i have in common with u is my actually proud of it!!
  6. Mousumi Mondal Says:
    I am a great fan of yours and really admire you in the real life. Is it possible that if I want to do something like you, will you help me? I stay at Garia, Kolkata and can provide space for parlour. For your kind information, you have a parlour at Ballygunge, Kolkata. Thanks and regards Mousumi
  7. Hi Shahnaz Says:
    I have seen you couple of times at the Select City Walk...Saket..I admire you from a distance ardently and wish for ur long life and happiness!Your journey is truly inspirational and remarkable!Amidst a plethora of cosmetics, you have craeted a niche of your own!May God bless u!Regards..Farrukh
  8. dr kamini Says:
    dear shahnazji,i am M.D(Ayurveda)&MBA(mrktng&fnce) with 5.5yrs administrative&clinical exp.2day,i appeared in a interview of solution company.M.D of company suggested me that ur right place in shahnaz hussain's company.she always looks for good it right?my email address is we can exchange mail & otherthings. dr kamini
  9. rezina mallick Says:
    Dear Shahnaz, though I know you through ur products but I really appreciate that you are a woman of substance. I have known you and your products from my days of hostel at Aligarh. But I read your articles whenever I get chance. At present I am at china but finding it very difficult to get Shahnaz products. So, maybe this time when I go to Kolkata I have to buy in bulk. If you could help to get shahnaz original products .at kolkata my email id I have very sensitive skin so without ur valuable advise I can not help my skin and hair.....May Almighty Allah bless you with long peaceful life......rezina
  10. Mittu Says:
    I just want to say that i am in love with your prodcuts. I trust all your prodcuts because i love you and i trust you. I feel god has annointed you to help people to take care of their beauty.....
  11. sanskriti Says:
    hi mam i am wanting to use your products but i want to know how to recognise original one because m living in a city where no shanaz saloon is available so m worried if i;ll but wrong product it can be harmful for me please tell me what to use for sun tan removal and how to ricognize the original? pls help and reply
  12. K Dasgupta Says:
    Madam my skin is darkly pigmented at neck and face, hands are tanned, I am thinking to have laser therapy skin resurfacing. Do you have any product to remove my tan , sunburn and dark spot and heavy pigmentation?? please advice. I need a quick remedy.